Sunday, September 07, 2008

saekjeuk sigong2 (색즉 시공2) Sex is zero2

My hubby rented the dvd of the movie saekjeuk sigong2 (색즉 시공2) or Sex is zero2. It's a combination of erotic, comedy and drama. Its about a law student guy (Eun Sik) who met a girl (Gyeong A) in the hospital who was trying to kill herself because she was raped by her coach in her swimming lesson. Inspite of her past, Eun Sik fell in love with her and been engaged for long years but never tried to do sex.

They are in love to each other. One day, Eun Sik's friend invited him and rented a girl to have sex with but unluckily, they were caught by the policemen and were shown on tv. Gyeong A's childhood lover who's still in love with her, helped Eun Sik and his friend to released. He also helped Gyeong A when she was hospitalized and wanted to bring her in the States to get a check up and study with him.

Gyeong A's mom likes that guy for her daughter. It was Gyeong A's birthday and Eunsik sent a message for her to go out for a while and meet him. He prepared a surprise birthday party to Gyeong A, but instead of her, her mother appeared because she saw the message that Eunsik sent her so she told Eunsik to stay away from her daughter because she wants Gyeong A to have good future.

He loves her so much but for Gyeong A's sake, he gave up his love. It's a very touching scene when they were separated. They met again before Gyeong A leaves for the States with the other guy. Gyeong A invited Eunsik to drink and when he was drunk she invited him to sleep with her in the hotel and have sex with him but he refused. They were together but couldn't show their real feelings until Eunsik went out of the hotel and there he cried a lot. Gyeong A who was in the hotel and was pretending to be sleeping was crying too.

Gyeong A found out everything from her friend the reason why Eunsik suddenly changed his feelings to her. Gyoeng A's friend slipped her tongue when they were in the airport and was giving the shoes that Eunsik bought for her as a birthday present. So, she didn't go to the States with the other guy and met Eunsik.


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