Thursday, February 12, 2009

Once again, even if you hate me (Miwodo Dashi Hanbon)

I don't like the new dramas that are shown on tv now a days until this new "Su" (shorten for Suyoil means Wednesday) "Mog" (shorten for Mogyoil means Thursday) drama from KBS started. "Miwodo Dasi Hanbon" (미워도 다시 한번) Once Again, Even If You Hate Me is another hit drama for this year 2009. It has started last Wednesday (February 4) and according to Korean News the drama got 20% of audience rating from its 3rd episode.

Starring Choi Myeong Gil as Han Myeong In. She's the owner of Mir Department Store. Park Sang Won as Lee Jeong Hun, Han Myeong In's husband and the Vice- Pres. of the said Department Store. Jeon In Hwa as Eun Hyae Jeong, an actress and former lover of Lee Jeong Hun. Park Yae Jin as Choi Yoon Hui, a newscaster of KBN 9. Jeong Gyo Woon as Lee Min Soo, the "Mama's boy" and the only child of Han Myeong In from her former husband who passed away.

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