Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Last episode of Angel's Temptation

If you enjoyed watching wife's temptation, you'll be also interested in this SBS Melodrama called Angel's Temptation (천사의 유혹 read Chonsaui Yuhok) or Temptation of an Angel. It is on air every Monday and Tuesday at 8:55 and today was the last day of the drama.

The drama started with the revenge of a woman (Lee So Yeon as Joo Ah Ran) because she saw the death of her parents and she knew that it was planned by the boss of the company where her father worked. When she grew up, she seduced and married the son (Han Sang Jin as Shin Hyun Woo) of the family who caused the death of her parents.

Joo Ah Ran tried to kill Shin Hyun Woo through an accident but he survived. Shin Hyun Woo knew about his wife's plan so he disappeared and everyone knew that he died. Without their noticed, he got an operation, changed his appearance (now Bae Soo Bin as Shin Hyun Woo) so it was his turn to revenge against his wife.

And for the last episode of Angel's Temptation, Hyun Woo's mom died in an accident and they thought that it was Ah Ran's fault. Kim Tae Hyun as Nam Joo Seung went to her but he didn't know that the police officers followed him. He argued with her and Ah Ran was trying to escape but she was trapped in a cliff. Joo Seung went closer to her but Ah Ran went away and fell down the cliff and that's the end of her. She died before they found out Hyun Woo's mom went to the mechanic to remove the brake of her car and that's how she died.

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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Top 5 Best Couple

Here are the list of Top 5 Korean Best Couple

1. Jang Dong Geon * Go So Yeong (장동건 * 고소영)

2. Hyeon Bin * Song Hye Gyo (현빈 * 송혜교)

3. Chui Ji Woo * Lee Jin Wook (최지우 * 이진욱)

4. Seol Gyeong Gyu * Song Yoon Ah (설경구 * 송윤아)

5. No Heong Cheol * Jang Yoon Jeong (노홍철 * 장윤정)

Thursday, October 22, 2009


There's another drama on tv that is on every Wednesday and Thursday at 10p.m. of KBS and I'm sure you'll love it. I haven't seen Kim Tae Hui (김태희) on drama for ages so her new drama Iris (Love of Iris) with Lee Byeong Hun (이병헌) is a big hit.

Kim Tae Hui is one of the most beautiful, smartest and famous korean actress and her role in this drama really suits her. Specially her love scene with one of the most hunk and handsome korean guy Kim Byeong Hyun is really awesome. I think they are compatible because they are both famous and good-looking. Except of course their age. hehe...

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Friday, October 09, 2009

Superstar K Winner

I'm watching Superstar K and this is the last part of the show. Who will win 100,000,000won (il og)? There are only 2 finalist are Jo Moon Geun (25) from Seoul and Seo In Gug (23) from Ulsan.

And now the MC is gonna tell the winner. Who is it? Oh, yes! It's really hard to decide. They are both great but they can't get both the crown. And the Superstar K of the year is ~ with an average score of 513 is none other than ~ SEO IN GUG (서인국)!

The score is from the judges, voting from the audience on the internet and text from cellphones.

My favorite eyeglasses

I have many pairs of sunglasses. I don't usually use them and two of them were still new. I haven't used them. My hubby said that I look like dragonfly when I tried them. Well I just got them as a present from my in laws when they went out of town. Now that I need a pair of eyeglasses, I already know what is best. This $ 8 Rx eyeglasses are what I'm talking about. They are My favorite high fashion eyeglasses. Wow! Rx Eyeglasses for only 8? It's amazing! I can say that this is How You Can Start Spending Smart.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Bad Guy (Love or Hate)

I'm also hooked on this program called "Nappeun Namja" or Bad Guy (Love or Hate). Like the Superstar K, you can also see this only on cable TV. It is every Wednesday at 12m.n., too late, huh?! The program is about the lovers specially to young woman who have been engaged and trusted their boyfriends so they want to find out if they really are loyal to them. It's like the program "Cheaters" in foreign country but Bad Boy is 100% real. I don't know if also cheaters is 100% real.

Nappeun Namja is trying to find out if the guy is really a bad guy. They use beautiful and sexy ladies to test the man whatever the girl wants to find out about her guy. Most koreans like drinking alcohol (soju) and having fun with friends and others also like playing with ladies specially when they are drunk. Some of them just don't know what they did when they were in the spirit of alcohol but some are also are not just loyal to their loveone.

There are hidden cameras on the bar or noraebang (karaoke) where they usually set the scene. And the lady who wants to find out about her boyfriend is watching over him. After finding everything about her man, then she has to choose if she would leave the man (break his heart) or hold his hand (give him another chance).

It's really fun to watch the program but sometimes annoying. I just can't understand how could the girl give chance to a man who is not loyal to her? Is there no other man? Anyway, that's their life! Who cares? Hmph!!

Best of the Best

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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Park Jeong A is in love

Who won't be surprised to know that Park Jeong A, one of the members of the singer group "Jewelry" is in love? What surprised us more is, she's in love to Gil (Lissang) 길 리쌍 also one of the Korean singers and rappers.

I was watching the program "Champagne" by Sin Dong Yeob and Sin Beong Seon of KBS2 when I heard about it but I couldn't believe. My hubby also wondered of their relationship. We thought Gil was just kidding but since then it became popular and they couldn't hide anymore. Park Jeong A (박정아) also revealed their relationship. By the way, it's not only us who were surprised of the news but also the Jewelry group members. They also didn't know about their relationship but they knew that Park Jeong A is getting prettier now a days according to So In Yeong.

Oh well, I think they don't look compatible at all. They don't match well. Park Jeong A is too pretty and sexy for Gil. What do you think?

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Chonmanbon Saranghae (I love you, ten million times)

Chonmanbon Saranghae (I love you, ten million times) "천만번 사랑해" is another drama that I really like now a days. It's a new drama from SBS (channel 6 on my tv) which is on every weekend, Saturday and Sunday at 8:50 p.m. starring Jeong Gyo Woon in his role as Baeg Kang ho and Lee Soo Gyeong in her role Go Eun Nim and Ryu Jin as Baeg Sae Hoon.

Baeg Kang Ho is a son of the rich family who studied abroad. He met Lee Soo Gyeong at the campus when he thres away the can but instead of going to the trash can it hits Lee Soo Gyeong. They have both bad impression to each other.

Lee Soo Gyeong's dad is bankrupted and he's very sick so they need huge amount of money for her dad's operation. He would die if he couldn't get the operation for a week so she accepted the offer of a woman that she has to bear a child for the family who couldn't have. That family is Baeg Sae Hoon, brother of Baeg Kang Ho.

Baeg Sae Hoon's married life is worse because his wife couldn't bear a child. They tried everything but they couldn't. Baeg Sae Hoon's mom and grandma are longing to see their grandchild. They saw lots of doctors but they are hopeless. They decided to use another woman to carry and bear a child for them and Lee Soo Gyeong is the girl.

The drama is getting more interesting everyday. It's a fun and touching drama. It's about love for the family, hatred, jealousy and lots of touching episodes to see.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Superstar K

I turned on the tv and was looking for interesting program when I saw the Superstar K. It's on every Friday at 11:00 p.m. but you can also see the former show (maybe that's the last week show) if you turn on at around 10p.m. I dunno exactly the time that they show the former program 'cause I always run into it around 10p.m. but at 11:05 is the show for the week.

Why am I telling about the show? Because it entertains me a lot. It's too funny to see people of different ages in an audition. Some of them thinks they are good but they aren't. It's just same as when my hubby say that the voice of the singer is just the same as his but it's too far different. I think their feelings is the same. They think they are good enough to join the contest and join the audition but they are terrible singers. Some of them cries when they couldn't pass the audition (Tears of disappointment and loneliness). And some of them cries for passing the audition (Cries for joy or tears of joy). Some of them are too funny!

Last night, I suddenly forgot about the program but when I was looking for an interesting program, I saw the Superstar K again. I was so happy to see it but blame myself for putting the mask in advance. I was supposed to remove the mask for 20 minutes but I removed it after a few minutes because I couldn't stop laughing. Btw, my hubby doesn't like watching that kind of program but he said he enjoyed the program much. He likes it very much.

Btw, you can only see the program on cable tv.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Speed Scandal

Speed Scandal or Gwasok Scandal(과속스캔들) in Korean is another interesting movie to see. I know I'm late 'cause I don't like going to the movie theater to watch movies. I hate crowds and I prefer to watch movies at home with my home theater. Speed Scandal starring Cha Tae Hyeon (차태현), Park Bo Yeong (박보영), and Wang Seok Hyeon (왕석현).

Cha Tae Hyeon is a radio dj who gives some advice to his callers and read stories of his fans. One of his fans was a single mom (Park Bo Young) who was looking for her dad. She hasn't met him since she was born. Cha Tae Hyeon didn't know that the single mom was his daughter. He had a relationship with Park Bo Young when they were in school. There are lots of funny scenes but there's also touching part like when somebody kidnapped the smart and funny Wang Seok Hyeon.

Fashionable eyeglasses

Some kids have different kinds of eyeglasses. Like a fashion model, they wear different kinds of glasses. I thought they are rich but I found out that we could get for only $ 8 Rx eyeglasses. Wow! No wonder why they have many pairs of eyeglasses. A High Five to Zenni Optical because even when you're not rich, you can afford to get different kinds of eyeglasses.

Well, if you want to know more about it, just watch Zenni Optical on TV!!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

More than Blue (Sadder than Sadness)

Seulpeum boda do Seulpeun Iyagi (슬픔보다 더 슬픈 이야기). Is it More than Blue or Sadder than Sadness? No matter what! The movie is really sad and it made me cry. The movie is directed by Won Tae-yeon, starring Kwon Sang-woo, Lee Bo-young and Lee Beom-soo. Kwon Sang Woo whose nicknamed Kay (as in letter K in English alphabet) and Lee Bo Young as Cream. They are both orphans. Kay has abandoned by his parents when he was young and Cream lost her family in a traffic accident. They met in High School and lived together. They have mutual feelings but couldn't get married because Kay has a cancer and didn't let Cream know about it. Instead, he wished that Cream would live happily with someone that could give her a good life.

Cream pretended that he loved Joo Hwan (Lee Beom Soo), a healthy and kind dentist. It is just to grant Kay's wish for her. But Joo Hwan has a girlfriend so Kay talked to her and asked her to leave Joo Hwan. He told her about his situation and Joo Hwan's gf agreed but in one condition. If she could take pictures of him.

Cream got married and Kay died without knowing that Cream knew about his situation. She got married to grant Kay's wish. But after the death of Kay, Cream also died. It is to follow Kay and make her promise to him to be with him forever even after death.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Last Episode of Woin Gudan Baseball 2009

The baseball drama ended two weeks ago but I couldn't have time to blog about it because of my busy schedule. Anyway, it's better not to tell anything about it because you will just get disappointed with the ending. But because I started to post here almost everything about the drama so I guess it's also my duty to post the ending. But I'll just tell you that Oh Hye Seong and Eom Ji didn't get together. They love each other but because Eom Ji knew that her sister also in love with Hye Seong. She was in love but for the sake of her sister, she has to hid her feelings for him. Hye Seong even didn't know that Eom Ji's daughter is his. Ma Deong Tak left Eom Ji because he knows Eom Ji's feelings for Hye Seong.

The ending wasn't good but it's still worth to watch. There are also very touching episodes that can make you cry specially when Doo San's (Hye Seong's friend) scandal. It's also fun to watch the baseball games.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Jang Yun Jeong and No Hong Cheol are dating

I guess it's not me who was surprised and shocked in the news that No Hong Cheol and Jang Yoon Jeong are dating. I used to hate No Hong Cheol (No Hong Chul), the comedian, DJ, VJ, and actor because he's very noisy and he's over self-confidence. I think of him as someone whose always proud of himself and doesn't look serious in his life. But when I saw his house on tv, I got a little interest because his house is very clean even when he lives alone. You know, most men don't care about cleaning the house but he's different. Everything in his house is in order including his refrigerator.

Jang Yun Jeong said that No Hong Cheol is always serious when they are together. So I guessed No Hong Cheol's personality is different in his real life. That's just his character on tv.

Btw, I don't like Jang Yun Jeong either but her voice is fantastic. She's one of the queen of Trot(a genre of Korean pop music) singer.

They have shown and voiced out their relationship in public so I'm expecting that a few months later, the next news will be their wedding date. They are old enough so that's possible. Are they compatible?

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Woin Gudan (Baseball 2009)

The drama Baseball 2009 (Woin Gudan) is getting more interested everyday. My hubby said the comic book of this drama was very famous. As he watched the drama, he said it's a little bit different with what he read. In the book, Eom Ji doesn't have a sister. But it's almost the same. He knows what would the next thing happen but he's still interested in watching it because he loves baseball. We enjoy watching it together. It's a drama about sports, romance, and comedy. It's a drama for the whole family.

I'd like to tell you more about the drama but it's better if you'll see it for yourself.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

The first episode of 2009 Baseball (Woin Gudan)

Here's another interesting drama from MBC. It has been started last week and it is on every Saturday and Sunday at 10:40 p.m. The 2009 Baseball (Woin Gudan) or "Strike Love" is a drama related to Sports. It is a drama about love, sports and family.

The drama started when they were young. One of the students was crying because she didn't wanna sit next to the poor and dirty Oh Hye Seong (Woon Tae Young). But Hye Seong likes baseball. He's good at throwing balls but there's a gang that he joined because he needs to make money. They are thieves and Hye Seong's job is to throw away some stones and hit the policemen's legs who are trying to catch the gang so they can't run. He wanted to stop but he couldn't specially when his father (his mother left them) needed some money. His father was put to prison because he killed a gangster.

But a new student Eom Ji (Kim Min Jeong) came. She has just moved in Hye Seong's hometown and a new transferee student of the school. The teacher introduced her and gave her a seat but she chose to sit next to Hye Seong which surprised the whole class. Eom Ji wanted to make friend of him because he helped her sister. At breaktime, Hye Seong goes out to drink much water because he doesn't have lunch box but Eom Ji shared her food to him. They became close friends and fell in love with each other at their young age. But Eom Ji has a childhood lover named Ma Dong Tak(Park Seong Min). He's a famous baseball player in his campus and he loves Eom Ji very much.

Eom Ji waited for Hye Seong's birthday. She saved some money to buy a baseball glove and ball for Hye Seong but to her surprised, it was also the time to be separated to him because her family has to moved to another place. Eom Ji gave much encouragement to Hye Seong not to use his ability for bad things instead she encourage him to become a famous baseball player.

They were separated and haven't met each other for many years. Hye Seong learned baseball and Eom Ji is a working student. Ma Dong Tak is a famous baseball player and supports Eom Ji's family since her father died. Inspite of his kindness, Eom Ji can't love him so she wanted to quit their relationship. They were arguing when Hye Seong saw them who was visiting his friend in the same building. Destiny came. They met each other again.

*To be continued*

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Sunday, May 03, 2009

Last episode of Wife's temptation

Last Friday was the last episode of Wife's temptation (아내의 유혹) Aneh Ui Yuhok. I waited for this last day. It has 129 episodes but everyday was an exciting episode so I can't wait to see the next part of the drama. If we had much hatred from the former episodes, this last part was full of tears.

Instead of Aeri, Gyubin surrendered himself to the police officer when he knew that Aeri has a cancer. He wants to protect Aeri. He said to his mother that he was going to America. Gyubin asked the police officer if he could contact his wife who's gonna die soon. They allowed him and they even gave him days to be with her. They had a family picture taking and went to the restaurant with the police officers looking far behind him. It was time for him to leave but Aeri attacked her disease. Gyubin had no choice but to leave but before he got into the car, he thought of Aeri so he ran away. He wanted to spend the rest of Aeri's life with him. He showed his love to Aeri. They went on a vacation but the police officer kept finding Gyubin. They kept running away and they found a small place to stay near the sea. It was Aeri's wish to see the sea before she would die.

Aeri had a good relationship with Eunjae and her family. Eunjae's family treated Aeri as a real member of the family.

While Aeri was on vacation, Eunjae bought a bigger apartment for her family because she wants Aeri to stay with them and she wants Aeri to live in a nicer place. She also bought the cosmetic shop and named it under their names Go Eunjae and Sin Aeri. She took a picture of the shop and sent to Aeri's phone while she was on vacation. Aeri was grateful for Eunjae's kindness to her. Gyubin was out to the market because Aeri said that she was hungry and wanted to eat something. While Gyubin was away, she wrote a letter for Eunjae and Gyubin and went to the sea.

When Gyubin came back, he saw the letter so he hurried to the sea and saw Aeri's committing suicide. Gyubin was trying to save her. Instead of saving Aeri's life, he also lost his own life. They both died in the sea. Gyubin showed how much he loved Aeri and how serious his love was since he knew that Aeri had a cancer.

When someone died we can realize how much we care for them. We can know how much they are important to us. We can also realized the bad things that we did for them. That's what happened and what the family felt for Gyubin and Aeri while they were in the funeral. It was full of tears.

Sohee has planned to go to America. She wrote a letter for Eunjae with two rings. One for her and another for Gonwoo. She wants them to continue their love and so they did. They still both love each other. Sohee's mom will follow her to America so she left the office to Gyubin's dad. Gyubin's mom also promised that she would show her love to Gumo, Min Yosa's daughter.

The drama temptation of wife ended when Eunjae put the ring in Gonwoo's finger and Gonwoo to Eunjae. They are Sohee's present for them. They were in the sea where Eunjae was pouring the dust of Aeri when Gonwoo came. After wearing the ring and hugged each other while crying, they saw Aeri and Gyubin smiling. They also looked happy together in their new world.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Find the right home

It's not easy to buy and sell a home. I will never forget the time when we waited for our former apartment to be sold and intended to get a bigger apartment. In buying a home, there are lots of things to consider. I would never make a mistake again in buying one. I could never forget our former apartment where we only stayed for a couple of months because of the problems that we encountered. I know it was also our fault in choosing that apartment but the big mistake that we made was when we got the wrong realtor. The buildings were still under constructions when we made a contract but when they were done and were supposed to move, we found out that the place was very noisy. If the realtor told us about that, then we shouldn't bought it.

In buying a home, make sure to get the right realtor. The one whose not only into your money but those who are willing to help you in choosing and getting the right place for you and for your family. San Antonio Realtors is a great help in finding the perfect place to live in. They are dedicated, knowledgeable, competent and comfortable to work with. You try them and be successful in finding the right home.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Wife's Temptation

I'm hooked with this weekdays drama from SBS entitled Temptation of Wife or Wife's Temptation (Anae Ui Yuhok, 아내의 유혹). I always come home late and I can't see the drama on time but I watch the replay program which is on every weekends. A drama is about the revenge of wife to her husband, in laws, and her friend who took away her husband.

Jang Seo Hui in her role Go Eun Jae is a simple woman who got married to a rich man, Jeong Gyo Bin (Byeon Woo Min). She was a kind and good wife and a good daughter in law but her parents' in law didn't treat her well. Because of another woman, Sin Ae Ri (Kim Seo Hyeong), her husband tried to kill her because she was pregnant. He left her in the sea so everyone thought that she was dead. The baby on her womb died and her husband lived with her friend and that's how she started to revenge.

Min Yo Sa (Jeong Ae Ri), the President of a beauty shop adopted Go Eun Jae. Her daughter (Chae Young In in her role Min So Hui)) also lost in the sea and they believed that she also died there. Min Yo Sa treated Eun Jae as her real daughter. She changed Eun Jae's appearance and personality as of Min So Hui so people couldn't recognize her including her family and husband. Min Yo Sa called and introduced her to her colleagues as Min So Hui, her daughter. Although sometimes can recognize Eun Jae but because they knew that she died and she has different attitude so people around her couldn't think that it was her.

Eun Jae wanted a revenge against her husband and in laws. Min Yo Sa has the same purpose because Eun Jae's father in law (Kim Dong Hyeon in his role Jeong Ha Jo) was Min Yo Sa's former lover who took her father's land. They also had a baby (Oh Yeong Sil in her role Jeong Ha Neul) but Min Yo Sa knew that she died. She later found out that Kim Dong Hyeon has the baby who introduced her to everyone as his younger sister.

Eun Jae was successful on her revenge. Her husband and family became poor and she also got the land that Min Yo Sa needed. Her husband also fell in love with her not knowing that she was his former wife. He just knew it after but he's still in love with her.

Min So Hui appeared and felt jealous to Eun Jae because Min Gon Woo (Lee Jae Hwang) fell in love with Eun Jae and were supposed to get married but Min Yo Sa was against their relationship. Gon Woo is Min Yo Sa's adopted son but Min So Hui fell in love with him. Min So Hui threatened Gon Woo and said that she would kill herself if they won't get married. Gon Woo didn't have any choice but to marry her. Besides he was doing that for Min Yo Sa because that's for the sake of her daughter who pretended to be sick. They have bad relationship because Gon Woo is still in love with Eun Jae. After a few days of their marriage, Gon Woo wanted to get divorce because Min So Hui's attitude.

Here's the Last Episode of Wife's Temptation.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Last episode of My Love VIP (Nae Sarang Keumjiogyob)

Last Sunday was the last episode of the drama My Love VIP (Nae Sarang Keumjiogyob). The ending is almost similar as the drama Angry Mom (Ommaga Ppulnatta) because they are both family -oriented drama. Angry Mom is about the role of a mother and My Love VIP is for the head of the family (father).

Here's how's the drama ends.

Jang Jinho and Baeg Jera got married. Baeg Jera works at the Bossam restaurant of Jinho's Mom. They lived at Baeg Jera's house with her family and Jera's parents treated Jinho as their real son even when they were against at first because of his brother (Jang Sinho) who was supposed to marry Baeg Sera. Baeg Sera went to Africa to study and she came back famous after six years.

Ha Dong Woo, the restaurant's manager who fell in love with Bori went back to the States alone. He got married there and had a baby. Ha Dong Woo was supposed to go to America with Bori and her baby but she refused because she realized that she was still in love with Jang Sinho, her son's father. Jang Sinho and Kim Bori got married and had another baby. Kim Bori became the manager of the restaurant and Jang Sinho worked a professor.

Jeon Seol and Jang Inho also got married and had their own baby. Jang Inho's parents also lived together and everyone lived happily.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Kim Yu Na: The Queen of the Ice

It's my habit to turn on the tv as soon as I wake up. Last Saturday, I was so lucky to see the performance of the Queen of the Ice, Kim Yuna at the World Figure Skating Championships that was held in Los Angeles. Her performance was really amazing! She did great so there was a standing ovation after the people see how she performed. They were so entertained no wonder why she got a higher score. Her score was the World Best Record and it's almost 10 points higher than the one who is next to her. Here's the score of the first five for the short performance.

1. Kim Yuna (Korea) = 76.12
2. Joannie Rochette (Canada) = 67.90
3. Mao Asada (Japan) = 66.06
4. Ando Miki (Japan) = 64.12
5. Carolina Kostner (Italy) = 63.14

The next day (Sunday), I waited for her another long performance so again, I was amazed of her ability. It's not only me but all of her audiences did. What do we expect more? She got the World Best Record with her score of more than 200 points.

So here's the Final Result of the ISU World Figure Skating Championship 2009

1. Kim Yuna (Korea) = 207.71
2. Joannie Rochette (Canada) = 191.29
3. Miki Ando (Japan) = 190.38
4. Mao Asada (Jap) = 188.09
5. Rachael Flatt (U.S.A.) = 172.41
6. Laura Lepisto (Fin) = 170.07
7. Alena Leonora (Rus) = 168.91
8. Fumie Suguri (Jap) = 164.58
9. Sarah Meier (Sui) = 163.37
10. Elene Gedevanishvili (Geo) = 162.48
11. Alissa Czisny (U.S.A.) = 159.78
12. Carolina Kostner (Ita) = 153.56

Gold Medalist: Kim Yuna

She's crying while singing the Korean National Anthem. She also made me cry but those are the tears of joy.

Look! Isn't she so pretty? Even when she cried?

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Jeon Ja Yeon Commits Suicide

Another actress commits suicide. Jeon Ja Yeon, one of the actresses in the famous KBS2 tv drama Kkot boda Namja 꽃보다 남자 (Boys Over Flowers) committed suicide. According to My Daily News, there are four reasons why she commits suicide. First was the death of her parents. She has been lonely since her parents died in an accident 10 years ago. She received some bad comments on the internet because of her bad character in the drama Boys over flowers. Some comments about her plastic surgery and she's not famous eventhough she's in her late 20's.

There's also an issue about her former boss who was forcing her to have sex with rich men. Jeon Ja Yeon hung herself at home. May she rest in peace!

Friday, March 06, 2009

Girls generation in their new song Gee

Seonyosidae (Girls Generation) are one of the most famous groups in Korea. They became more famous because of their new song entitled GEE. The girls can't only sing well but also they are pretty and sexy no wonder why most Koreans specially students in Elementary, Middle School and High School love them. When I hear them singing the Gee song on tv, I'm not satisfied of just watching them so I also stand up and dance with them.

Btw, one of the members is Yoon A, the girl in the famous Korean drama You're my destiny in her role Jang Sae Byeok.

Here are the members of Seonyosidae singing with my favorite song "Gee".

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Nae Sarang Keumjiokyob (My Love VIP)

Nae Sarang Keumjiokyob (My Love VIP) "내사랑 금지옥엽" is the drama that I always wait every weekend evening. It is another KBS drama which is on every Saturday and Sunday at 7:55 p.m. If Ommaga Ppulnatta (Angry Mom) is about the Mom who had a hard time taking care of her family, this drama is about the divorced dads and raise their kids alone. Starring: Kim Seong Soo as Jeon Seol in his role as singer and songwriter. He got divorce and raising his two kids and later fell in love with Lee Tae Ran as Jang In Ho, a radio P.D. She's also in love with Jeon Seol but her father is against their relationship.

Ji Hyeon Woo as Jang Sin Ho, a dentist and was supposed to get married with Baeg Se Ra (dentist) but he knew that her former girlfriend delivered her baby and found out that he's the father of that baby.

Seong Jung Gi as Jang Jin Ho, a student who missed his mom's arms who later knew that her mom wasn't dead like what he knew. His parents got divorced when he was a kid.

Park In Hwan as Jang Il Nam, father of In Ho, Sin Ho and Jin Ho. He has been looking for his friend's son for many years. He doesn't know that it is Jeon Seol, her daughter's boyfriend. They made a promise that they will marry their kids when they get older so they gave the same name. Jeon Seol's real name is Il Ho.

Yoo In Yeong as Baeg Se Ra, a dentist who fell in love with Sin Ho whose ready to marry him even when she knew that he has a son with Kim Bo Ri (Hong A Reum), a woman from a countryside and former girlfriend of Sin Ho who worked in Sin Ho's mom restaurant.

Na Moon Hui as Song In Soon, mother of In Ho, Sin Ho and Jin Ho. She runs a restaurant and showed kindness to Kim Bo Ri because she knew that the baby in her womb is her son's.

Kim Tae Ho as Ha Dong Woo, the restaurant's manager who lived in America and came to Korea to find his family. He fell in love and proposed to Kim Bo Ri and willing to go to America with her and with the baby.

Also starring Hong Soo A as Baeg Jera, Park Hae Mi as Nam Ju Ri, Park Jun Gyu as Baeg Jun Sik (Baeg Se Ra's Family); Yoon Hae Young as Park Je Ma (Radio writer), Choi Soo Rin as So Young Joo (Jeon Seol's former wife), Sin Go Jun as Lee Eun Woo and Kim Soo Jeong as Lee Ji Woo (son and daughter of Jeon Seol and Young Joo), Kim San Ho as Kang Min (radio DJ who had a relationship with Young Joo) and Choi A Jin as Mi Ri (radio writer).

Friday, February 20, 2009

My ideal bathroom

It's weekend again and I'm wondering if my hubby will ask me to change the decoration and style of our apartment. I haven't changed the style of our apartment for a long time so my hubby told me that he's tired of seeing the same style everyday. I'd love to change the style but worried about the bathroom because I never thought of any style and decoration for it.

How about you? How do you like your bathroom? Are you satisfied of the interior and stuffs like accessories, lighting, and taps? Well, I was and I never had an idea about the style of my bathroom until I saw these ideal standard bathrooms. I'm interested with these bathroom accessories. I like most of the new products specially the ideal standard cone toothbrush holder, Ideal Standard Cone Glass Tumbler with Bracket and Holder and Ideal Standard Cone Glass Soap Dish with Bracket and Holder. They are cheap and wonderful. These original and infinite kudos showers also caught my attention.

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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Once again, even if you hate me (Miwodo Dashi Hanbon)

I don't like the new dramas that are shown on tv now a days until this new "Su" (shorten for Suyoil means Wednesday) "Mog" (shorten for Mogyoil means Thursday) drama from KBS started. "Miwodo Dasi Hanbon" (미워도 다시 한번) Once Again, Even If You Hate Me is another hit drama for this year 2009. It has started last Wednesday (February 4) and according to Korean News the drama got 20% of audience rating from its 3rd episode.

Starring Choi Myeong Gil as Han Myeong In. She's the owner of Mir Department Store. Park Sang Won as Lee Jeong Hun, Han Myeong In's husband and the Vice- Pres. of the said Department Store. Jeon In Hwa as Eun Hyae Jeong, an actress and former lover of Lee Jeong Hun. Park Yae Jin as Choi Yoon Hui, a newscaster of KBN 9. Jeong Gyo Woon as Lee Min Soo, the "Mama's boy" and the only child of Han Myeong In from her former husband who passed away.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Kim Yu Na: World's Figure Skating Champion

The World's Figure Skating Championship was held in Vancouver Canada and Kim Yuna (김연아 Kim Yeon A) won the World's Figure Skating Champion. I saw her former performances and I waited for this day to come although she was the last one who performed. I'm one of her avid fans so I was very excited when I saw the result of the competition. I was so nervous at first specially when I saw her fell down. But the rest of her performance was really great and I jumped and shouted when I saw the result. She's the best!

Here are the first 7 winners of the World's Figure Skating Championship including the Countries and Overall Score.

1. Kim Yu Na (South Korea) = 189.07
2. Joannie Rochette (Canada) = 182.91
3. Mao Asada (Japan) = 176.52
4. Caroline Zhang (U.S.A.) = 171.22
5. Cynthia Phaneuf (Canada) = 169.41
6. Fumie Suguri (Japan) = 167.74
7. Rachael Flatt (U.S.A.) = 162.83

Kim Yu Na! Congrats! Haja Haja Fighting!

Friday, January 23, 2009

I love patio furniture and accessories

I love decorating my house and I'm always interested in checking some stuffs to decorate my home. One thing that I'd like to have is a beautiful patio where I can read and talk with my family. Of course it's much better if I have great patio furniture with some accessories like outdoor lighting, outdoor heater, cushions, and more.

When we talked about outdoor furnitures, wicker furniture and patio umbrellas are what I always think of. The beautiful and relaxing view of your home that feels like you're always in a hotel with your family and friends. And for a high quality and durable furnitures, Today's Swim and Patio is the place to shop for the perfect outdoor extension of your home. It is one of the largest outdoor patio furniture internet sales in the country. There are lots of styles and designs of outdoor furnitures and accessories that you can choose from like Patio Umbrellas, Wicker Outdoor Furniture, Cushions, Covers, Artificial Christmas Trees and a lot more.

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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Are you interested in playing the paintball?

I don't like sports but I'm very much interested in learning and playing the paintball. It looks so much fun so I wanna try it with my friends someday. It is one of the most popular sports specially in America where there are millions of people play every year. Because of my interest in participating the game, I joined the paintball forums to meet some players and read some of their experiences in playing the game. I found the forum more interesting than I expected and I was even touched when I read the paintball story about the young boy and a paintballer from the UK, Chris.

If you like playing a paintball or have an interest in playing the game someday, then check out the paintball forum to learn more about the game and meet some expert and new players.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Last Episode of You're my destiny

I came home earlier last night so I had the chance to watch the last episode of the drama You are my destiny "Noneun Nae Unmyeong" (너는 내 운명). The drama ended with a happy and sad ending. I cried when I saw Sae Byok's real mom died in the hospital. You know, the life of a mother who doesn't need anything but to give her daughter a happy and good life. Before she passed away, she left everything for her daughter. From her inheritance, Sae Byeok (Yoon A) opened a charity.

And the happy ending was when Sae Byeok's mother in law accepted her although it wasn't easy at first. Her mother in law lived in the temple for a month and didn't wanna go home until the monk told her that Sae Byeok was sick so she hurried home just to see Sae Byeok in a good condition. She was trying to go back to the temple but Sae Byeok stopped her and there she said that she also loves Sae Byeok. Her mother in law passed her wedding ring to her which means that she now accepted her as a daughter in law.

After the celebration of the opening of Sae Byeok's Foundation "Sae Byeok Jaedan" (name of her charity), they went straight to the wedding hall to marry their parents. Although they refused to get married, their children insisted. It ended when they were taking a wedding picture and Sae Byeok acted like vomitting which everyone's guessed that she's pregnant.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

SBS Entertainment Award

Since Monday, the program on tv is all about the Awarding Night. I saw some of them and here are the list of the award winning entertainers on SBS station.

New Comedian Award (코미디 신인상): Kim Jin Gon (김진곤) Hong Yoon Hwa (홍윤화)

Comedy Excellent Award (코미디 우수상): Han Hyeon Min (한현민)

Comedy Most Excellent Award (코미디 최우수상): (Ungi's Father team) 웅이 아버지 팀

Special Awards (특별상):

Best Writer Award (방성 작가상): Lee Mi Seon (이미선) Jang Yoon Jeong (장윤정) Kim Ju Ri (김주리)

Best Announcer Award(안나우서상): Jeong Mi Seon (정미선)

Best Radio DJ Award (라디오 DJ 상): Chui Hwa Jeong (최화정)

Best Distinguish Service Award (공로상): Jeong Eun A (정은아)

Best Producer MC Award (프로듀서 MC 상): Kim Gu Ra (김구라) Sin Bong Seon (신봉선)

Best TV Star Award (TV 스타 상): Kim Su Ro (김수러) Jang Yoon Jeong (장윤정)

New Entertainer Award (예능 신인상): Yang Jeong A (양정아)

Best Entertainer Award (베스트 엔터테이너 상): Park Sang Myeon (박상면) Sol Bi (솔비)

Best Team Work Award (베스트 팀워크 상): Gold Missga Kanda (골드미스가 간다)

Netizen Most Popular Award (네티즌 최고 인기상): Park Yae Jin (박예진) Lee Cheon Hui (이천희)

TV Audience Most Chosen Program Award (시청자 선정 최우수 프러그램):
1. We Are Family (패밀리가 떴다) 44%
2. Star King (스타킹) 17%
3. Entertainment Sports (예능 선수 촌) 15%
4. Gold Miss (골드미스가 간다) 9%
5. Utchasa "Smile" (웃찾사)

Grand Prize Award (대상): Yoo Jae Seok (유재석)