Friday, February 20, 2009

My ideal bathroom

It's weekend again and I'm wondering if my hubby will ask me to change the decoration and style of our apartment. I haven't changed the style of our apartment for a long time so my hubby told me that he's tired of seeing the same style everyday. I'd love to change the style but worried about the bathroom because I never thought of any style and decoration for it.

How about you? How do you like your bathroom? Are you satisfied of the interior and stuffs like accessories, lighting, and taps? Well, I was and I never had an idea about the style of my bathroom until I saw these ideal standard bathrooms. I'm interested with these bathroom accessories. I like most of the new products specially the ideal standard cone toothbrush holder, Ideal Standard Cone Glass Tumbler with Bracket and Holder and Ideal Standard Cone Glass Soap Dish with Bracket and Holder. They are cheap and wonderful. These original and infinite kudos showers also caught my attention.

If you are looking for quality service and products for your bathroom, Fair Field delivers quality bathrooms direct to your door.

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