Saturday, November 26, 2011

Fahionable Sports Sunglasses

I had sore eyes a few months ago. Since then, I feel that I'm having a bad eyesight. I don't know if it's because of the infection that I've got or I put much eyedrops in my eyes. I don't know the reasons why but now a days I can't see some figures well. I can't read books for a long time because the letters are getting smaller and darker. I wonder if I need to go to ophthalmologist to get a check up or just buy some glasses. I guess one of the reasons is because of the hot and windy weather in the Island where I'm staying now for a vacation. Now I'm blaming myself for not wearing sunglasses in summer or when I needed it. I just can't stand wearing my sunglasses. I think they are out of fashion so I want a new one or at least change the lenses to Oakley Lenses. If I have them, I should wear them all the time because they are not only good for my eyes but also great for fashion.

I suddenly remember the Korean entertainers after seeing the sunglasses. They are fashionable, great, and fantastic. I'm sure Korean actors and actresses who love wearing sunglasses when they travel abroad will love them. Koreans love wearing sunglasses when they go to the airport specially entertainers. So, the best Korean fashion in the airport are those who wear sunglasses. Believe me, 100% or at least 99% of entertainers wear sunglasses when they are in the airport. I think it's their way to hide themselves from fans and of course it's great for fashion. I'm sure they look better if they wear sunglasses from Oakley or these Oakley Replacement Lens. But don't worry if you're not an entertainer because Oakley sunglasses look perfect for everyone! I just can't wait to have at least a pair of them. I really want to get zephyr sports sunglasses. And to be fair, I think I should also get some baseball clothing for my hubby. Anyway, it's free shipping if you order over $25 so I can still save some money.

Getting stuffs from zephyr is easy, safe and reliable. So if you are looking for sports clothing or stuffs, check out the site and I'm sure you will also love what they offer.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Thousand Days

I'm hooked with this Korean drama entitled A thousand Days (1000days) or Cheon il ui yaksok (천일의 약속). It is the No.1 drama now a days here in Korea. Cheon Il means 1000days and yaksok means promise. So, I think 1000days of promise is the right translation in english rather than 1000 days.

The synopsis of the drama is about the girl (Soo Ae as Seo Yeon) who has an Alzheimers disease because she broke up with her boyfriend (Kim Rae Won as Ji Hyeong). Her boyfriend is about to marry a rich girl whose parents are his father's friend and boss. They have known each other for a long time but Ji Hyeong doesn't love her. He's in love with Seo Yeon, his friend's cousin. A few days before his wedding, he found out that Seo Yeon is sick so he told his girlfriend and parents that he doesn't want to marry his fiancee because he never felt in love with her. He said he loves someone and he wanted to marry her (Seo yeon).

Seo-yeon tried to avoid Ji Hyeong and begged him to marry his fiancee. But Ji Hyeong already made up his mind. He wanted to live with Seo-yeon so he cancelled his marriage the day before his wedding. Seo-yeon's disease is getting worse that sometimes she even doesn't know her way home. One time she was driving home and lost her way. She almost had an accident so she stopped and tried to call someone but she couldn't remember any number on her cellphone. She dialed and the number was Ji Hyeong's. Ji-hyeong picked her up and at that moment, Seo-yeon decided to marry Ji-hyeong. Since then, she started to take her medicines which she refused to take before. She even allowed Ji-hyeong to take him to the hospital.

Seo Yeon's parents left them when they were kids so she and her brother grew up with her aunt. The drama is unique. Unlike most drama now a days that most of them have the same story. That even if you haven't seen yet, you know what will happen next. But this one is absolutely different. It's so exciting, full of emotion and romantic. The SBS drama is on every Mondays and Tuesdays at 9:55p.m.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

I want a better bathroom

It's getting cold now a days and it makes me feel lazy to take a bath. I'm sure everyone does specially in winter. But we have no choice! We have to take a bath everyday specially if we go to work and need to go out. In my case, I don't feel confident if I didn't take a shower so I take a shower everyday even in winter. And on weekend, I soak myself on a bathtub. I usually take a hot bath on Sundays. It's one of the best way to relax after working for the whole week.

I don't like my bathtub much so I started to search for good bathtubs and I found one, the Double Ended Bath. A bathtub facing with either directions so you don't have to worry which position or side you want to face. It's really great for me. Just the way I like.

In this cold season, I want a better Bathroom so I can enjoy taking a bath even when it's freezing outside. I'm sure you do, too! If you want some accessories, furnitures, bathroom ventilation, etc, check out the special offers of the bathroom store. There may be items that you need. Hurry now because items are only available while stocks last!

Back to Drama Queen

I've mentioned before that I don't like watching drama because our tv here in the island is small compare to our tv in the mainland. But because it's getting cold now a days and we don't go out more often so I have no choice but to watch TV if I don't use computer. And because of that I have to choose the drama that I have to watch. I've noticed that watching drama makes the day run fast because it makes me busy watching them. You can't realize that an hour has passed you are thrilled or excited with the drama. You even want to stop the time so the drama won't finish soon.

I watch drama everynight. On Monday and Tuesday, I'm hooked with Cheon Il ui Yaksok or One Thousand Days of Kim Rae Won and Soo Ae. I watch Yeonggwang ui Jaein or Glory Jaein on Wednesday and Thursday. I used to skip Friday but now Saranggwa Jeonjeng is back so I watch drama the whole week. Saturday and Sunday is Aejeong Manmanse.

Now I'm a Korean drama queen again. I say drama queen because I love watching drama. hehehe...