Saturday, December 20, 2008

You're my destiny update

After a long time of not seeing You're My Destiny drama, I finally saw the replay version last weekend and today. I just recorded them and saw when I had time. The drama is getting more interesting because of the appearance of Sae Byeok's real mother. She's fighting against Ho Se's mom for the sake of her daughter (Sae Byeok).

Sae Byeok is now living at her mom's house because everyone knew that she stayed outside the gate because her mother in law got angry and told her to leave the house when Ho Se wasn't at home. Sae Byeok's real mom is a designer of Lohas company who doesn't want to sign because of her anger to the family. She's asking Ho Se's mom to apologize to Sae Byeok but refused it. Lohas was about to bankrupt but for the sake of her daughter again, Sae Byeok's real mom signed but with a condition. Ho Se and Sae Byeok has to go to America with her and just come back when they have a kid so that Ho Se's mom can accept Sae Byeok and treat her well.

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