Saturday, October 06, 2012

True Taste Show

We bought a 3D TV and subscribed to Uplus TV by Psy, the Kangnam Style. On U+ TV, there are lots of movies and dramas that you can watch. Some are free and others are need to be paid for around $2 each. The movies are more expensive than DVDs but there are some shows that you can't rent on DVD shop.

While having dinner, we decided to watch the "True mat(taste) show" or True Taste Show. It's about the PD (producer) who opened a restaurant to reveal the truth about the programs on TV about food and restaurants that are shown on TV. The programs are one of our favorite shows because my hubby and I like trying different kinds of food and we always find restaurants who serve delicious food so we enjoy watching VJ Teukkonde, Masidnun jip (Delicious Restaurants), etc. But we found out that the programs received some money from the restaurants so they can show them on their programs. The restaurant owners pay from about $2,500-$10,000.

The programs will do everything. From interior for the show, menu, cook, customers and sometimes even the boss of the restaurant. Everything is all show! Among the hundreds that are shown on TV, you can't know how many of them really serve the delicious ones. And the worst thing is, some of the menus that they have made of the menus are not available anymore after a month or so. One more thing, there are also programs on TV who check the restaurants to prove that they are clean or if they sell the real ones like Hanu or Korean beef.

Some of the too dirty restaurants that were caught by Bulman Zero was shown on the famous programs for famous restaurants and telling that they serve delicious food. What do you think of that?!

I'm telling you! It's not because they were shown on TV meaning they really serve delicious food. If you see some banners outside telling that they were shown on TV, well, they were but the show was just a trick for customers or TV viewers. *Note: There are also restaurants that have banners who serve delicious food but who, which, and how many of them? Nobody knows!

Anyway, thanks PD for the show! Truemat Show is worth-seeing!

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