Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Keep warm and healthy

We've been traveling to some other countries like Asia, Australia and Canada. As I visit the cold countries, I always compare the kind of heater that the countries use. In Korea, there's the "Ondol" or the heating system is on the ground so you'll notice that the floor is too hot. In Nepal, I don't think they use something as a heating. I thought it was a hot country but it was too cold when I went there so I had to sleep with my thick jacket in order not to get a cold. In Canada, there's a heater on the ceiling but it's too cold on the floor so I can't stay longer on the floor when I do something like using the computer, having meals on the table, etc. It's too complicated so I have to sit with my feet on top of the chair or hugging my knees when I do something on my computer. I wish there's an electric radiant floor heating that I can use to make me feel warm. I think it's the best heater that everyone can use. It's better than the heating system use in Korea because I think using the electric floor heating can save more money because you can only use it in times of need. People in Nepal also need it specially in the hotels. The hotels where I stayed don't have any heating system. It's also a must-have thing in Canada in order not to freeze our feet.

If you need any heating supplies for your home, hotels, office, etc. Check out the site because there are lots of heating supplies that you can choose from.

By the way, you may be also interested with the kickspace heater for your kitche, bathrooms, hallway, etc. It's already April but it's still too cold. After summer, it's fall again and I think it's time to prepar for winter again. As you know, time flies so it's better to be prepared and ready.

Let's keep warm and healthy.

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