Friday, May 09, 2008

Vacation and work

We always have a meeting after work. My boss always asks if we encountered any problem the whole day and he always reminds us to do our job well and saying that everyone had a hard time and did a good job before we separate to each other. We always have to leave at the same time.

Because i'm gonna leave for a month to travel so my boss told my co-workers to do my job while i'm away. One of my co-workers got angry not because i'm leaving but because she said my boss didn't say it in a good way. I really feel so sorry for them because i got a week vacation last month and they also took over my work and now i'm gonna leave them again and that's for a month. That's not easy for them but i have to go. We already planned everything and we are just waiting for the date of our flight.

I'm gonna tell you about this before i leave but even when i'm away, i'm not gonna leave this blog of mine. I'll still post whenever i get a chance to use a computer either in Vietnam or Australia.


alf said...

have a good vacay and enjoy yourself. bring a lot of stories back.

Greg said...

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