Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Aged Corporations for Sale

Before, when I hear that someone is a businessman, I always think that he must be rich. I thought that all businessmen are rich because they can afford to run a business. But then I found out that not all businessmen are rich. Some of them are rich in credit because they didn't know how to run their business well. Being a businessman is not just like you are lying in the bed of roses that I used to know. I didn't know that it's also very stressful to run a business specially when it's your first time. But don't worry because Shelf Corporations can make everything easy for you. They offer the best quality, the lowest prices and the most free extras, the 21 free extras worth $3,964. And of course the 24 hour service so you can reach them anytime.

If you don't want to experience the complicated thing in opening a new business, try to check out the Shelf Corporations for Sale. They are corporations that you just need to continue what they have started.

Don't forget to read the Shelf Corporations with Credit because it can let you know why and how some businessmen lose their business because of their credits. Goodluck and more power to your new business.

Monday, May 30, 2011

I miss my TV

How's everyone doing? I don't watch much tv now a days because I have a small TV now. My TV at home is much different in the TV that i'm using now. It's not fun to watch here unlike my TV at home is big, very clear, have speakers because it's a home theater and what I like the most is the time machine where I can see the part that I missed by just pressing the remote. Another thing is I can record the drama even when it is off.

I don't even get an interest to watch the drama that I love like the Greatest Love. It's not fun because I don't like my TV. Ahhh... I miss my TV more than anything else.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Let's make funny photos

Don't you also find my blog a little bit boring? There aren't many pictures posted and if the reader is like me, I really find it boring because I like reading blogs with pictures. So, I have thought of something new to attract more readers. I'll make funny photo and post it on my blog like this one.

Funny Pictures

Isn't it beautiful? I took a picture of the beach and edited it. You too can create funny photo. It's so simple. You can do it in just a minute. Just put your picture in the computer and choose the effect that you'd like to make your picture look more beautiful or funny. It's up to you on what kind of design you'd like. There are lots of online funny photo effects that you can choose from. Look what I've made.

Funny Pictures

I'm not an expert at computer but I'm so much satisfied on what I've done. I didn't need to learn a lot about computer to edit a photo or put some effects on my picture because I can do it in just a few clicks of my mouse. You can't understand me if you won't try it by yourself. Look! Here's another one!

Funny Pictures

It's so interesting and it's so easy to make so I think I'm already hooked on it.

Two Korean Entertainers commited suicide in less than a week

I was shocked in the news again when I came home a few days ago and my hubby told me that the famous MBC sports newscaster Seong Ji Seon commited suicide. She jumped down from her 19th floor apartment building. I think she's very much upset, humiliated and depressed on what had happened. She was rumored to have been involved in a romantic relationship with Doosan Bears pitcher Im Tae-hoon that went sour. When the rumors refused to subside, Im Tae-hoon was demoted to a minor league team, and Song was temporarily suspended from the program. In an interview on Sunday, she admitted she met Im Tae-hoon in 2008 and the two fell in love. But Im Tae-hoon, who returned to the major league on Sunday, continues to deny the relationship.

Again, SG Wannabe's former member Chae Dong-ha was found dead Friday. Eunpyung police said that Chae, 30, committed suicide by hanging himself in his home in Bulkwang-don. "Chae has always suffered from depression", his agency stated. The late singer dropped out of the group SG Wannabe in 2008 and was working as a solo artist.

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Let's enjoy the weather

Summer is just around the corner. What comes first to your mind when you hear the word summer? I know! I know! It's swimming, isn't it? It's great to go to beach but if you live in the City like us, it's hard to go to the beach often specially if you live far from the sea. But don't worry! Swimming pool could be the best alternate for that. Swimming in the yard is cheaper, safer and more fun! So, if you're looking for affordable and quality Pool Supplies, check them out online.

To make your pool last longer, I recommend you to use the Pool Floor Padding to protect pool liner from sharp objects, rocks, roots and grass.

Well, I suddenly remember the dirty swimming pool in the recreation forest that we've been yesterday. It has lots of algae. And I think the winter season made the swimming pool worst. I wish they put the Winter Pool Covers. But it seems like they don't have one so the pool was ruined. Don't let that happen to your pool, get a winter pool cover that will guarantee you from 8 to 15 years.

Tired of Watching Korean Drama

I'm getting lazy to watch drama now a days. Everything is all same. I think because I saw lots of drama and some of them have the same scene. I already know what will happen next. It seems like I already saw it. Others are just planning to make the story long but in the end it's just the same. The same old story and the same scene from other drama or to itself.

Some are childish and some are hard to understand. There are impossible scenes that are impossible to relate in real life. Anyway, they are just dramas so it's hard to expect much.