Sunday, October 27, 2013

Goddess of Marriage Part 2

The Goddess of Marriage of Kyorhonui Yoshin will be finished tomorrow. Tomorrow is the last episode of the drama. Tae Wook and Ji-hye are now divorced. I tried not to cry when they were walking away and suddenly Tae Wook called Ji-hye and opened his arms so Jihye ran to him and they hugged each other. Tae Wook told Jihye to live well while hugging each other. It was a really romantic scene.

Tae Wook loves Jihye but because of his family, he wanted to set Jihye free. Jihye is so stressful to live with her in laws so she was hospitalized twice. First, when she was so stressful and second when she drank too much sleeping pills because she couldn't sleep. So in the morning, Tae Wook saw her laying in bed and couldn't wake up.

Tae Wook's family are now in trouble. His mom and brother are in prison and his dad is out of town.

Kim Hyeon Woo (Lee Sang Woo), Jihye's true love, is now out of prison. He was imprisoned because he was accused of corruption but later they found out that it was his friend and not him. Hyeon Woo also broke up to Lee Sae Young, his fiance.

To be continued again. I have to watch the ending tomorrow and let you know. But here's the Part 1 just in case that you want to know more about it.


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