Sunday, September 13, 2009

Chonmanbon Saranghae (I love you, ten million times)

Chonmanbon Saranghae (I love you, ten million times) "천만번 사랑해" is another drama that I really like now a days. It's a new drama from SBS (channel 6 on my tv) which is on every weekend, Saturday and Sunday at 8:50 p.m. starring Jeong Gyo Woon in his role as Baeg Kang ho and Lee Soo Gyeong in her role Go Eun Nim and Ryu Jin as Baeg Sae Hoon.

Baeg Kang Ho is a son of the rich family who studied abroad. He met Lee Soo Gyeong at the campus when he thres away the can but instead of going to the trash can it hits Lee Soo Gyeong. They have both bad impression to each other.

Lee Soo Gyeong's dad is bankrupted and he's very sick so they need huge amount of money for her dad's operation. He would die if he couldn't get the operation for a week so she accepted the offer of a woman that she has to bear a child for the family who couldn't have. That family is Baeg Sae Hoon, brother of Baeg Kang Ho.

Baeg Sae Hoon's married life is worse because his wife couldn't bear a child. They tried everything but they couldn't. Baeg Sae Hoon's mom and grandma are longing to see their grandchild. They saw lots of doctors but they are hopeless. They decided to use another woman to carry and bear a child for them and Lee Soo Gyeong is the girl.

The drama is getting more interesting everyday. It's a fun and touching drama. It's about love for the family, hatred, jealousy and lots of touching episodes to see.

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