Friday, May 23, 2008

uh oh~

I'm back again. I can post but i can't see and preview my blog. I can't open blogspot here. It's too bad! And internet is very slow here. I feel sleepy and my hubby doesn't want me to sleep because i'm gaining weight so he invited me to come here in the pc room. But it makes me feel more sleepy in this slow internet connection.

I'm sorry but i've got to go now to have dinner. hehehehe...

Thursday, May 22, 2008

I'm here in Vietnam

As what i have said, i'm here in Vietnam with my hubby. We're gonna stay here for a few days more before we'll go to Australia. I'm having a good time here. I have to go now. I'll come back here in the pc room as soon as i have time to update my blog and tell you more about my activities here.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Going on a trip!

We are going on a trip this coming Saturday. We'll be away for a month but i'll try to update my blog and visit you when i have time. We'll visit Vietnam and from Vietnam, we'll fly to Australia. We already prepared everything including the schedule of places that we are going to visit. I'm gonna tell you about my travel and expect more pictures like what i did when we visited Thailand two months ago.

I hope that we'll have a safe and happy trip!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

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layout problem

Thanks a lot to you guys who want to exchange link with me specially to those who already linked me up. I always try to link you up but whenever i open my account, only the half of my layout appears. I dunno what the problem is. Is there anyone here using the new template of blogger? Are you also facing this kind of trouble in your account? Please let me know and to those are good at it, please help!

To you guys, i'll link you up as soon as possible. Please bear with me.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Happy Friday again!

Yahoooo....I'm happy again because it's Friday. I love Fridays. I think most people like it except students who have to study until Saturday. Elementary Students here have to study on Saturdays twice a month. I don't know much about Middle School. I'm not sure if they have to study every Saturdays. And High School students have to go to school including Sundays. Sometimes they have to study even on holidays. I still consider lucky because i'm not a Korean student. hehehehe...

The reason why i am happier because it's holiday again on Monday. So that means I can rest for three days including weekend. muhahahaha... I always look at the calendar to check and wait for the red color. If the date is written in red (except weekend) then it's holiday. hehehe...

Have a nice weekend everyone!

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Friday, May 09, 2008

Vacation and work

We always have a meeting after work. My boss always asks if we encountered any problem the whole day and he always reminds us to do our job well and saying that everyone had a hard time and did a good job before we separate to each other. We always have to leave at the same time.

Because i'm gonna leave for a month to travel so my boss told my co-workers to do my job while i'm away. One of my co-workers got angry not because i'm leaving but because she said my boss didn't say it in a good way. I really feel so sorry for them because i got a week vacation last month and they also took over my work and now i'm gonna leave them again and that's for a month. That's not easy for them but i have to go. We already planned everything and we are just waiting for the date of our flight.

I'm gonna tell you about this before i leave but even when i'm away, i'm not gonna leave this blog of mine. I'll still post whenever i get a chance to use a computer either in Vietnam or Australia.

Monday, May 05, 2008

Children's Day

It's Children's day today and it's consider as a holiday here. Parents are always busy at work so today is the time to give their time to their children. One of my students called me this morning but i was still sleeping and i even didn't hear my phone rang. We slept at 5:30 a.m. My told me that it was already morning and it was time to sleep. hehehe... We got up at noon and when i checked my cellphone under the bed i saw a missed call and a message. My student called me but because i didn't answer the phone so she sent a message saying that she was going to Jejudo. Wow~ good for her. It's children's day so her parents is treating her to Jejudo Island. She must be rich. hehehe...

oh, holiday!

It's already 3:30 a.m. and i'm still awake. Do you know why? Because it's holiday today and i don't have to get up early so i can stay up all night and sleep all day. Yeheeeyyy.... I wish Monday is always a holiday but it's impossible, i know. hehehehe...

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Say kimchi~

My doggie can now sit for a long time without holding her. Practice really makes perfect. Look! Isn't she cute? hehehe...

free from cooking

My mother in law called and said she would come here. We were having lunch when she came and she just doorbelled and gave me a big plastic bag with different kinds of side dishes inside. She said she had to leave right away and couldn't come in because her friend was waiting for her on the first floor. Oh goodness, she bothered herself to give the side dishes even when she had an appointment. Oh yes, i love my mom in law! hehehe... I don't have to worry again on what to cook for dinner. hehehe...

Gloomy Sunday!

I was supposed to meet my two former co-workers today but it was cancelled because one was sick. Actually, i'm also lazy to go out because of the weather. It was cloudy since this morning and now it is raining. Luckily, it is weekend and it's holiday tomorrow so i can sleep as much as i want in this gloomy day. hehehehe...

I'm scared!

I'm scared!

I got up at 11 this morning, wash my face and prepared breakfast. After breakfast, while i was putting the food in the refrigerator, i looked out and i saw someone on the roof of the entrance building which serves as the shade of the lobby. I thought he was just sleeping. It's normal to see old man lying down anywhere when they are drunk but i was wondering how could that guy go there when he's drunken. I called hubby who was sitting on the sofa watching tv and showed him the guy. He said he must be sleeping but then we saw two police cars and when we looked around we saw some police officers investigating and they came in and out of the security guard office. I guessed they were checking the video of the elevator and some were searching some evidence in the garbage. I think he was killed by someone. They didn't touch his body for many hours. Every now and then i looked out and checked what was happening outside but i only saw some busy officers and the body lying down on the roof.

I was scared to take a picture of that scene and i don't think i can put that body in my blog. I can't! I really can't! I take pity on him because he was lying there for hours. Finally, the ambulance came and i also saw when they carry him and covered his body with a piece of cloth.

May he Rest in Peace and condolence to his family.

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Friday, May 02, 2008

Top 10 to do lists

I've been tagged by ate Butchay. I think this is all i need before we'll fly to Vietnam and Australia. So, heres my Top 10 to-do list:

1. Buy more suncream.
2. Go shopping and buy everything that we need.
3. Go to the hairsalon to dye my hair and get a magic straight.
4. Make sure to eat all the food in the refrigerator before we leave.
5. Take a bath my doggie because my mom in law will take care of her while we are away.
6. Meet my former co-worker. I met her before we went to Thailand and told her to meet again when i come back but until now i haven't met her, yet because of our busy schedule.
7. Do all the given tasks if there is.
8. Do the laundry and make sure to leave the house clean.
9. Buy the travel books.
10. Get enough rest and sleep.

Now, i'm tagging alf, naomi, shimumsy, shiela, rooks, gracey, lourdz, tanya, lutchi and travelinlife. Tell me your top10-to-do-lists guys!!!