Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Baseball, Baseball, Baseball

I haven't watched tv for a long time. My hubby always watch baseball. He watches baseball everyday except Monday, the day when there's no baseball game on tv. He knows all the baseball channels. The time and team players. He even knows the sports news where they show the baseball game even when he already saw the game, he's still interested in watching the baseball news. While we were having dinner, I asked him if he doesn't get tired watching baseball game. He said never. Well, everyone has its own happiness and I think watching baseball is my husband's happiness. But I want to watch tv sometimes but I can't. Btw, he even sometimes use the computer to see different games in one time. He used to watch many games in one time because you can watch several channels on our TV. But not now, because we are in the island now to travel and try to live here for a short time.

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