Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Free wedding

My friend called me this morning and she's inviting me on her wedding. She's getting married here in Korea next month for free. I'm happy for her because getting married in Korea is very expensive. You need to spend at least $20,000, the reason why most Koreans don't get married early. But some couples can get back the money and others make more than they spend in their wedding. Visitors give money to the couples instead of gifts. I remember when we got married, some of my in laws' friends and relatives who couldn't attend our wedding called and asked for my father in law's bank account number. They sent money in my father in law's account as our wedding gifts.

My friend said the church is sponsoring 100 couples to get married for free. What surprise me more was the clothes and their honeymoon in Jejudo is also free. The 100 couples are going to Jejudo after the wedding? Wow~! Jejudo is very famous place for honeymooners here in Korea and they are so lucky that their honeymoon is also free. We've been to Jejudo several years ago and we spent more than $500 for our three days and two nights of staying there. Well, that was years ago so it's more expensive now. And one more thing~ they also got invitation letters to send for their parents so that their parents can also attend their wedding here in Korea. Wow!

Congratulations and Best Wishes to all!

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