Monday, April 02, 2012

I miss my favorite Dramas

I'm out of the country so I miss my favorite dramas. There are two new dramas that I enjoy watching. One is the Fashion King which is on every Monday and Tuesday at 10p.m. and the other one is the Oktabang Wangseja or Rooftop Prince. They are both comedy romance.

Now, that I'm out of the country, I can't see them both. I miss watching them on TV. I can't wait to see for the replay on cable. I hope they will be shown when I come back home.

By the way there's also a new drama on Monday and Wednesday and one of the casts in Yuna of Girl's Generation. I heard that the drama is like the story of Winter Sonata. It seems interesting but Fashion King has shown a week earlier and I enjoyed watching the first two parts so I stick to it. Yu-ri of Girl's Generation is also one of the casts. So the two ladies of Girl's Generation are both shown on TV every Monday and Tuesday at 10p.m. but with different channels. I think Yuna will do good because of her experience in acting but Yu-ri is not good.

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