Sunday, July 04, 2010

Kim Tak Gu, the King of the Baker

The King of the Baker, Kim Tak Gu (Jae Ppang Wang Kim Tak Gu) with its 33% ratings, is one the most famous korean drama in this season.

Kim Mi Soon is one of the helpers at home of the owner of Goseong Bread Company whose Gu Il Joong (Jeon Gwang Ryeol), the boss wants to have a son. He has two daughters Gu Ja Gyeong (Chui Ja Hye) and Gu Ja Rim (Chui Yoon Young). So he had a relationship with Kim Mi Soon and she became pregnant. Gu Il Jeong's wife knew about it so she tried to abort the baby but Mi Soon ran away until she delivered a baby and called him Kim Tak Gu. Gu Il Jeong suggested that name when they were still together. Gu Il Jeong's wife also bore a baby boy whose father was the secretary of the family Han Seung Jae (Jeong Seong Mo) and called him Gu Ma Jun. Here are the two kids who did really great on their acting as Kim Tak Gu and Gu Ma Jun.

Kim Mi Soon and Kim Tak Gu lived in a small village where there's a Goseong Company built. One day, Kim Tak Gu and his friends went there and stole some bread. They got in because his friend's father works there. But they were caught. They were running away when they almost hit by the car where the boss was riding. It was his time to visit the company. They were brought to the police station but were forgiven after. Kim Tak Gu gathered some money and paid the bread. The boss was so glad and he asked his name. He was curious, he remembered that name so he asked his secretary Han Seung Jae (Jeong Seong Mo) to research something about that boy. He knew that it was the Mi Soon's son that he forgave when she delivered and baby and told her to never show up again or they will be killed.

Mi Soon saw Seung Jae and she got afraid, she was trying to escape again but Kim Tak Gu was crying and didn't want to leave. Mi Soon decided to give Kim Tak Gu to his father because she thinks he can have a good future if he leaves there.

To be continued.

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