Friday, December 23, 2011

Last Episode of A Thousand Days' Promise

A Thousand Days' Promise or known as "Forget Me Not" of SBS Korean Drama has finished last Tuesday. It's a very sad story from the beginning until the end. The drama is too short that it only has 20 episodes. The scene or story runs fast that you won't feel bored waiting for the ending.

After getting married, Seo-yeon started to take her medicines but then they found out that she was pregnant so she had to stop her medications until she delivered the baby. Ji-hyung didn't want to continue her pregnancy. For him, Seo-yeon's health is more important but Seo-yeon didn't want to abort the baby although she was worried that she couldn't take care of it. They made a decision to continue her pregnancy so without medication, her condition became worse.

One day, when she was in the market with her aunt, she went out of the supermarket and lost her way. There was a time that she climbed up and was about to jumped out of the window when she lose her memory. One time, she was holding scissors and about to cut her baby's hair. And because of that, Ji-hyung made sure that everything in the house is secured that he even put passwords on the door so she couldn't go out but still she escaped and went out without slippers or shoes in winter. She doesn't know anyone including her husband and her cousin and bestfriend Jae-Min (Lee Sang-Woo) and even herself that she asked who the girl was when she was looking at her reflection in the mirror. She also kicked her aunt's butt while cleaning the house. Her aunt who raised her and her brother when she was 6.

Watching the drama made me feel sad, worried and suffocated. I always wondered what would happen next. I also learned what Alzheimer's disease is, and what emotions and characters the patients have. The drama is so emotional specially when I see how Ji-hyung suffered from taking care of his wife and how sad he was when he sees his wife's condition. Seo-yeon couldn't even take care of herself when she goes to the bathroom that Ji-hyung told her to wear diaper. Seo-yeon got so angry and cried so loud that she thinks her husband ignored her because of her condition. But in the middle of the night, she woke up and tried to wear a diaper with her pants on top. Ji-hyung saw it and he hugged her and cried. He cried many times but he never gave up. He took care Seo-hyeon until she passed away.

Btw, A Thousand Day's Promise is about the girl "Lee Seo-Yeon" (Soo-Ae) who slowly losing her memory since she broke up to her boyfriend "Park Ji-Hyung" (Kim Rae-Won) because the man was about to marry another girl "Hyang-Gi" (Jung Yoo-Mi) that is arranged by their parents.

Ji Hyung found out that Seo-yeon was sick so he broke-up his fiancee the day before their wedding and married Seo Yeon instead. Inspite of her disease, Ji-hyung showed his unconditional love to Seo-yeon until the end.

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