Thursday, May 13, 2010

Cinderella's Sister

Cinderella's Sister is one of the dramas that I'm hooked now. It's the drama that I really wanted to share and recommend from the first time that I saw it. Moon Geun Young and So Woo are both doing great in this drama. They are very good actresses and I give them two thumbs up on their acting ability on this drama. I'm not a fan of them but I start to like them because of this drama.

KBS TV series "Cinderella's Sister" maintained its position as the most-popular drama on Wednesday and Thursday nights, blowing away its competition in the same prime time slot with solid ratings.

Here's some of the scene of the first episode of the drama. Moon Geun Young's mom is leaving with an irresponsible guy. A drunken man who always hits Moon Geun Young's mom. One day, Moon Geun Young's stepfather was hitting his wife again so Moon Geun Young as Seong Eun Jo was so angry so she grab her mom and they ran away.

Eun Jo's stepfather asked his friends (gangsters) to follow and catch them because they brought the ring. They found them on the train and Eun Jo went to the bathroom where Seo Woo as Koo Hyo Seon (student) was in. Eun Jo couldn't run away anymore so she passed the ring to Hyo Seon.

Eun Jo's mom, Lee Mi Sook as Song Kang Sook went to Hyo Seon's school to get the ring. She brought her to her house and Eun Jo's mom found that Hyo Seon (Cinderella) was rich so she tempted her dad Kim Kap Soo as Koo Dae Seong, who was a widow and he fell in love with her. Hye Seon's real mom died when she was a little so she loved Kang Sook so much because she needed a mom's love. She did her best so that her dad would marry Kang Sook.

Dae Seong asked Cheon Jeong Myeong as Hong Gi Heun to pick up and take Eun Jo home. And that's how Hyo Seon (the Cinderella of the house) and Eun Jo (Cinderella's sister) became sisters.

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