Thursday, January 28, 2010

Last Episode of Will it Snow for Christmas?

Will it Snow for Christmas? (Christmas ae nuni olkayo?)I saw the first consecutive part of the series but I didn't like the middle part of the story. Always the same stories happened and it's too boring to see their parents who had relationship before. You know Han Ji Wan's (Han Ye Seul) mom and Cha Kang Jin's (Go Soo) mom were friends and fell in love with the same guy, Han Ji Wan's dad. But the last part is so wonderful. It's very touching and romantic.

They knew that Ji Wan's mom was just pretending to be sick. She knows everything and pretending that she still has a problem with her memory. She kept treating Kang Jin as his son but she couldn't hide it anymore when she saw Kang Jin and Ji Wan hugging each other. She said she kept pretending because she's against their relationship. She hates Kang Jin because she believed that her son and husband died because of him and his mom. She hates his family.

But before Ji Wan's mom told the truth about her condition, Kang Jin already knew about it. But he also pretended because he doesn't want to give up Ji Wan. Kang Jin kneeled down in front of Ji Wan's mom crying. He said he accepted what people said against him for taking care of her but he did everything for her because she loves to Ji Wan. Ji Wan was standing at the door crying and listening to them. She lost her energy and sat down when her mom told Kang Jin that she could forgive him and his family if he would leave her daughter. Kang Jin disagreed then she said then I would never forgive you and your family. He had no choice so he left the house with his heavy feet and shoulders.

The next day, Kang Jin and Ji Wan met to say goodbye. They made a promise not to see each other anymore. No phone calls, and no dine out together.

After a year, they met in school but pretended like strangers. They just passed by and didn't talk to each other. But when Ji Wan came home, she cried a lot. Kang Jin was also crying in his car. Ji Wan's mom saw her crying. Kang Jin's mom saw him crying.

Chun Hee (Kang Jin's mom) invited Young Sook (Ji Wan's mom) to come over to her new coffee bar shop. She asked if Ji Wan is doing well and good health because Kang Jin is in terrible condition. If Ji Wan is happy because Kang Jin is not. If Ji Wan laughs because Kang Jin is sad. If Ji Wan doesn't cry because Kang Jin sometimes cries. She also said that Kang Jin is going abroad after a week so Young Sook's hands started to shake. Her hands were shaking because she knows how much her daughter loves him.

One day, Kang Jin went to the river where his father died. Ji Wan's brother also died in that river. He threw away the necklace then Ji Wan came. They pretended that they didn't know each other. Ji Wan asked if Kang Jin lives in that village. Kang Jin said no but he used to. Ji Wan asked if he knows someone whose name's Kang Jin because her mom wants to meet him and have meal with him before he'll go abroad. Kang Jin just listened to her but answering Ji Wan's questions on his mind. He said how's she doing, she still looks good and he missed her a lot. When Ji Wan left, he followed her and they walked together.

And that is the end.

Btw, Boo San's girlfriend got pregnant so Boo San wants to marry her. Lee Woo Jun and Park Tae Jun are also happy with each other.


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