Saturday, May 28, 2011

Let's make funny photos

Don't you also find my blog a little bit boring? There aren't many pictures posted and if the reader is like me, I really find it boring because I like reading blogs with pictures. So, I have thought of something new to attract more readers. I'll make funny photo and post it on my blog like this one.

Funny Pictures

Isn't it beautiful? I took a picture of the beach and edited it. You too can create funny photo. It's so simple. You can do it in just a minute. Just put your picture in the computer and choose the effect that you'd like to make your picture look more beautiful or funny. It's up to you on what kind of design you'd like. There are lots of online funny photo effects that you can choose from. Look what I've made.

Funny Pictures

I'm not an expert at computer but I'm so much satisfied on what I've done. I didn't need to learn a lot about computer to edit a photo or put some effects on my picture because I can do it in just a few clicks of my mouse. You can't understand me if you won't try it by yourself. Look! Here's another one!

Funny Pictures

It's so interesting and it's so easy to make so I think I'm already hooked on it.

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