Sunday, May 10, 2009

The first episode of 2009 Baseball (Woin Gudan)

Here's another interesting drama from MBC. It has been started last week and it is on every Saturday and Sunday at 10:40 p.m. The 2009 Baseball (Woin Gudan) or "Strike Love" is a drama related to Sports. It is a drama about love, sports and family.

The drama started when they were young. One of the students was crying because she didn't wanna sit next to the poor and dirty Oh Hye Seong (Woon Tae Young). But Hye Seong likes baseball. He's good at throwing balls but there's a gang that he joined because he needs to make money. They are thieves and Hye Seong's job is to throw away some stones and hit the policemen's legs who are trying to catch the gang so they can't run. He wanted to stop but he couldn't specially when his father (his mother left them) needed some money. His father was put to prison because he killed a gangster.

But a new student Eom Ji (Kim Min Jeong) came. She has just moved in Hye Seong's hometown and a new transferee student of the school. The teacher introduced her and gave her a seat but she chose to sit next to Hye Seong which surprised the whole class. Eom Ji wanted to make friend of him because he helped her sister. At breaktime, Hye Seong goes out to drink much water because he doesn't have lunch box but Eom Ji shared her food to him. They became close friends and fell in love with each other at their young age. But Eom Ji has a childhood lover named Ma Dong Tak(Park Seong Min). He's a famous baseball player in his campus and he loves Eom Ji very much.

Eom Ji waited for Hye Seong's birthday. She saved some money to buy a baseball glove and ball for Hye Seong but to her surprised, it was also the time to be separated to him because her family has to moved to another place. Eom Ji gave much encouragement to Hye Seong not to use his ability for bad things instead she encourage him to become a famous baseball player.

They were separated and haven't met each other for many years. Hye Seong learned baseball and Eom Ji is a working student. Ma Dong Tak is a famous baseball player and supports Eom Ji's family since her father died. Inspite of his kindness, Eom Ji can't love him so she wanted to quit their relationship. They were arguing when Hye Seong saw them who was visiting his friend in the same building. Destiny came. They met each other again.

*To be continued*

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