Monday, March 01, 2010

Kim Yuna in Vancouver Olympic Game

Yes, it's true that all koreans expected a lot from her. It's because she's a good ice skater so on her Olympic Game performance, all eyes are on her. But her score is more than to our expectations. She's not only a good player but she's great! She skated, dance, and jumped perfectly no wonder why she broke the Ice Skating World Record again. That was a fantastic performance.

Mao Asada and Joanne Rochette also did great but no one could compare with Kim Yuna. You think i'm exaggerated here but you would believe me if you saw how she performed.

There they are! The figure ice skaters of the Olympic Game 2010 that was held in Vancouver. A time to give the awards and sing the Korean National Anthem. One of the most exciting and touching moment.

The score of the Ladies Figure Skating. Can you see the gap of their score? Isn't she really great?

Korea and Koreans are very proud of her! She's the Best!

After winning the gold medal, koreans got panice buying all the products of her commercial like milk, car, etc..And the same earrings the she wore were sold out at the department store.

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