Sunday, May 12, 2013

Hundred Years of Heritage

Baegnyeon ui Yoosan or One Hundred Years Heritage is one of the most famous MBC drama now a days. It is the No.1 Korean drama which is on every weekend at 9:50 p.m. starring Yu Jin in her role as Min Chae Won, Lee Jeong Jin as Lee Se Yoon, Chui Won Young as Kim Cheol Gyu, Yoon Ah Jeong as Kim Ju Ri, etc.

The drama is about the family (Min Chae Won's family) who is running a noodle factory. But it's not about their status in life is what I enjoy watching but how Min Chae Won's hardships in her life. From the time that she got married to a rich man but her mother in law doesn't like her so she had a hard time with them until they got separated because of her mother in law.

Now Chae Won met another guy (Se Yoon) and they both fell in love with each other but his former husband (Cheol Gyu) is still in love with her even if he already got married to the mean woman that his mother has chosen for him because she thought the girl is rich. But later they found out that they were deceived by the girl.

Chae-won's man is Ju-ri's (Cheol-gyu's sister or Chae-won's former sister in law) first love. So, after being disappointed with Heong-ju (Cheol-gyu's present wife), Yong-ja (Chae-won's mother in law) is now trying to get Chae-won's back for the sake of his son and daughter who is crazy about Chae-won's boyfriend.

At first I got pissed off whenever I see Chae-won's stupidity. I don't think it was kindness because she is bothered all the time and did nothing. The drama always have the same scene every show. Chae-won always distressed by her former husband and in-laws but now a days, it seems like she's learning how to fight.

There are more interesting scenes no wonder why it is the No.1 drama now a days. I can't wait for the ending. I just hope that Chae-won will get revenge from what she had encountered from the family.

Picture source: 백년의 유산 홈피

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