Monday, October 07, 2013

Goddess of Marriage

I've been watching this drama Goddess of Marriage of SBS and I think the drama is unrealistic. It's an over exaggerated drama regards to the rich family living in a very big house. Hajuma or the mother of two sons is very rude to her daughters in law. She's very tough to them. She thinks that because she's rich, she can do everything to them.

But still there's a lesson to learn in this drama. It's not because you are rich, you can have everything you want. Like Kim Hi Hoon in his role as Kang Tae Wook, he loves Jihye but her wife fell in love with another guy that she met in Jeju Island before they got married and she still loves him even when she's married.

Also, living with rich people is not easy. The happiness is not there. Like the role of Nam Sang-mi as Song Jihye, she loves another guy so she's not happy with her rich husband. Specially to her mother in law that she was hospitalized because of too much stress.

The other family (Ji Hye's) is not a little bit interesting. It's more realistic that the rich family because they are living with normal life. I also have fun watching Ji Hye's sister Cho Min Soo as Seong Ji Seon. She's very good at acting. Her role suits her well. She even fights for her sister in law Jang Yeong Nam as Gwon Eun Hui. She's just fair because her brother in law was meeting another girl. She supports and comforts her. I think she's the best sister in law. She even fight against her mother in law who acts rude to them.

To be continued here, the Part2.

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