Saturday, September 26, 2009

Bad Guy (Love or Hate)

I'm also hooked on this program called "Nappeun Namja" or Bad Guy (Love or Hate). Like the Superstar K, you can also see this only on cable TV. It is every Wednesday at 12m.n., too late, huh?! The program is about the lovers specially to young woman who have been engaged and trusted their boyfriends so they want to find out if they really are loyal to them. It's like the program "Cheaters" in foreign country but Bad Boy is 100% real. I don't know if also cheaters is 100% real.

Nappeun Namja is trying to find out if the guy is really a bad guy. They use beautiful and sexy ladies to test the man whatever the girl wants to find out about her guy. Most koreans like drinking alcohol (soju) and having fun with friends and others also like playing with ladies specially when they are drunk. Some of them just don't know what they did when they were in the spirit of alcohol but some are also are not just loyal to their loveone.

There are hidden cameras on the bar or noraebang (karaoke) where they usually set the scene. And the lady who wants to find out about her boyfriend is watching over him. After finding everything about her man, then she has to choose if she would leave the man (break his heart) or hold his hand (give him another chance).

It's really fun to watch the program but sometimes annoying. I just can't understand how could the girl give chance to a man who is not loyal to her? Is there no other man? Anyway, that's their life! Who cares? Hmph!!

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