Thursday, September 23, 2010

Last Episode of Kim Tak Gu

The drama Kim Tak Gu ended last week. I never missed any part of the drama. I love every scene from the beginning until the end because it has a happy ending. I was worried that it would be like some Korean dramas that don't have happy endings but this one had except the one that Sin Yu Gyeong (Yu Jin) got married to Goo Ma Jun but it also made the drama more interesting because Yu Gyeong married Ma Jun to revenge against his family.

Goo Ma Jun and Sin Yoo Gyeong got married and the revenge started agains Ma Jun's mom. Ma Jun gave the bracelet to Yoo Gyeong. That bracelet was Ma Jun's mom. It fell down when Ma Jun's grandma died because she heard Han Seung Jae and Ma Jun's mom talking about their son Goo Ma Jun.

Han Seung Jae and Ma Jun's mom noticed that Yoo Gyeong knew about their secret so they were talking about it and Goo Il Joong was behind them listening. He was pretending to be very sick because he wanted to know about everything specially about his mom's death and he found it out.

Kim Tak Gu managed his father's business. He saved including the factory that was about to be bankrupted. He also met his mom and Han Seung Jae was brought to prison. Goo Ma Jun and Sin Yoo Gyeong moved to another place. After saving his father business, Kim Tak Gu chose her half sister Goo Ja Gyeong to manage the business. Kim Tak Gu decided to go back to the Bakery where he learned how to make bread. It was closed but Tak Gu also helped it run again.

Kim Tak Gu and Goo Ma Jun became closed to each other. Actually, it was Goo Ma Jun who called the police officers to arrest his real father. I learned a lot from this drama. The role of Kim Tak Gu taught me a lot. We have to be patience. Whatever hindrances we meet, we have to move on. Don't give up!

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