Monday, April 25, 2011

Can you hear my heart?

Can you hear my heart? (내 마음이 들리니?) "Nae Maeumi Deullini?" is one of this year's MBC drama every weekend at 9:50p.m. and is aired from April 2nd. It is a drama about a beautiful love story of a man and a woman who overcome acquired deafness.

Starring Kim Jae-won as Cha Dong-joo, Hwang Jeong-eum as Bong Woo-ri, Nam Goong-min as Jang Joon-ha, Ko Joon-hee as Kang Min-soo, Lee Kyoo-han as Lee Seung-cheol, Jeong Bo-seok as Bong Yeong-gyoo.

The story started when Bong Woo-ri, Jang Joon-ha and Cha Dong-joo were young. Bong Woo-ri's mom who was deaf and mute got married to Jang Joon-ha's father who also has a psychological problem. Joon-ha doesn't like Woo-ri to be her sister. He just can't accept the kind of life that they might have if his father would get married to handicapped woman with a daughter.

One day, Bong Woo-ri's mom died. The factory where she worked was set on fire. She was trying to get the watch that she bought for Joon-ha but it was too late. Joon-ha went to Cha Dong-joo's mom to ask for help. Dong-joo was very sick then. He fell down from the window while watching his grandfather dying and it's all because of his father.

Dong joo's mom helped Joon-ha but with one condition. It is to adopt Joon-ha. She heard Joon-ha's mom telling Dong-joo's dad that Joon-ha is Dong-joo's dad's son. Is Joon-ha's mom telling the truth? Are Joon-ha and Dong-joo really brothers? Well, I'll let you know after watching to the end.

As for now, i'll just leave my story here. I'll continue soon.

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