Thursday, December 29, 2011

Two Last Episodes of Glory Jae-in

The KBS2 drama Glory Jae-in, Glory Jane or Yeonggwang ui Jae-in in Korean ended last night. The drama is on every Wednesday and Thursday at 9:55p.m. but instead of Thursday, the two last episodes have shown last night (Wednesday) from 10p.m.-12:15 a.m. The last episode which is about to be shown tonight (Thursday) was shown last night at 11:15p.m maybe it's because of New Year and there's an Award Night tonight.

Yoon Jae-in (Park Min Yeong) kept fighting against Seo Jae-myeong (Son Chang Min), Geodae company's President which is her father's business. She won with the help of Seo In-cheol who also wants to manage the company. Jae-in talked to Seo Jae-myeong who doesn't know that their conversation was broadcast to the whole building and everyone was listening. The workers got angry to Seo Jae-myeong so everyone turned away from him that one of them threw away an egg to him and before he could left the building, the policemen arrested him. Because of that, he got very sick. Jae-in visited him in the hospital, she said she came to forgive him not for his sake but for Jae-in's. She said she might regret it if she won't forgive him before he dies.

Seo Jae-myeong was lying in bed when Seo In-cheol came. He released everything on his mind. He was crying when he told him that Seo Jae-myeong never treated him like a human-being. Seo Jae-myeong was about to take some medicine but Seo In-cheol (Park Seong Woong) pulled it away so he couldn't reach it until the medicine fell down. Incheol left the room. Seo In Woo (Lee Jang Woo) and his mom saw him so the ran to Jae-myeong's room and they saw him dying. Seo Jae-myeong touched his son's hand and he said that he never regretted what he did and he died.

Seo In-cheol became the company's representative. But Kim Gyeong-ju (Kim Yeong Joo) (Yeonggwang's sister, company's secretary and Incheol's girlfriend) was not happy about it so she took all the important documents and gave them to Seo In-woo so he was also arrested.

Yoon Jae-in decided to work back to the hospital as a nurse and she was happy about it. Kim Yeong-gwang (Cheon Jeong Myeong) became a baseball player again and for the first time he made a grand slam homerun so their team won. Seo In-woo worked in his father's office. Jae-in's mom became healthy again. Lazy Kim Jin Joo (Nam Bo Ra) (Kim Yeonggwang's younger sister) got a part time job and met a guy. Kim Yeong-gwang proposed to Yoon Jae-in. The strange thing is Seo In-woo and Jae-in's mom took a picture on In-woo's cellphone and sent it to Jae-in with heart on top. Is that mean In-woo was courting her? It ended with that so it made me confused.

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