Friday, October 31, 2008

Entertainer car

I went out with my hubby and when we were heading home, hubby said that there might be entertainers in the car that is in front of us. I took a picture of it and then suddenly the car turned right. It changed its direction so I believed that it really was an entertainer car.

Hubby thought that they were going to a night club. There are lots of night clubs here and entertainers make much money for a night show in a night club. I heard that they make more than $10,000 everytime they perform in a night club. Of course it depends how famous the star is.

When I go home late, I sometimes passed by to a night club where there's always a celebrity guest. I also saw many people waiting outside because the night club was full of customers inside. I'm sure they are waiting for their turn to see their favorite celebrity. But most of the guest are old singers or comedians.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tajja (타짜)

My father in law is visiting us. After taking a shower, I saw him watching a drama. He asked me if I also watch the drama 타짜 "Tajja" (a dishonest gambler). I heard a lot about this drama specially from my co-workers. They said it's interesting but I've never had time to see it. Or even if I have time, I can get interest in watching it because I didn't see the first episode of the drama. I don't like watching drama if I didn't see the first part because it just confused me how did all everything happen. But today, I didn't have any choice but to watch with my father in law although I wanted to leave and just use the computer instead, but I chose to watch with him. My co-workers are right. The drama is very interesting. I'm thinking of watching it continously and watch the first part on the net. It's much more interesting than the 타짜 tajja movie.

Tajja is a drama from SBS that started last month starring 장혁 (Jang Hyeok) as 고니 (Go Ni), 한예슬 (Han Ye Seul) as 난숙/지나 (Nansuk/Jina), 김민준 (Kim Min Jun) as 영민 (Young Min) and 강성연 (Kang Seong Yeon) as 정마담 (Jeong Madam). It is on every Monday and Tuesday at 9:55p.m. (Korea time)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Eye for an eye

We usually watch a movie at home when we don't have any plan on weekends. Last week my hubby rented the dvd of 눈에는 눈 이에는 이 (Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth). It's a great korean action movie starring Han Seok Gyu (한석규) and Cha Seung Won (차승원).

It's about the guy (Cha Seung Won) in his role An Hyeon Min (안현민) who steals big amount of money and gold because he wanted to get revenge from the man who took his father's business. He works with guys who has been to prison and are expert at pretending and stealing things.

Han Seok Gyu (한석규) in his role Baeg Seong Chan (백성찬) was an officer who's trying to catch Cha Seung Won. He did at the last part of the movie but released him. Cha Seung Won lived in another country and sent Han Seok Gyu a plane to ticket because he's inviting him to come over to his house.

I don't like action movies but this movie entertained me a lot because it has also a comedy scene. I even didn't realize that I spent my 101 minutes watching the movie.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The last episode of Ommaga Ppulnatta (엄마가 뿔났다) "Angry Mom"

The drama "엄마가 뿔났다" Ommaga Ppulnatta (Angry Mom) has finished last month but until now I'm still wondering if it's really right to ask a vacation from your family just because you are very tired of taking care of them.

I saw the last episode and I was disappointed of the ending of the story. Kim Hanja came back home because her pregnant daughter in law bled. Her husband visited her and told something about that so hurried and went home. Her son got angry with her. He blamed her for leaving her family but he asked for forgiveness after having a talk with his father.

It ended when the whole family were happy celebrating at home and Kim Hanja was happy to be with her family again. The ending has no difference with the normal episodes except when Kim Hanja came back home. I even didn't know that it was the end if I didn't see the note telling that they are thanking the audiences for the support that they gave on the last part of the drama. Oh well...

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Trendy Maternity Clothes

They say if you look pretty when you're pregnant you'll have a baby girl. Oh, c'mon! Most pregnant women always want to look sexy and pretty even when they have that big belly. But unfortunately, they don't know exactly the perfect maternity clothes they wear so they sometimes look terrible when they wear maternity clothes.

I was surprised when I heard that Kim Hui Seon is pregnant, too. I haven't seen her on tv for a while and when I saw the entertainment news who's following her with an hidden camera, she suddenly showed up with her big belly. She's still pretty even when she's pregnant. She looks good with her maternity dress. If I get pregnant I also want to look sexy and pretty like her. Of course, if can only be possible if I also wear Trendy Maternity Clothes.

By the way, I love jeans so I was worried if I get pregnant. I didn't know that there are jeans that we can wear during our pregnancy. I was surprised to see these Juicy Maternity Jeans and Paige Maternity Jeans that are perfect for a pregnant woman.

So, are you pregnant and looking for Trendy Maternity Clothes? Belly Dance Maternity are just the perfect maternity fashion and lifestyle for you. No wonder why Kim Hui Seon look pretty and sexy on her pregnancy.

Monday, October 06, 2008

조강지처클럽 (Jogangjicho club)

I got tired of watching this drama every weekend at 10:00p.m. because it took too long time to wait for the ending. Most korean dramas don't take too long but I got bored waiting for the ending of this 조강지처클럽 (Jogangjicho club) drama. Jogangjicho (조강지처) means a wife who has shared one's difficulties or one's old life partner. The drama is about the unfaithful husband and wife who had secret love affairs.

Men who hurt and abandoned their wives and lived with another woman. Their wives who are faithful and still wanted to live with their husbands inspite of everything for the sake of their children. Also a wife who has a kind, loving and responsible husband but had a secret love affair.

The first few episodes of the drama was about the secret love affairs did by the husbands and a wife. In the middle part of the drama, the abandoned partners fell in love and found the perfect love to others. The partners who left their family ruined their lives and started to realized how important their formers partners were. They wanted to start again and go back to their real family but it was too late.

Finally, the drama ended last night and the whole episode was full of tears from the beginning 'til the end. I cried a lot that's why I have a runny nose now. The lesson that we can get from this drama is- Be faithful to your family! It will just ruin your life if you are unfaithful or have a secret love affair! You will regret it!

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Breaking News: Choi Jin Sil (최진실) also committed suicide!

While I was having lunch with my hubby, I turned on the tv and was shocked on what I have seen in the news. Choi Jin Sil found dead in her bathroom. She committed suicide by hanging herself in the shower booth of her house. After An Jae Hwan, now it's the 40 years old Korean topstar Choi Jin Sil (최진실)? What the deuce is the matter?

Is there any relation with the various news that popped up after the death of Ahn Jae Hwan that she (Choi Jin Shil) lent $250 million to his friend Jung Seon-Hee (An Jae Hwan's wife)? To those who haven't heard the news, An Jae Hwan also committed suicide just a few weeks ago.

Choi Jin Sil got divorce with the baseball player Jo Sung-Min 6 years ago and she couldn't hide that she was still gloomy after that said divorce. She said that she had to survive for the sake of her two young daughters so it's a shocking news to know that she also committed suicide. There was no sign of her to commit suicide but some entertainers like her found that she looked gloomy on her shooting for the new commercial and drama, Last Scandal 2 "내 생애 마지막 스캔들 시즌2" which is planning to be shown next year of January. After the shooting, she drank alcohol with her manager the day before she committed suicide and when she came home, she told her mom that she would take a bath. At around 4 a.m., her mom peeped at her room and found that Jin Sil wasn't in her room and the bed was still neat. She also saw that the light in the bathroom was still on and the door was locked when she tried to open it. Her mom called a mechanic to open the door and there she found Choi Jin Sil tied her neck in the shower booth.

I feel really sad with this breaking news about Choi Jin Sil. I wanna give my condolence and comfort to her family, relatives and friends. May she rest in peace!