Friday, December 26, 2008

Need extra cash

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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Give it a chance

You won't believe if I say that Hubby and I started with a zero balance in our bank account. We had nothing when we got married but after a few years, we already have what we need and want. We now have our own apartment, a new car and a new business. By the way, did I mention that we are also free from debt? Yes, that's true that's why we sometimes go out of the country to travel because we are free from debt. We don't worry about anything. How did we get all those? Here's a secret! We know how to budget our money.

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Give it a chance and be free from debt and receive your financial peace and start living a richer life.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

You're my destiny update

After a long time of not seeing You're My Destiny drama, I finally saw the replay version last weekend and today. I just recorded them and saw when I had time. The drama is getting more interesting because of the appearance of Sae Byeok's real mother. She's fighting against Ho Se's mom for the sake of her daughter (Sae Byeok).

Sae Byeok is now living at her mom's house because everyone knew that she stayed outside the gate because her mother in law got angry and told her to leave the house when Ho Se wasn't at home. Sae Byeok's real mom is a designer of Lohas company who doesn't want to sign because of her anger to the family. She's asking Ho Se's mom to apologize to Sae Byeok but refused it. Lohas was about to bankrupt but for the sake of her daughter again, Sae Byeok's real mom signed but with a condition. Ho Se and Sae Byeok has to go to America with her and just come back when they have a kid so that Ho Se's mom can accept Sae Byeok and treat her well.

Be free!

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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

2008 Best 10 Korean Attractive Man

2008 Best 10 Korean Attractive Man (완서남) "Wansonam"

1. Jo In Song (조인성)
2. Kim Hyeon Joong (김현중)
3. Bi "rain" (비)
4. Yuno Yunho of Dongbangsingi(유노윤호) 동방신기
5. Jang Geun Seok (장근석)
6. Joo Ji Hoon (주지훈)
7. G-Dragon of Big Bang group
8. Lee Seung Gi (이승기)
9. Ha Jeong Woo (하정우)
10. Park Tae Hwan (박태환)

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Ahn Jae Hwan didn't commit suicide?

There's another issue that Ahn Jae Hwan didn't commit suicide. There was a guy who asked some money from Ahn Jae Hwan's mom and said that he would tell everything about Ahn Jae Hwan's death. Ahn Jae Hwan's mom gave over $10,000 but some said the guy was just a liar but some believed that Ahn Jae Hwan didn't really commit suicide. Oh, well... Let the truth prevail! And may Ahn Jae Hwan rest in peace!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Kang Byeong Gyu lost over $1million?

I was surprised when my hubby said that the former baseball player and now an entertainer (강병규) Kang Byeong Gyu (36) lost over $1million in a gamble. Whhhaaattt?! Really?! I couldn't believe at first but this evening I saw this news about this issue. Oh, boy! That's too bad! Tsk...tsk...tsk...Cheer Up!

I'm not a fan of him but I like watching the program Vitamin on which he's one of the host. I like the way he smiles and he looks simple that it's hard to see on his face that he's a gambler.

It's sad to know that he lost that huge amount of money. Everyone makes mistakes so let's not blame him! But I hope he can learn from his mistakes.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Last Episode of Beethoven Virus

I have watched Beethoven Virus and it's too sad to know that it finished earlier than I expected. The scene moved so fast that it already ended last Wednesday and they showed some special scenes last Thursday.

In the few last episodes, Kang Ma Ae was fired and everyone felt sad including moi. But inspite of his bad luck, I couldn't see any bitterness on his face. He is very smart and has lots of great ideas that gives us good lessons in life. He's a perfectionist and acts rudely in front of others but deep in his heart, he cares for them.

I enjoyed watching the drama Beethoven Virus and I learned a good moral lesson with it. I learned that you have to do whatever you want in your life. Do your best to achieve your goals and dreams. There are lots of hindrances to face but in the end you will be surprised of the great outcome of your hardships.

In the last episode of Beethoven Virus, the two orchestra groups (Group of Kang Ma Ae and Kang Gon Woo) were combined together and performed a concert in town. They invited Kang Ma Ae but that was the time that he has to leave the country. He was heading to the airport with his dog when the orchestra performed and to their surprised, Kang Ma Ae came. They were afraid of him and had the expression that Kang Ma Ae would get angry with them but he did the opposite. He said he can lead them but only once that made everyone happy before he left.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Check it out!

I saw an envelope in my mail box. When I opened it, it was an advertisement of the newly-opened Optical shop in my neighborhood including the $10 coupon that I can use to purchase glasses in that shop. I would be happy to receive it but I wasn't! Because I only admire and trust the Great Eyeglasses For Less from Zenni. We can choose to any Variable Dimension Frames From Zenni. Stylish, affordable, and high quality!

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Sunday, November 02, 2008

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Friday, October 31, 2008

Entertainer car

I went out with my hubby and when we were heading home, hubby said that there might be entertainers in the car that is in front of us. I took a picture of it and then suddenly the car turned right. It changed its direction so I believed that it really was an entertainer car.

Hubby thought that they were going to a night club. There are lots of night clubs here and entertainers make much money for a night show in a night club. I heard that they make more than $10,000 everytime they perform in a night club. Of course it depends how famous the star is.

When I go home late, I sometimes passed by to a night club where there's always a celebrity guest. I also saw many people waiting outside because the night club was full of customers inside. I'm sure they are waiting for their turn to see their favorite celebrity. But most of the guest are old singers or comedians.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tajja (타짜)

My father in law is visiting us. After taking a shower, I saw him watching a drama. He asked me if I also watch the drama 타짜 "Tajja" (a dishonest gambler). I heard a lot about this drama specially from my co-workers. They said it's interesting but I've never had time to see it. Or even if I have time, I can get interest in watching it because I didn't see the first episode of the drama. I don't like watching drama if I didn't see the first part because it just confused me how did all everything happen. But today, I didn't have any choice but to watch with my father in law although I wanted to leave and just use the computer instead, but I chose to watch with him. My co-workers are right. The drama is very interesting. I'm thinking of watching it continously and watch the first part on the net. It's much more interesting than the 타짜 tajja movie.

Tajja is a drama from SBS that started last month starring 장혁 (Jang Hyeok) as 고니 (Go Ni), 한예슬 (Han Ye Seul) as 난숙/지나 (Nansuk/Jina), 김민준 (Kim Min Jun) as 영민 (Young Min) and 강성연 (Kang Seong Yeon) as 정마담 (Jeong Madam). It is on every Monday and Tuesday at 9:55p.m. (Korea time)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Eye for an eye

We usually watch a movie at home when we don't have any plan on weekends. Last week my hubby rented the dvd of 눈에는 눈 이에는 이 (Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth). It's a great korean action movie starring Han Seok Gyu (한석규) and Cha Seung Won (차승원).

It's about the guy (Cha Seung Won) in his role An Hyeon Min (안현민) who steals big amount of money and gold because he wanted to get revenge from the man who took his father's business. He works with guys who has been to prison and are expert at pretending and stealing things.

Han Seok Gyu (한석규) in his role Baeg Seong Chan (백성찬) was an officer who's trying to catch Cha Seung Won. He did at the last part of the movie but released him. Cha Seung Won lived in another country and sent Han Seok Gyu a plane to ticket because he's inviting him to come over to his house.

I don't like action movies but this movie entertained me a lot because it has also a comedy scene. I even didn't realize that I spent my 101 minutes watching the movie.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The last episode of Ommaga Ppulnatta (엄마가 뿔났다) "Angry Mom"

The drama "엄마가 뿔났다" Ommaga Ppulnatta (Angry Mom) has finished last month but until now I'm still wondering if it's really right to ask a vacation from your family just because you are very tired of taking care of them.

I saw the last episode and I was disappointed of the ending of the story. Kim Hanja came back home because her pregnant daughter in law bled. Her husband visited her and told something about that so hurried and went home. Her son got angry with her. He blamed her for leaving her family but he asked for forgiveness after having a talk with his father.

It ended when the whole family were happy celebrating at home and Kim Hanja was happy to be with her family again. The ending has no difference with the normal episodes except when Kim Hanja came back home. I even didn't know that it was the end if I didn't see the note telling that they are thanking the audiences for the support that they gave on the last part of the drama. Oh well...

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Trendy Maternity Clothes

They say if you look pretty when you're pregnant you'll have a baby girl. Oh, c'mon! Most pregnant women always want to look sexy and pretty even when they have that big belly. But unfortunately, they don't know exactly the perfect maternity clothes they wear so they sometimes look terrible when they wear maternity clothes.

I was surprised when I heard that Kim Hui Seon is pregnant, too. I haven't seen her on tv for a while and when I saw the entertainment news who's following her with an hidden camera, she suddenly showed up with her big belly. She's still pretty even when she's pregnant. She looks good with her maternity dress. If I get pregnant I also want to look sexy and pretty like her. Of course, if can only be possible if I also wear Trendy Maternity Clothes.

By the way, I love jeans so I was worried if I get pregnant. I didn't know that there are jeans that we can wear during our pregnancy. I was surprised to see these Juicy Maternity Jeans and Paige Maternity Jeans that are perfect for a pregnant woman.

So, are you pregnant and looking for Trendy Maternity Clothes? Belly Dance Maternity are just the perfect maternity fashion and lifestyle for you. No wonder why Kim Hui Seon look pretty and sexy on her pregnancy.

Monday, October 06, 2008

조강지처클럽 (Jogangjicho club)

I got tired of watching this drama every weekend at 10:00p.m. because it took too long time to wait for the ending. Most korean dramas don't take too long but I got bored waiting for the ending of this 조강지처클럽 (Jogangjicho club) drama. Jogangjicho (조강지처) means a wife who has shared one's difficulties or one's old life partner. The drama is about the unfaithful husband and wife who had secret love affairs.

Men who hurt and abandoned their wives and lived with another woman. Their wives who are faithful and still wanted to live with their husbands inspite of everything for the sake of their children. Also a wife who has a kind, loving and responsible husband but had a secret love affair.

The first few episodes of the drama was about the secret love affairs did by the husbands and a wife. In the middle part of the drama, the abandoned partners fell in love and found the perfect love to others. The partners who left their family ruined their lives and started to realized how important their formers partners were. They wanted to start again and go back to their real family but it was too late.

Finally, the drama ended last night and the whole episode was full of tears from the beginning 'til the end. I cried a lot that's why I have a runny nose now. The lesson that we can get from this drama is- Be faithful to your family! It will just ruin your life if you are unfaithful or have a secret love affair! You will regret it!

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Breaking News: Choi Jin Sil (최진실) also committed suicide!

While I was having lunch with my hubby, I turned on the tv and was shocked on what I have seen in the news. Choi Jin Sil found dead in her bathroom. She committed suicide by hanging herself in the shower booth of her house. After An Jae Hwan, now it's the 40 years old Korean topstar Choi Jin Sil (최진실)? What the deuce is the matter?

Is there any relation with the various news that popped up after the death of Ahn Jae Hwan that she (Choi Jin Shil) lent $250 million to his friend Jung Seon-Hee (An Jae Hwan's wife)? To those who haven't heard the news, An Jae Hwan also committed suicide just a few weeks ago.

Choi Jin Sil got divorce with the baseball player Jo Sung-Min 6 years ago and she couldn't hide that she was still gloomy after that said divorce. She said that she had to survive for the sake of her two young daughters so it's a shocking news to know that she also committed suicide. There was no sign of her to commit suicide but some entertainers like her found that she looked gloomy on her shooting for the new commercial and drama, Last Scandal 2 "내 생애 마지막 스캔들 시즌2" which is planning to be shown next year of January. After the shooting, she drank alcohol with her manager the day before she committed suicide and when she came home, she told her mom that she would take a bath. At around 4 a.m., her mom peeped at her room and found that Jin Sil wasn't in her room and the bed was still neat. She also saw that the light in the bathroom was still on and the door was locked when she tried to open it. Her mom called a mechanic to open the door and there she found Choi Jin Sil tied her neck in the shower booth.

I feel really sad with this breaking news about Choi Jin Sil. I wanna give my condolence and comfort to her family, relatives and friends. May she rest in peace!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Free wedding

My friend called me this morning and she's inviting me on her wedding. She's getting married here in Korea next month for free. I'm happy for her because getting married in Korea is very expensive. You need to spend at least $20,000, the reason why most Koreans don't get married early. But some couples can get back the money and others make more than they spend in their wedding. Visitors give money to the couples instead of gifts. I remember when we got married, some of my in laws' friends and relatives who couldn't attend our wedding called and asked for my father in law's bank account number. They sent money in my father in law's account as our wedding gifts.

My friend said the church is sponsoring 100 couples to get married for free. What surprise me more was the clothes and their honeymoon in Jejudo is also free. The 100 couples are going to Jejudo after the wedding? Wow~! Jejudo is very famous place for honeymooners here in Korea and they are so lucky that their honeymoon is also free. We've been to Jejudo several years ago and we spent more than $500 for our three days and two nights of staying there. Well, that was years ago so it's more expensive now. And one more thing~ they also got invitation letters to send for their parents so that their parents can also attend their wedding here in Korea. Wow!

Congratulations and Best Wishes to all!

Angry Mom (엄마가 뿔났다)

I like watching this Angry Mom "Ommaga ppulnatta" (엄마가 뿔났다) KBS drama which is on every weekend at 7:55 p.m. It's about the story of a married woman (Kim Hanja), Na Il Seok wife who asked for a year vacation from her family because she was very stressful taking care of them. Watching this drama makes me understand the role of an ordinary woman with 3 children and living with her father in law and doesn't do anything except doing household chores and preparing food for the whole family.

She also got much stress from her eldest daughter Na Young Soo (Sin Eun Gyoung) "신은경" who fell in love with a married and has a daughter guy. She's also stressful of thinking her youngest daughter Na Young Mi (Lee Yu Ri) "이유리" who got married to a rich man Kim Jeong Hyeon (Gi Tae Young) "기태영". Kim Jeong Hyeon has a perfectionist mom who was against their relationship.

You will like this drama if you want a drama about the family. You can also learn a lot here if you are interested on how Korean hajumas (married woman) live.

Source: picture - kbs drama

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Beethoven Virus

If you like music, i'm sure you will also like the new mini series entitled "Beethoven Virus" (베토벤 바이러스) every Wednesday and Thursday at 10p.m. (Korean time). It is about a misfit orchestra of random people brought together for their love of classical music.

Starring Kim Myung Min as Kang Ma Ae, an elite and workaholic orchestra Conductor but self-righteous and stubborn that's why people hate him. Lee Ji Ah as Du Ru Mi who plays Violin and trying not to get fired from her job, her task is to form an orchestra. And to her delight Jang Geun Suk as Kang Gun Woo a police officer and a trumpet performer at night that she had been chasing down also agrees to help her out!

I like this new MBC TV drama. A combination of classical music, drama and comedy series. The casts usually practice in the church and play music that always encounter difficulties.

Kang Ma Ae and Kang Gun Woo are falling in love with the same girl and together they form a love triangle.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Reason why An Jae Hwan committed suicide

It was holiday here yesterday so while I was watching tv, I saw the news about the death of An Jae Hwan. No one expected that he would commit suicide because he always showed on tv with smile on his face. No one also expected that his debt reached up to $4million, the money that he used for his bankrupted cosmetics business. The reason why he committed suicide. Do you think his wife (Jeong Seon Hui) is responsible of his debt eventhough their marriage contract wasn't registered? They have been married for less than a year and he had those debts before they got married. Actually, there's no issue about it but i'm just curious.

Monday, September 08, 2008

An Jae Hwan found dead in his car

I was shocked to hear the news this afternoon about the death of An Jae Hwan (real name: Ahn Kwang Sung). A 36-year old Korean actor who found dead in his car this morning. A witness found his car that was park on the road in front of a villa and called 112 (a number when calling a police). The police officers found 2 bottles of Korean alcohol, 2 briquettes (a small hard block made from coal dust and used as fuel) that were found burned inside the vehicle, possibly contributing to cause of death and 2 suicidal notes telling that she's worried of his wife (Jeong Seon Hui) so he's asking the people to give more support to her. His wife is one of the most famous comedian in Korea.

An Jae Hwan and Jeong Seon Hui has just got married last November 2007. They have been married for less than a year. The media don't know yet the reason of his committing suicide but they think there's a connection to the failure of his new business.

It's really shocking to hear news about the death of famous people specially if it is about the suicidal issue.

Condolence to his family and may he rest in peace.

Image source: star news

Sunday, September 07, 2008

saekjeuk sigong2 (색즉 시공2) Sex is zero2

My hubby rented the dvd of the movie saekjeuk sigong2 (색즉 시공2) or Sex is zero2. It's a combination of erotic, comedy and drama. Its about a law student guy (Eun Sik) who met a girl (Gyeong A) in the hospital who was trying to kill herself because she was raped by her coach in her swimming lesson. Inspite of her past, Eun Sik fell in love with her and been engaged for long years but never tried to do sex.

They are in love to each other. One day, Eun Sik's friend invited him and rented a girl to have sex with but unluckily, they were caught by the policemen and were shown on tv. Gyeong A's childhood lover who's still in love with her, helped Eun Sik and his friend to released. He also helped Gyeong A when she was hospitalized and wanted to bring her in the States to get a check up and study with him.

Gyeong A's mom likes that guy for her daughter. It was Gyeong A's birthday and Eunsik sent a message for her to go out for a while and meet him. He prepared a surprise birthday party to Gyeong A, but instead of her, her mother appeared because she saw the message that Eunsik sent her so she told Eunsik to stay away from her daughter because she wants Gyeong A to have good future.

He loves her so much but for Gyeong A's sake, he gave up his love. It's a very touching scene when they were separated. They met again before Gyeong A leaves for the States with the other guy. Gyeong A invited Eunsik to drink and when he was drunk she invited him to sleep with her in the hotel and have sex with him but he refused. They were together but couldn't show their real feelings until Eunsik went out of the hotel and there he cried a lot. Gyeong A who was in the hotel and was pretending to be sleeping was crying too.

Gyeong A found out everything from her friend the reason why Eunsik suddenly changed his feelings to her. Gyoeng A's friend slipped her tongue when they were in the airport and was giving the shoes that Eunsik bought for her as a birthday present. So, she didn't go to the States with the other guy and met Eunsik.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

You are my destiny

We are busy at work so I always come home late now a days. I always arrived home and see the just the half of my favorite drama. I'm hooked again with this drama entitled "너는 내 운명" (Neoneun Nae Unmyeong) or You are my destiny in English starring Yoon A in her role as Jang Sae Byuk, Park Jae Jeong as Kang Ho Se, and Geong Hyeon Ju as Kim Soo Bin. It is on weekdays at 8:25-9:00p.m. and I always arrived home 15 minutes late. If hubby arrived home earlier than me, I sometimes send him a message and ask him to record the drama for me and watch it when we are having dinner.

Jang Sae Byuk is a a girl who tries to find a new meaning in life after she receives an eye cornea transplant from the doctor that took care of her after her accident. That doctor, Kim Na Young, died in a car accident. Jang Sae Byuk was adopted by Kim Na Young's family and last night episode, Kim Tae Poong (Lee Ji Hoon), the twin of Kim Na Young found out that her sister died because of Jang Sae Byuk.

Kang Ho Se and Kim Soo Bin are engaged and were supposed to get married but Kang Ho Se fell in love with Jang Sae Byuk. Their marriage was cancelled and Kim Soo Bin tried to revenge against them but she's still a loser so last night episode, she was sick and brought to the hospital but she escaped and trying to commit suicide.

The drama is getting more interesting everyday.

Monday, August 25, 2008

They were calling me and saying goodbye

I dreamed last night that people were calling my name and saying goodbye. I told my hubby about that. He looked at me seriously and wondered what my dream was about. I usually dream of him with another woman and he always laughed at me when I tell something about it, but this dream is different. It's my first time to dream something like this. It's really strange.

My hubby got much worried when the bowl suddenly broke while pouring some soup for lunch not to mention this burn on my hand that I got while I was ironing the clothes this morning. He wondered if that incident had a connection with my dream. He didn't want me to go to work and wanted me to stay home the whole day. But I'm very busy at work so I told him that I would just be very careful. He told me to use the overpass bridge when I cross the street going to the bus stop instead of the lane. He said, I should be very careful in crossing the street.

My hubby came home earlier than me this evening. As soon as I entered in my house, I saw him smiling in front of the door. He was very happy to see me safely and so was I. I hope my family and relatives are also safe and in good health.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Lee Eon's death

I was suprised to see the news on tv this evening while I was having dinner. A korean actor and model Lee Eon (이언) who's Park Sang Min(박상민) in real life has died this morning around 1 a.m. (Korea time). He was heading home riding his $18,000 motorcycle when he had an accident. Here's his motorcyle looks like after the accident.

He's the guy in the MBC drama Coffee Prince No.1 shop (커피프린스 1호점) and now in the KBS2 TV drama Choigang Chil Woo (최강칠우) with Eric which is on every Monday and Tuesday at 9:55p.m.

May he rest in peace!

She's a smart dog!

My doggie can't eat without any dishes on her bowl. When we don't have meat to give, we give her some potatoes and anchovies. She also likes fruits. When we have nothing to do at home, we make fun of her.

It's lunch time and for her side dish we put potatoes on her bowl. She likes potatoes very much so when I put down her bowl, I also put those little kangaroos and waited on what she would do. She didn't stop walking around her bowl while barking those dolls. We didn't help her until she got an idea. She bit a kangaroo and carried it off. Yeap, she won! I removed all the kangaroos because I'm afraid that they will be torn. She's a smart dog, isn't she?

Oh yeah, that's our doggie. We brought her to the salon to get a haircut. Actually, it's not the right time to get a haircut because it's getting colder but we couldn't take her a bath so we decided to bring her to the salon not only to have her hair cut but also to clean her whole body. For only $25, she can get a haircut, take a bath, make her ears clean, get her toes cut and a lot more for her hygiene. You can still smell her cologne, can't you? hehehe...

She's a maltese breed so after a few weeks, her hair will go back to its normal length.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Secret

One day, one friend asked another, "How is it that you are always so happy? You have so much energy, and you never seem to get down." With her eyes smiling, she said, "I know the Secret!" "What secret is that?" To which she replied, "I'll tell you all about it, but you have to promise to share the Secret with others."

"The Secret is this: I have learned there is little I can do in my life that will make me truly happy. I must depend on God to make me happy and to meet my needs. When a need arises in my life, I have to trust God to supply according to HIS riches. I have learned most of the time I don't need half of what I think I do. He has never let me down. Since I learned that 'Secret', I am happy."

The questioner's first thought was, "That's too simple!" But upon reflecting over her own life, she recalled how she thought a bigger house would make her happy, but it didn't! She thought a better paying job would make her happy, but it hadn't. When did she realize her greatest happiness? Sitting on the floor with her grandchildren, playing games, eating pizza or reading a story, a simple gift from God.

Now you know it too! We can't depend on people to make us happy. Only GOD in His infinite wisdom can do that. Trust HIM! And now I pass the Secret on to you! So once you get it, what will you do? YOU have to tell someone the Secret, too! That GOD in His wisdom will take care of YOU! But it's not really a secret... we just have to believe it and do it...

Really trust God!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

You can't believe this

You can't believe this but it's true that we are on a picnic now. We went on a camping site located in a mountain, built our tent and went for a drive until we reached a downtown in a very small town. When we saw a supermarket, my hubby got off the car and bought a coke. When he came back to the car he told me that there is a baseball match between Korea and Japan at the olympic game. We were looking for an internet cafe but we couldn't find any in that small town so he asked me if it's okay to go home and watch the game. I know how much he loves baseball so i have to support him. I said i'm okay so here we are, we left our tent and we came home. We used the expressway and after 40 minutes, we are already here. He's now watching the baseball game and i'm here blogging. hehehehe...

We'll go back to the tent after the game. I just wish that they will win the game or else my hubby will regret that we came home, paid for the expressway and spent gas just to watch baseball. As of now, the score is 0-0. hehe...

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Let's play again

I met my sister in law and her husband last weekend. We had lunch together at our favorite restaurant. We had chinese food. After lunch, she said that she wanted to come to my house because it's too hot in her apartment. It surely is, so they stayed here at home watching the olympic game. While watching the olympic game, we decided to play cards. At first we only bet very small amount of money. But we were not satisfied of our bet because it seems like no one was winning. It wasn't interesting but when we raise the bet, it became really fun.

Now I understand why people like going to a place to gamble. Because it's too much fun specially when you are winning even in just a small amount of money. I suddenly remember my parents in law because we usually play with them specially when there's an occasion like Thanksgiving Day. Oh, thanksgiving day is coming so i'm sure I will play cards again.

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Happy Birthday, my doggie!

What do you think she is doing in the bathroom? Nothing special! She just needs our attention. If we are not watching tv, we are using the computer so we are always busy even when we are not at work. It seems like we already forgot that we have this lonely dog who needs our special attention.

And why am I posting about her? Because a few minutes later, we're gonna celebrate her 6th year birthday. She's lucky because her birthday is a holiday. August 15th is Liberation Day so there's no work. At least we can give her an attention on his day. What are we going to do on her birthday? Hmmmmm...we don't know yet.

Happy birthday my doggie!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Rooms in my house

I consider myself lucky for having a good and supportive husband. I'm proud of him because he's not an outgoing person. He doesn't enjoy parties. He prefers to stay home rather to go out and meet someone. And what I like the most is, he likes decorating our house. He likes buying good stuffs to decorate our home. He knows the best materials, tools, and decorations to use. I'm always satisfied of his choice so I always let him do and buy what he wants.

I also learned from him that we have to compare the prices and qualities of products before buying them. As we are searching electric showers, this Wireless T300si 10.5kW in satin chrome got his attention. The product includes riser rail, shower handset and hose, new wireless technology. It can be situated wherever you wish, either in or outside the showering area and installed without having to retile the bathroom. My hubby said that it's just perfect in our bathroom.

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Monday, August 11, 2008

A dream girl

Dream girl, it doesn't mean that I'm smart, fabulous, gorgeous but it means I'm a girl who always dream. I don't know why I always dream this kind of thing. But I dreamt again last night that my hubby had another girl. In my dream, I went to work and I left hubby home. But i forgot something so I had to come back home after 30 minutes then I saw this girl sitting on our bed waiting for my hubby who was taking a shower when I came home.

I got so angry and told the girl to leave but she didn't want so I told her that I would call a police so she left. I was so angry that I broke everything in the kitchen. My hubby said sorry but I didn't forgive him and said that I wanted to get divorce. He was begging me not to divorce him but I said I couldn't live with him again.

I was in the middle of my dream when my hubby hugged me and I suddenly pushed him which made me awake. In the morning, I told him about my dream. He said it's very strange that I always dream that kind of thing. I trust my hubby. He's not the kind of person who would get closer to ladies. Besides he always comes home and I'm always with him on weekend and I've never heard a lady who called him on his cellphone. Never!

My hubby said, that's what i get from watching too much drama on tv. hehehehe...

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Drunken ajassi

We went camping yesterday and there was this old guy who built his tent next to ours. He was with his son and daughter in law. He drank a lot and whenever we passed to his tent, he invited us to join him drinking alcohol. Hubby and I don't drink but he kept bugging us until hubby sat with him but didn't drink. Hubby just stayed with him for a few minutes because the old guy called his ex-wife and said that he can't live without her. Hubby said that ajassi (old guy) was strange but I told him that maybe he really missed his wife.

Ajassi was very noise. At passed 1 a.m., hajuma (old woman) who was sleeping next to ajassi's tent got angry. She scolded ajassi. Ajassi said that he went to that place to enjoy his life but hajuma was really angry because she was with her sons who couldn't sleep because of ajassi. Drunken jassi said sorry and went inside his tent to sleep. That was the last time that I remember because I also fell asleep after that.

I felt so sorry to ajassi but I'm also grateful to hajuma. Because of her, I slept well until the morning. hehe..

Thursday, August 07, 2008

She ruined my day!

I don't like the hajuma that I met this afternoon. She came in the office and forcing me to register and get a credit card. I told her that I don't use credit cards so she's forcing me to use one. Of course I have a credit card and I just lied to her because I thought that would make her leave but she didn't. She didn't stop talking to me and kept following me. I couldn't stand her. I got a headache because of her. I was angry but I couldn't do anything but to take a deep breath. Instead of taking my vacant time, I went in the classroom. I prefer to talk and stay with the noisy students rather than talking and listening to hajuma.

I sometimes can't stand some hajumas. They are very talkative and I think the one that I met this afternoon is the most talkative hajuma. She didn't stop talking and asked lots of things that even a reporter can't beat her. She ruined my day. Or maybe because i have a monthly period and i wasn't in the mood for anything.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

I gained weight

We bought a running machine. My hubby said because I always lie down and doing nothing at home so he wants me to work out. When it was new, I exercised twice a week then it became once a week and now I haven't used it again since winter. How long is that? I'm telling you! I'm a couch potato.

We like traveling and we travel a lot in Korea and some other countries. I thought i'll lose weight because of walking and traveling but the opposite thing happened again. I gained weight instead of losing it. Again, I can't control my eating habit. I like trying different foods so I also eat a lot even when i'm in another country. I think I need to take some diet pills if I want to lose weight. But i'm afraid of the bad side effects of medicines so I have to choose the best one.

I think thermodrenix can help me with my problem because of its good and selected ingredients. It has 6 clinically proven ingredients and a money back guarantee. That means it's proven it assures you that it's effective. Check out here for more information because i'm sure you also need it.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Curtains in my living room

We ordered curtains for the living room last week. We called the same Ajassi to whom we bought the blinds for the kitchen and bedrooms. We thought we don't need to put blinds in the living room because we can see the good views outside. We are living on the 20th floor and the building is facing downtown so we decided not to put curtains on it. We feel comfortable when we look outside and see the nice view specially when you wake up in the morning. The lights at night are also wonderful. But my hubby said, he's tired of the view outside. He sees the same thing everyday so we decided to buy blinds in the living room that's why we called ajassi and selected the color the blinds and he measured it.

Ajassi said he would come last Thursday evening but until now he hasn't come, yet. My hubby called him yesterday but his cellphone was off so we were worried about him. When my hubby came from work, he said ajassi called and he will come here on Thursday to put the blinds in the living room. My hubby said that he felt relieved when Ajassi called him not because of the curtain but because he knew that ajassi is well.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Furnitures of your dream

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My two days vacation

It was my vacation last Thursday and Friday. I waited for it for a long time and seems like in just a twink of an eye, my two days vacation are already gone. It's now Sunday and from tomorrow, as usual, i have to go to work again. Time flies, it seems like I didn't have a vacation. I didn't do anything special except last Friday that I met my former co-worker. We went to the restaurant and had pizza, spaghetti, garlic bread and chicken salad. That's too much for us but it's a set menu so we tried to eat all but we couldn't. We stayed in the restaurant for more than an hour then we went to the park. We talked a lot of things and then we decided to go to another restaurant to have some ice cream. We didn't know how to finish the conversation but it was getting dark so we had to separate. We promised to meet each other again this month with another former co-worker.

And today, we had a plan to go out but we got up late. Around 4p.m. when we decided to go out and take a look of the tent that we saw yesterday at the store in front of our building. And guess what? We bought a tent with some stuffs to use for a picnic. yahoooo... it's time to explore Korea again. hehehehe...

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Hardwood for my kitchen cabinet

Are you looking for woods to use for your furnitures or any part of your house like wood for kitchen cabinet? Well, don't waste your money in buying woods that you can't use for a long time. There are woods that create smell when they are wet and woods where insects stay and start to melt. There's a program on tv that they show about the people complained and that includes the bad quality furnitures that they bought. You can see how disappointed they were.

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Two last episodes of Women in the Sun (태양의 여자)

Thanks Juni for your request and i'm willing to do it for you. But bear with me because i'm not good at storytelling. hehehe...Juni is one of my readers here and she requested me to write how the drama ended.

Here are the two last episodes of the drama Women in the Sun (태양의 여자) starring Kim Ji Soo as Sin Do Yong, Han Jae Seok as Kim Joon Se, Lee Ha Na as Yoon Sa Wol and Jeong Gyo Woon as Cha Dong Woo.

The owner of the mall kept looking for someone and that was Do-yong. Do-yong's father was put in prison instead of him, the reason why Do-yong's family had a hard time in life. He met Do-yong to ask forgiveness.

Everyone knew the secret that Lee Do Yong is an adopted daughter including her co-workers. She also kept lying that she didn't abandon her sister (Yoon Sa Wol) at the train station when they were young. Yoon Sa Wol heard Lee Do Yong talking to her co-worker telling not to trust Sa Wol if she says something about that "missing issue". Sa Wol got angry and send on the internet about everything including their pictures that caused a big scandal for a famous anchor woman, Lee Do Yong.

Because of her guilt for abandoning her sister, hearing about her father's imprisonment, rejection of the present that she bought for her mother and now the scandal that she's facing, Do-yong tried to kill herself while driving.

Everyone realized each mistakes. Do-Yong stayed in the hospital and nobody knows when she will wake up or will never wake up again according to the doctor. But when Sawol sang the song that Do-yong taught her when they were young, she woke up and was treated as a real member of the rich family. She also had a good relationship with Sawol. She broke up with her fiance (Joon Se) and will go to HongKong with Dong Woo.

Friday, August 01, 2008

The drama girl

The drama girl, it doesn't mean that i'm good at acting or making drama. It means i'm hooked with Korean dramas. I just feel sad that my favorite drama, Women in the Sun is now finished and feel happy at the same time because I knew how it ended and the story of the drama move along so fast so it didn't boredom me. Last night (just few hours ago) was the last episode of the drama. It was an interesting drama that brought me different kinds of emotions and this last episode made me cry. I learned from the drama that you need to learn on how to forgive for the sake of everyone including yourself. Don't wait for the bad things happened before you realized that someone is special.

I like the drama and I always wait for Wednesday and Thursday to come so that i can watch it. Sad to say that it is now finish and the next program that will start on Wednesday is a scary and bloody one that I hate the most so expect me to use the computer at that time unless I should watch the other channel. If I only missed few episodes that I'll watch on the internet and continue to watch it on tv.

Anyway, the two dramas that i watch on weekends haven't ended yet. I'm hooked with Korean drama and that's the reason why I can't visit your blog sometimes. hehehehe...

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Easy to assemble buildings

What a pity to see some employees working in an area selling some kitchenwares and some stuffs in their tents and suddenly the rain pours. The weather is not fixed and the weather forecast sometimes makes mistakes in delivering reports. Even when you think it won't rain, it will, so we need to be always prepare. We need something that can protect us anytime of the day. If you are working in a field or going on a picnic, steel buildings are available for you. I think the doctors who are giving some free medical check up and medicines need steel buildings, too so they are safe and comfortable anytime.

If you want to protect yourself, you may also want to protect your car from the bad weather. You may want to check out this garage building on which you can park two cars. Or this economical, easy to assemble, and more durable storage shed which I hardly recommend for farmers to use instead of the vinyl or plastic that they use in storing some fruits and vegetables.

Steel Buildings are the finest steel available in the World which offer the great value for the dollars. So wherever you are and whatever building that you are looking for, steel building are just the perfect for you, for your family, car and business.

He dialed 112

Last night, there was a man who drove his noisy motorcyle in front of our apartment. The noise was unbearable and he kept driving here and there for almost 30 minutes. And mind you, that was already midnight. Although it wasn't our sleeping time (we always sleep after 1 a.m.), my hubby couldn't stand the noise (and me, neither) so he picked up the phone and dialed 112. The emergency telephone number in calling a policeman.

After a few minutes, we heard sound of a siren and there it was, we saw the police car and heard the megaphone calling the man on his noisy motorcycle. They talked for several minutes and then we never heard any noise again. We also started to see the apartment building in front of us turning off their lights. I think they were also bothered by that noise.

Do you think we are bad? Well, you can understand us if you were here at that time.

Summer is going to be over soon

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1. Pray
2. Go to bed on time.
3. Get up on time so you can start the day unrushed.
4. Say No to projects that won't fit into your time schedule
or that will compromise your mental health.
5. Delegate tasks to capable others.
6. Simplify and unclutter your life.
7. Less is more. (Although one is often not enough, two are often too many.)
8. Allow extra time to do things and to get to places.
9. Pace yourself. Spread out big changes and difficult projects over time; don't lump the hard things all together.
10. Take one day at a time.
11. Separate worries from concerns. If a situation is a concern, find out what God would have you do and let go of the anxiety. If you can't do anything about a situation, forget it.
12. Live within your budget; don't use credit cards for ordinary purchases.
13. Have backups; an extra car key in your wallet, an extra house key buried in the garden, extra stamps, etc.
14. K.M.S. (Keep Mouth Shut). This single piece of advice can prevent an enormous amount of trouble.
15. Do something for the Kid in You everyday.
16. Carry a Bible with you to read while waiting in line.
17. Get enough rest.
18. Eat right.
19. Get organized so everything has its place.
20. Listen to a tape while driving that can help improve your quality of life.
21. Write down thoughts and inspirations.
22. Every day, find time to be alone.
23. Having problems? Talk to God on the spot. Try to nip small problems in the bud. Don't wait until it's time to go to bed to try and pray.
24. Make friends with Godly people.
25. Keep a folder of favorite scriptures on hand.
26. Remember that the shortest bridge between despair and hope is often a good "Thank you Jesus."
27. Laugh.
28. Laugh some more!
29. Take your work seriously, but not yourself.
30. Develop a forgiving attitude (most people are doing the best they can).
31. Be kind to unkind people (they probably need it the most).
32. Sit on your ego.
33. Talk less; listen more.
34. Slow down.
35. Remind yourself that you are not the general manager of the univers.
36 Every night before bed, think of one thing you're grateful for that you've never been grateful for before.

"If God is for us, who can be against us?" (Romans 8:31)

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Go on a diet!

I'm getting lazy now a days. After meals, I always spend time sitting on the sofa while watching or sometimes stay in front of the computer. I also eat much and sleep too much. So my hubby said that i'm gaining weight. I agreee with him because some of my jeans don't fit me anymore. My hubby suggested me to go to the health club to get some exercise but I don't have time. I always finish my work at night.

I want to lose my weight but it's hard to discipline myself. I have lots of bad habits that I have to avoid. How can I force myself not to sleep when I'm sleepy? How can I avoid to eat much when i'm still hungry? Now I really have to go on a diet. I need the best diet pill to lose weight. I don't like those overpriced diet pills that give side effects to my body. I just want the best diet pill.

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This is so funny! I got this mail from a friend and I'm sharing it to you to make your day!

A Mexican is strolling down the street in Mexico City and kicks a bottle lying in the street. Suddenly out of the bottle comes a Genie. The Mexican is stunned and the Genie says, "Hello master, I will grant you one wish, anything you want." The Mexican begins thinking, "Well, I really like drinking tequila." Finally the Mexican says, "I wish to drink tequila whenever I want, so make me pee tequila." The Genie grants him his wish. When the Mexican gets home he gets a glass out of the cupboard and pees in it. He looks at the glass and it's clear. Looks like tequila. Then he smells the liquid. Smells like tequila. So, he takes a taste and it is the best tequila he has ever tasted. The Mexican yells to his wife, "Consuela, Consuela, come quickly!" She comes running down the hall and the Mexican takes another glass out of the cupboard and fills it. He tells her to drink it. It is tequila. Consuela is reluctant but goes ahead and takes a sip. It is the best tequila she has ever tasted. The two drank and partied all night. The next night the Mexican comes home from work and tells his wife to get two glasses out of the cupboard. He proceeds to fill the two glasses. The result is the same, the tequila is excellent and the couple drink until the sun comes up. Finally Friday night comes and the Mexican comes home and tells his wife, "Consuela grab one glass from the cupboard and we will drink Tequila." His wife gets the glass from the cupboard and sets it on the table. The Mexican begins to fill the glass and when he fills it, his wife asks him, "But Pancho, why do we need only one glass?" Pancho raised the glass and says, "Because tonight mi amor, you drink from the Bottle. Arriba !!!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

If you love yourself and your family! Stop Smoking!

Yesterday we went to the hospital to visit my hubby's uncle. My mother in law prepared some food and bought some clothes and slippers for aunt and uncle to use in the hospital and hubby told me to give some money. Aunt looked very tired and worried. She showed us the outcome of the x-ray. There is a dark part on his left brain. The doctor said that he's gonna check it one more time and will tell them if uncle will get an operation. He was still under observation when we were there.

This evening, my mother in law called and said that uncle is very sick. Even if he will have an operation, that won't cure him. That means there's no single chance for him to survive in that disease. But who knows! I believe in God and in his miracle! Help me to pray for him.

I heard from my mother in law that he got his disease from drinking much alcohol and smoking. My boss' father also passed away because of smoking. We also visited him in the hospital and after a few days. We heard the bad news!

Drinking and smoking won't do any good to us! If you love yourself and your family! Stop Smoking and don't drink too much alcohol.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Let's watch a movie

Weekend is a movie time for us. We always spend our time lying down and watching movies. We spend a lot renting some dvds. We watch any kind of movies from different countries. Last Saturday, my hubby rented a dvd about China but he didn't like it much. That's the problem. We sometimes make mistakes in renting a movie. We spend money for the movies that we don't like. What a waste of time and money!

At least I don't have to rent and watch the movie that I don't like because I can watch and choose the movie that i like on my pc. There are different movies from different countries that we can choose from. There are over 70 channels of movies like drama, action, comedy, romance and more. An entertainment section where all the members of family will enjoy. There are thousands of programs to choose from.

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Sunday, July 27, 2008

I'm so lucky! blog got PR2? wow~! I'm so lucky, lucky! I'm so lucky, lucky! hehehehe...It was PR1 before and now it's PR2. It's time for a party, don't you think so? Hmm... how can i start? Hmmmm...let's see~...Ok, i got an idea! How about traveling around Korea and have some Korean food? hehehe...

Let me tell you about this blog of mine. I started it just to make a file of my travel pictures but when i saw a site where i can gather all the pictures, this photo blog became my everything blog. Why is it everything? Because i post here about my travel, personal blog, my pet, teaching, korean drama, movies, news, entertainment and a lot more. Even me, i'm confuse on what my blog is all about. Anyway, I'm happy that after few months of spending efforts in posting anything here, it already got PR2. Oh~ thank you so much~ Mr. Google!

Friday, July 25, 2008

my new friends

I went to the market with hubby. On the entrance of the door, there is this man selling some plants. I told hubby that i want this cactus for the dining table. Actually the flower on the left is pink that's why it attracts me. I don't know why it looks a red color on the picture. My hubby told me to buy it.

But then he saw this plants with colorful pots hanging on the side of the mirror. He asked the price and he got two of them. The blue pots have magnets that's why they were stucked on the mirror. And they also have hooked so if you want to an area where you can't stick them, then you can just use the hooks. But look, the hooks or magnets are useless because i'm not hanging them.

Oh yes, I've got new friends. I sometimes talk to them. I don't want them to wither like my other plants. I hope these plants will live well like my other plants, too!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I hate myself!

I've got a new cellphone and i also changed my number. I didn't give my number to my former co-workers. I was planning to give it to them but i always think that when i'm busy at work but when i have nothing to do, my mind is completely blank. It seems like i'm always asleep even when i'm awake. I feel very much comfortable. So times times has passed, i still did the same thing. Just thinking and planning but didn't do anything. Yes, i'm good at procrastinating something that's why i hate myself!

Yesterday, i've got an email from my former co-worker. We were very close when we worked together and we sometimes meet each other. Here's the mail.


This is *** worked together at *****.

How's it going??? I hope you are doing well.

A few days ago, I sent you a message on your cell phone.

But there wasn't any reply. That's why I called you.

I was suprised to hear that your phone number changed.

Are you still in ***? I wonder. I miss you.

So I found your e-mail address in my mail box.

Fortunately, it was there.

If you receive this mail, could you connect me???

I'm looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Take care~~ I want to meet you sooner or later.

Sincerely ***

When i got this, i gave my number immediately not only to her but also to others whom i haven't sent my number, yet! I feel so sorry to her. I'm really bad! I have to buy lunch or dinner for her!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Women in The Sun (태양의 여자)

I love watching Korean drama. And now i'm totally hooked with this drama titled Women in The Sun "Taeyang ui yoja" (태양의 여자) starring Kim Ji Soo, Han Jae Suk, Lee Hana and Jung Kyeo Woon. It is on every Wednesday and Thursday at 10:00 p.m. (Korean time).

Heres the synopsis of the drama from KBS World site:

Do-Young, 33-year-old top anchor woman in Korea, apparently seems to be the perfect role model for every girl in passion. She has got it all, from educational background, prosperous family, beautiful feature, natural-born talent and even adorable personality. Do-Young shines anywhere and everywhere, but deep down in her heart, she suffers from extreme loneliness and cold.

Originally, Do-young was abandoned in front of a orphanage when she was a very little girl. By chance, she was adopted to a rich professor family without any kid and lead her princess life. Several years later, when the step parents got their unexpected biological daughter, Do-young felt threatened that she might lose her parents’ love and affection. So, 13- year- old Do-young abandoned her 5-year-old little sister in front of the Seoul Central Train Station and took her parental love back.

20 years later, Do-young met a charming personal shopper, Sawol, in VIP corner of a luxurious department store. By her merry and cheerful characteristics, Sawol chooses fashion item for Do-young and they starts to feel friendly each other. By the malicious purpose of Do-young's orphanage friend, Do-Young's terrible deed is disclosed and Sawol turns out to be the very sister that Do-young has abandoned.

Now the drama is in the part of Sa Wol's revenge and the couple knew that Sa Wol is their missing child. I couldn't help but cry when i watched the drama last week.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Let's get divorce!

My hubby was very angry. He didn't allow me to get inside the house so i waited for him to go out and talk to him but nothing happened. He left the key to our neighbor's house and when he left, i took it and opened the door. When i got in, i saw the dirty house so i started to clean it. While i was cleaning, my hubby came with another woman. He got angry when he saw me and left the woman outside and we started to argue. I said i would never leave the house. He went out and i saw him and the other woman talking and laughing. I got angry so i went to him and said "Let's get divorce!". We were both shocked. I didn't want to say those words and he also didn't expect them. Then i suddenly woke up. Thanks God! It was just a dream!

In my dream, i live in a house but in real life, we are living in an apartment . In my dream, we are using key to open the door but we don't really use key in our apartment. We have password to enter the door. That was opposite so I hope my dream will happen in an opposite way, too!

I'm saving money for my future

I went on a vacation and i was away for a month. When i came back and went to the market, i was surprised to see the suddenly raised of the price of some products. Most products got raised but my salary is still the same. So, i need to do something in order to save. Savings is very important in our lives so having savings accounts helps us to save more. But in opening an account it's also important to choose the banks that offered the highest rates.

I heard from hubby that when you have much savings in your account, you don't need to work because you can survive with the interest of the money in your bank. I believe him but only if you have chosen the right bank for your account.

If you are interested in the banks that offers the highest rates, check out the personal finance site that tracks the best rates on checking accounts, savings accounts, and certificate of deposit (CD) accounts from banks and credit unions.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


It was time for me to buy some cosmetics again so last week i went to the cosmetic store and bought this extra BB cream SPF20 PA++, lip and eye make up remover, and cleansing cream. The make up kit and the herb cleansing foam is free.

We are ladies so buying and putting on make up is a must for koreans. Or else people will stare at you if you are not wearing make up when you go out specially when you go to work. My hubby told me that korean ladies or woman who don't wear make up don't have enough money to buy some cosmetics. Of course, there are few who don't like wearing make up but that's very few. So even when i have lots of cosmetics in my cabinet and still buying some more, he doesn't say anything. He doesn't care how much i spend for the make up. Besides, he sometimes tells me to buy the expensive one to make sure that it has a good quality.

I am a regular customer of the face shop. My foundation, sun cream, lipstick, and lip gloss, mascara, etc. are also from the face shop. I'm also using different brand of cosmetics but the face shop is cheaper compare to other cosmetic stores but i'm satisfied with it.

The top ten superfoods

My mother in law said that she's happy because she has a healthy family. I agree with her. We feel happy when nobody in our family is sick. That's why we should know on how to take care of our family. We must be careful in choosing the food that we intake and the kind of products that we use in our daily lives. If you are aware of your health, you may already know the top ten superfoods. If not, then you should know about it.

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Monday, July 14, 2008

read and share your stories

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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Who's gonna blame for this?

I just noticed that since Lee Myung Bak became the Korean President, demonstrations and strikes started. Thousands of people demonstrated against Miguk Seogogi (American Beef) who believes that the beef brings disease. Demonstration of the truck drivers because of the raise of the oil price. The reporters and writers who couldn't write and speak what they want because of the lack of Freedom of Speech. And now the demonstration of thousands of people who are against the Korean President who wants to transfer the water and electricity to the private company. Oh well, i don't understand what's happening in the country now but i'm sure most people are blaming the Korean President. Well, what and who do you think is the cause of all these problems? Who started and made of all these chaos? Well.....

Friday, July 11, 2008

I want that body and look

They said when you turn 30, your body shape and skin will change. I wish i won't reach that age but that's impossible. Even when we don't reach that age, if we are not careful and don't know how to control and discipline ourselves, our body shape will be terrible. When i see pretty and sexy ladies on tv, i always feel jealous. I wish i have that body so i stand up and exercise. But even when i do lots of exercise, i can't see any changed in my body size.

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sadness in her eyes

I have this first grade student who is very cute and sweet. She always hugs me whenever she arrives and leaves the school. This week, although she smiles when she hugs me, i still see that there's sadness in her face. Yesterday, while she was hugging me, she told me that her parents are getting divorce. I was surprised! She said her parents fought and it will turn into separation. I saw her tears in her eyes and i also felt like crying. I feel so sorry for her so i hugged her tight. She also said that her parents told her to sleep in her aunt's house for a couple of days. I hope her parents mind will change. I hope they will be together again. I'm still hoping that their good relationship will turn back.

Get that beauty and body

Now a days, i usually see on tv the ladies who are going to the hospital to lose their fats. They are getting a surgery so that they will look more beautiful and sexy. They are doing this even when they know that there are many false surgeons and there are also doctors who made mistakes in performing the operations. It's too scary, isn't it?

Why do they have to get operations when there are weight loss pills that they can get in the stores? They are pills that provides you to lose weight. You don't need to go under the dangerous operations. You can have the beauty and body that you want with the weight loss pills.

Check out the best pills now and get the best one for you. Hurry now before the summer will be over so that you can wear your sexy clothes and swimsuit.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

dine out with boss and co-workers

It's too hot here. Yesterday, the weather reached up to 34 degree Celsius. In hot weather, Koreans have to eat samgyetang so last night i had dinner with my boss and co-workers. We were drinking alcohol and beer while we were having dinner. That's Korean style! Drinking while eating. Getting together with co-workers or friends doesn't stop with meal and alcohol. There's always a second or third batch. Second batch is usually Norebang (Karaoke bar) and third is Night club. After dinner, we went to the Norebang. I don't usually join the second batch. I always call hubby to pick me up after dinner but last night, i couldn't ask him to pick me up because the restaurant where we had dinner was too far. The restaurant is famous of its samgyetang. My suggestion to go to Norebang near our working place didn't work. Maybe my boss knew that i would go home. hehehe...

It was my first time to go to Norebang with my new co-workers. Again, I was impressed with their voice. They are really good. That's not surprising though because they are Koreans. We also drank beer in Norebang so my boss couldn't drive. He called deri-unjon (substitute driver) to drive us to our working place so i called hubby to pick me up there. I am glad that my boss and co-worker didn't leave me until my hubby came.

I arrived home at past 1:00 a.m. and i feel so sorry for my hubby because he had to get up in the morning to go to work.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Go on a holiday

My hubby told me several times that he wanted to go for a holiday again. He said he wanted to take an airplane again. Four months ago, we went to Thailand for a vacation and it was just last month when we visited Vietnam and Australia. Like my hubby, i also want to go for a holiday again. We are talking and planning about our next holiday so i'm glad that i found this site for cheap holidays.

Going for a holiday needs to spend lots of money. You have to pay for the hotel, buy an airplane ticket and pay for some admission fee for the famous places that you'd like to visit, plus the food and transportation fee. But cooptravel is offering you a great and cheap holiday to make your vacation more fun and affordable. This is really a good news for me and for everyone.

Call now and make a reservation for your cheap holidays!

Thursday, July 03, 2008

11 easy Ways to Say "I Love You"

11 Easy Ways to Say "I Love You"
(By Beverly Dillard)

To strengthen unions, marriage experts advise couples to "make weekly dates" or "go away on a couple's weekend." Those are great ideas, but let's be realistic: how often can busy couples expect to drop everything and get away? These 11 quick and simple ways to express love let busy couples rekindle romance among the chaos of everyday life.

1. Embrace your past. Assemble a scrapbook together, pull out your wedding video, or write your own personal romance story. Reliving special memories together is a great way to strengthen your bond.

2. Be kids together. Have a pillow fight, challenge each other to a game of hopscotch, or cuddle on the couch and laugh as you watch cartoons.

3. Wrap your mate in love. While your sweetie showers, sneak his towel into the dryer, and as he steps out, wrap him in fluffy warmth. Or use the same idea to warm her feet when she snuggles in bed on a chilly autumn night.

4. Speak the languages of love. Surprise your "amante" (Italian for "lover") with some international sweet talk. Access an exhaustive list of ways to say "I love you" in different languages at

5. Write love notes to each other. Spell it out in his oatmeal with raisins, on her dashboard with yarn, or use lipstick on your bathroom mirror. Compose your own poem, borrow a verse from Song of Songs, or just write "I love you."

6. Turn on the charm. Who says you have to stop flirting once you're married? At your next party, wink at him across a crowded room, or slip your arm around her as you make social small talk. That personal connection amid the crowd is like saying, "This is great, but I'd rather be with you!"

7. Connect online. E-mail your spouse throughout the day, just to say you're thinking of him.

8. Remember the little things. When you step in to help with the day-to-day "drudge" chores—making dinner, bathing the kids—your spouse knows she's appreciated and loved. And completing a chore for your sweetie frees more time and energy for the two of you to enjoy other activities together.

9. Send it snail mail. Take time to write an encouraging note, slap a stamp on it, and mail it. Your spouse will love the surprise—especially since it won't be a credit card bill or junk mail!

10. Celebrate everything. Most couples celebrate the anniversary of their marriage or first date, but how about the anniversary of your engagement, or first kiss? (If you don't remember, make it up!) There have been all kinds of milestones throughout your relationship, so mark each one with flowers, a card, or a romantic interlude.

11. Just say it. Your spouse needs to hear those three simple words daily. Whisper it, sing it, shout it. Say it.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Crazy cow (Mad cow)

Thousands of people took to the streets in a candle light vigil to oppose US beef imports that many fear may be tainted with mad cow disease. The demonstrations targeted South Korean President Lee Myung-bak, self-declared “CEO of the Korea, Inc.,” who recently met with US President Bush to swallow a $20 billion free trade deal.

And here's a video of South Korea Demonstrations Against US Mad Cow Disease entitled Crazy Cow, Crazy Corn, Crazy S.Korea President

What Is Mad Cow Disease and How Do People Get It?

Mad cow disease is an incurable, fatal brain disease that affects cattle and possibly some other animals, such as goats and sheep. The medical name for mad cow disease is bovine spongiform encephalopathy (pronounced: bo-vine spun-jih-form en-seh-fah-la-puh-thee), or BSE for short. It's called mad cow disease because it affects a cow's nervous system, causing a cow to act strangely and lose control of its ability to do normal things, such as walk.

Only certain animals can get BSE — people don't actually get mad cow disease. However, experts have found a link between BSE and a rare brain condition that affects people, called variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD). Researchers believe that people who eat beef from cows that have BSE are at risk of developing a form of CJD.

CJD is caused by an abnormal type of protein in the brain called a prion. When people have CJD, cells in the brain die until the brain eventually has a "sponge-like" appearance. During this time, people with the disease gradually lose control of their mental and physical capabilities.

Source: kidshealth

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Travel to Seven Continents Tag

Rules :

1. Start Copy from "Begin Copy" until "End Copy".
2. Put your blog's name and url write in which continent you live, add the country you live in. Example : My Imaginary Travels (Netherlands)
3. Leave your url post in here and I'll add you to the Master List.
4. Please help spread this tag by tagging your friends as much as you can.
5. Don't play unfair! If you have more than 1 blog, you can participate all your blogs for this tag. BUT you will have to post this tag to all your blogs as well. So, please. Don't cheat!
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7. Don't forget to use the banner at your post, you can save as or you can just copy the code in here.

Master List :

A. Asia : 1. Moms... Check Nyo (Philippines) 2. Hailey's Beats and Bits (Philippines) 3. allinkorea (Korea) 4. kimchiland (Korea) 5. idealpinkrose (Korea) 6. korean food (Korea) 7. your turn

B. Australia : 1. your turn

C. Afrika : 1. your turn

D. North Amerika : 1. your turn

E. South Amerika : 1. your turn

F. Europe : 1. My Imaginary Travels (Netherlands) 2. Juliana's Site (Netherlands) 3. Picturing of Life (Netherlands) 4. your turn

G. Antarctica : 1. your turn

~ End Copy ~
Can the following blogger friends travel with me?

aku, amy c, alf, bernadeth, chinny, gagay, justine, treasuresinlife, wella and stuff.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Trip in Australia

Hi guys, it's been a long time, hasn't it? We are now here in Sydney. From Ho Chi Minh Airport (Saigon), we flew here in Sydney. We're enjoying our travel here although it's cold because it's now winter here. And it's already dark at around 4o'clock so we have to go out in the morning and come back until dark.

As of now, we already visited the Sydney Opera House, Royal Botanic Gardens, Harbour Bridge, Hyde Park, Martin Place, St. Mary's Cathedral, Queen Victoria Building, Belmore Park, Sydney Tower, Pyrmont Bridge, World Tower, Sydney Aquarium and Blue Mountain. We went to the Echo Point and walked for about an hour to the Scenic World then took the railway and cable car. It was our second time there. We went there last time but it was raining and we couldn't see anything so yesterday we went back there again. It takes two hours going to the Blue Mountain by train.

Friday, May 23, 2008

uh oh~

I'm back again. I can post but i can't see and preview my blog. I can't open blogspot here. It's too bad! And internet is very slow here. I feel sleepy and my hubby doesn't want me to sleep because i'm gaining weight so he invited me to come here in the pc room. But it makes me feel more sleepy in this slow internet connection.

I'm sorry but i've got to go now to have dinner. hehehehe...

Thursday, May 22, 2008

I'm here in Vietnam

As what i have said, i'm here in Vietnam with my hubby. We're gonna stay here for a few days more before we'll go to Australia. I'm having a good time here. I have to go now. I'll come back here in the pc room as soon as i have time to update my blog and tell you more about my activities here.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Going on a trip!

We are going on a trip this coming Saturday. We'll be away for a month but i'll try to update my blog and visit you when i have time. We'll visit Vietnam and from Vietnam, we'll fly to Australia. We already prepared everything including the schedule of places that we are going to visit. I'm gonna tell you about my travel and expect more pictures like what i did when we visited Thailand two months ago.

I hope that we'll have a safe and happy trip!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

See it for yourself

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layout problem

Thanks a lot to you guys who want to exchange link with me specially to those who already linked me up. I always try to link you up but whenever i open my account, only the half of my layout appears. I dunno what the problem is. Is there anyone here using the new template of blogger? Are you also facing this kind of trouble in your account? Please let me know and to those are good at it, please help!

To you guys, i'll link you up as soon as possible. Please bear with me.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Happy Friday again!

Yahoooo....I'm happy again because it's Friday. I love Fridays. I think most people like it except students who have to study until Saturday. Elementary Students here have to study on Saturdays twice a month. I don't know much about Middle School. I'm not sure if they have to study every Saturdays. And High School students have to go to school including Sundays. Sometimes they have to study even on holidays. I still consider lucky because i'm not a Korean student. hehehehe...

The reason why i am happier because it's holiday again on Monday. So that means I can rest for three days including weekend. muhahahaha... I always look at the calendar to check and wait for the red color. If the date is written in red (except weekend) then it's holiday. hehehe...

Have a nice weekend everyone!

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