Thursday, October 02, 2008

Breaking News: Choi Jin Sil (최진실) also committed suicide!

While I was having lunch with my hubby, I turned on the tv and was shocked on what I have seen in the news. Choi Jin Sil found dead in her bathroom. She committed suicide by hanging herself in the shower booth of her house. After An Jae Hwan, now it's the 40 years old Korean topstar Choi Jin Sil (최진실)? What the deuce is the matter?

Is there any relation with the various news that popped up after the death of Ahn Jae Hwan that she (Choi Jin Shil) lent $250 million to his friend Jung Seon-Hee (An Jae Hwan's wife)? To those who haven't heard the news, An Jae Hwan also committed suicide just a few weeks ago.

Choi Jin Sil got divorce with the baseball player Jo Sung-Min 6 years ago and she couldn't hide that she was still gloomy after that said divorce. She said that she had to survive for the sake of her two young daughters so it's a shocking news to know that she also committed suicide. There was no sign of her to commit suicide but some entertainers like her found that she looked gloomy on her shooting for the new commercial and drama, Last Scandal 2 "내 생애 마지막 스캔들 시즌2" which is planning to be shown next year of January. After the shooting, she drank alcohol with her manager the day before she committed suicide and when she came home, she told her mom that she would take a bath. At around 4 a.m., her mom peeped at her room and found that Jin Sil wasn't in her room and the bed was still neat. She also saw that the light in the bathroom was still on and the door was locked when she tried to open it. Her mom called a mechanic to open the door and there she found Choi Jin Sil tied her neck in the shower booth.

I feel really sad with this breaking news about Choi Jin Sil. I wanna give my condolence and comfort to her family, relatives and friends. May she rest in peace!


Cielo said...

i just noticed, medyo dumadami ata ang mga korean stars na nagsuisuicide, i hope that they will be able to cope with stress and problems...they are the role model to others....

Anonymous said...

have added you! :D

btw, hope you will also add my new blog


Anonymous said...

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