Monday, October 06, 2008

조강지처클럽 (Jogangjicho club)

I got tired of watching this drama every weekend at 10:00p.m. because it took too long time to wait for the ending. Most korean dramas don't take too long but I got bored waiting for the ending of this 조강지처클럽 (Jogangjicho club) drama. Jogangjicho (조강지처) means a wife who has shared one's difficulties or one's old life partner. The drama is about the unfaithful husband and wife who had secret love affairs.

Men who hurt and abandoned their wives and lived with another woman. Their wives who are faithful and still wanted to live with their husbands inspite of everything for the sake of their children. Also a wife who has a kind, loving and responsible husband but had a secret love affair.

The first few episodes of the drama was about the secret love affairs did by the husbands and a wife. In the middle part of the drama, the abandoned partners fell in love and found the perfect love to others. The partners who left their family ruined their lives and started to realized how important their formers partners were. They wanted to start again and go back to their real family but it was too late.

Finally, the drama ended last night and the whole episode was full of tears from the beginning 'til the end. I cried a lot that's why I have a runny nose now. The lesson that we can get from this drama is- Be faithful to your family! It will just ruin your life if you are unfaithful or have a secret love affair! You will regret it!

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