Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Last Episode of Woin Gudan Baseball 2009

The baseball drama ended two weeks ago but I couldn't have time to blog about it because of my busy schedule. Anyway, it's better not to tell anything about it because you will just get disappointed with the ending. But because I started to post here almost everything about the drama so I guess it's also my duty to post the ending. But I'll just tell you that Oh Hye Seong and Eom Ji didn't get together. They love each other but because Eom Ji knew that her sister also in love with Hye Seong. She was in love but for the sake of her sister, she has to hid her feelings for him. Hye Seong even didn't know that Eom Ji's daughter is his. Ma Deong Tak left Eom Ji because he knows Eom Ji's feelings for Hye Seong.

The ending wasn't good but it's still worth to watch. There are also very touching episodes that can make you cry specially when Doo San's (Hye Seong's friend) scandal. It's also fun to watch the baseball games.

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