Saturday, July 03, 2010

Last Episode of Cinderella's Sister

I've always wanted to post about this last episode of Cinderella's Sister (Cinderella ui Onni) but I couldn't get time to talk about it. It has been a month now since it ended but let me share something about it even when it's too late.

Cinderella's mom came back because they thought their brother has lost. They found him under the office desk of his father. He said he played Hide and Seek with his father and slept there. The business (Makgoli, korean traditional wine) also went well after Cinderella's sister (Moon Geun Young) sued Gi Hoon's dad. He was brought to prison. Gi Hoon cried a lot but through it their relationship became closer.

Eun Jo (Geun Young) and Gi Hoon made a promised for their love but for the sake of Hyo Seon (So Woo) she left the house. Cinderella loves Gi Hoon so much that's why she gave up her love to Gi Hoon and wrote to him to take care Ji Seon. But Gi Hoon didn't give up. He didn't stop finding her until one day, they met again. They didn't get married but they are happy. Hyo Seon also accepted that Gi Hoon is not the one for him.

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