Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tajja (타짜)

My father in law is visiting us. After taking a shower, I saw him watching a drama. He asked me if I also watch the drama 타짜 "Tajja" (a dishonest gambler). I heard a lot about this drama specially from my co-workers. They said it's interesting but I've never had time to see it. Or even if I have time, I can get interest in watching it because I didn't see the first episode of the drama. I don't like watching drama if I didn't see the first part because it just confused me how did all everything happen. But today, I didn't have any choice but to watch with my father in law although I wanted to leave and just use the computer instead, but I chose to watch with him. My co-workers are right. The drama is very interesting. I'm thinking of watching it continously and watch the first part on the net. It's much more interesting than the 타짜 tajja movie.

Tajja is a drama from SBS that started last month starring 장혁 (Jang Hyeok) as 고니 (Go Ni), 한예슬 (Han Ye Seul) as 난숙/지나 (Nansuk/Jina), 김민준 (Kim Min Jun) as 영민 (Young Min) and 강성연 (Kang Seong Yeon) as 정마담 (Jeong Madam). It is on every Monday and Tuesday at 9:55p.m. (Korea time)

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