Saturday, August 02, 2008

Two last episodes of Women in the Sun (태양의 여자)

Thanks Juni for your request and i'm willing to do it for you. But bear with me because i'm not good at storytelling. hehehe...Juni is one of my readers here and she requested me to write how the drama ended.

Here are the two last episodes of the drama Women in the Sun (태양의 여자) starring Kim Ji Soo as Sin Do Yong, Han Jae Seok as Kim Joon Se, Lee Ha Na as Yoon Sa Wol and Jeong Gyo Woon as Cha Dong Woo.

The owner of the mall kept looking for someone and that was Do-yong. Do-yong's father was put in prison instead of him, the reason why Do-yong's family had a hard time in life. He met Do-yong to ask forgiveness.

Everyone knew the secret that Lee Do Yong is an adopted daughter including her co-workers. She also kept lying that she didn't abandon her sister (Yoon Sa Wol) at the train station when they were young. Yoon Sa Wol heard Lee Do Yong talking to her co-worker telling not to trust Sa Wol if she says something about that "missing issue". Sa Wol got angry and send on the internet about everything including their pictures that caused a big scandal for a famous anchor woman, Lee Do Yong.

Because of her guilt for abandoning her sister, hearing about her father's imprisonment, rejection of the present that she bought for her mother and now the scandal that she's facing, Do-yong tried to kill herself while driving.

Everyone realized each mistakes. Do-Yong stayed in the hospital and nobody knows when she will wake up or will never wake up again according to the doctor. But when Sawol sang the song that Do-yong taught her when they were young, she woke up and was treated as a real member of the rich family. She also had a good relationship with Sawol. She broke up with her fiance (Joon Se) and will go to HongKong with Dong Woo.


Juni said...

Thank you!! haha, you mentioned my big name on the top of the post!

so Sawol forgave her? truly good ending!

Anonymous said...

That's almost how it ends but not quite. Do-Yong dies at the end and reunites with Dong Woo in her version of the afterlife.

Anonymous said...

I think all of these happened because of their mother. If she loved Do-Yong like her real daughter, all of these bad things would never happen.

Caine said...

Excuse me, I'm searching for the song that Jiyeong sang at the beach and I found your blog. Do you know what song is it?