Monday, March 22, 2010

Birth of a Rich Man

I enjoy watching this KBS drama entitled Birth of a Rich Man "부자의 탄생" (Bujaui Tansaeng). I saw the first episode and I like it so much that's why I don't wanna miss any episodes of the drama.

On the first episode of the drama Birth of a Rich Man, Choi Seok Bong (Ju Hyeon Woo) was young and he was at the school fought with his classmate. The teacher asked the two students what their parents were doing. Choi Seok Bong said his dad was a very rich man but some students said that he doesn't have dad because they have never seen him. They couldn't believe so he showed his necklace and told them how he had it.

There was a lady in the airport to meet his boyfriend who was going abroad but he was with another woman. She was carrying a cake and because of her anger, she threw the cake on his face leaving some dirt on her butt. She was crying and when she saw a chair she sat down and didn't notice the paper on the chair. That paper was the guy's airplane ticket. He was trying to take it but the lady slapped him because she thought he wanted to touch her butt. She stood up and the guy followed her because his ticket was stuck on her butt. When she saw him following her, she hurried outside then the ticket flew away so the guy couldn't take the plane.

He explained everything to her. They were both disappointed so they drank and slept together in a hotel. The next day, they saw in the news that the plane that the guy was about to take crashed. The guy was so grateful and would like to know her better but on that day, an urgent business trip came again so he has to hurry and leave her alone leaving his phone number and a necklace to her. He said he would wait for her call. A few days later, the girl went to the public phone to call him but there was an old woman fell down in the street so she helped her and forgot about the book where the rich guy's phone number was written. She got pregnant and didn't have any contact with the guy.

Than lady was Seok Bong's mother and the guy was his father. When the teacher heard about it, he didn't punish him. He told him to go back to his seat and remember him when he meet his father.

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