Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Speed Scandal

Speed Scandal or Gwasok Scandal(과속스캔들) in Korean is another interesting movie to see. I know I'm late 'cause I don't like going to the movie theater to watch movies. I hate crowds and I prefer to watch movies at home with my home theater. Speed Scandal starring Cha Tae Hyeon (차태현), Park Bo Yeong (박보영), and Wang Seok Hyeon (왕석현).

Cha Tae Hyeon is a radio dj who gives some advice to his callers and read stories of his fans. One of his fans was a single mom (Park Bo Young) who was looking for her dad. She hasn't met him since she was born. Cha Tae Hyeon didn't know that the single mom was his daughter. He had a relationship with Park Bo Young when they were in school. There are lots of funny scenes but there's also touching part like when somebody kidnapped the smart and funny Wang Seok Hyeon.

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