Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Need some money?

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Glory Jae-in

I don't watch much TV now a days because the TV is small and it's not HDTV like the one in our home. It's not fun but I have to specially when I have meal. I was looking for interesting program when I came to the channel where Yonggwang ui Jae-in was on. It was the first part and I enjoyed watching it so I decided to continue to watch the remaining part. I wish I could see until the last episode. It started last October 12 and I already saw the four episode. I still have to see the last 20 episodes to finish it.

Glory Jaein is on every Wednesday and Thursday at 9:55p.m. on KBS2 starring Cheon Jeong Myeong as Kim Yeong-gwang, Park Min-yeong as Yoon Jae-in, and Lee Jang-woo as Seo In-woo. Kim Yeong-gwang and Seo In-woo are baseball players and Yoon Jae-in is a nurse.

Yoon Jae-in's dad is a rich man who own a business but In-woo's father was a greedy man who took all Jae-in's dad's property when he died in an accident. He asked Yeong-gwang's dad to throw Jae-in the only child of the rich businessman. Instead, Yonggwang's dad brought Jaein to the orphanage and told her to remember her name Jaein. She grew up in an orphanage and became a nurse.

Yeonggwang was injured so he was brought to the hospital where he met Jaein. Jaein helped him by donating blood because he was in serious condition. In-woo was also hospitalized and there he also met Jaein when he was fighting with Yeong-gwang in the hospital. The two men are enemies. Yeong-gwang's dad has worked with In-woo's dad. Yeonggwang feels pity for his dad because he's like a slave in In-woo's family.

When it was time for Jaein to look for her father, she thought that it was Yeonggwang's father because he kept writing to her when she was in the orphanage. In-woo's dad found out that the girl is alive, he got so angry that he asked his guards to bring Yeong-gwang's dad to him but while scaping, Yeong-gwang's dad died of an accident.