Sunday, January 03, 2010

Korean Best Performance and Entertainment Award

It was my vacation for 4 days including weekends so I watched the programs on TV where each Broadcasting Systems awarded some trophies to the Best programs and entertainers.

There are many to mention so i'm gonna put only the Daesang Award or is it called Best of all the Best Award?

Entertainment Award (Yonyae Daesang)
KBC = Kang Ho Dong (강호동) He passed the award or handed his trophy to Lee Gyung Gyu but after the program, Lee Gyong Gyu gave it back to him.

MBC = Yoo Jae Soek (유재석) He announced that his gonna be a father next year. His wife is pregnant and his so sweet to say that he loves his wife.

SBS= Yoo Jae Seok
Lee Hyo Ri
(이효리) I didn't expect it. He defeated Kang Ho dong. wow! my idol is doing well, huh? congrats!

Best Actors and Actresses (Best Drama Performance) "연기 대상"

MBC = Go Hyeon Jeong (고현정) of Seongdeog Yeowang (선덕 여왕)

KBS = Lee Byeong Hyeon (이병현) of Iris (아이리스). At least his Japanese fans were not disappointed in attending the award night. They came to support him.

KBC = Jang So Hee (장서회) of Wife's Temptation (Anaeui Yuhok) one of my favorites drama. She deserved the prize.