Friday, April 10, 2009

Last episode of My Love VIP (Nae Sarang Keumjiogyob)

Last Sunday was the last episode of the drama My Love VIP (Nae Sarang Keumjiogyob). The ending is almost similar as the drama Angry Mom (Ommaga Ppulnatta) because they are both family -oriented drama. Angry Mom is about the role of a mother and My Love VIP is for the head of the family (father).

Here's how's the drama ends.

Jang Jinho and Baeg Jera got married. Baeg Jera works at the Bossam restaurant of Jinho's Mom. They lived at Baeg Jera's house with her family and Jera's parents treated Jinho as their real son even when they were against at first because of his brother (Jang Sinho) who was supposed to marry Baeg Sera. Baeg Sera went to Africa to study and she came back famous after six years.

Ha Dong Woo, the restaurant's manager who fell in love with Bori went back to the States alone. He got married there and had a baby. Ha Dong Woo was supposed to go to America with Bori and her baby but she refused because she realized that she was still in love with Jang Sinho, her son's father. Jang Sinho and Kim Bori got married and had another baby. Kim Bori became the manager of the restaurant and Jang Sinho worked a professor.

Jeon Seol and Jang Inho also got married and had their own baby. Jang Inho's parents also lived together and everyone lived happily.

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