Tuesday, April 29, 2008

My weekend with my FIL

My father in law came here last weekend and he was carrying a suitcase. I thought that was his clothes and would stay here several days but after he took a shower, he told my hubby to bring the suitcase in the living room and put it on the coffee table. When he opened it, here's what's in the suitcase .

That's a face massage. While he was watching tv, he started to massage his face. Oh well, he's better than me. He's very aware of his skin. Also he always exercises in the morning. I heard from my mother in law that he gets up early in the morning and exercises so when I heard that he got up, i asked him if i had to prepare his breakfast but he said he would eat at 8a.m. so i went back to bed again and set the alarm before his breakfast time. When i woke up again and supposed to prepare his breakfast i saw that he looks cool with the earphones in his ears running on our running machine. hehehehe....

He usually leaves in the morning when he stays here but it was already 11a.m. and he was still here so i asked him if i had to prepare lunch. He said we had to go out and attend a wedding ceremony. Oh thanks, i was really worried and didn't know what to prepare. hehehe...

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Happy Friday!

Time flies! It was just Monday and now it's Friday again! Opppsss...it's already weekend because it's now late at night here. Everyday is always the same. Get up in the morning, eat, go to work, arrive home, sleep again and start again the next day. The days that i only know is Monday, Friday and Sunday. I hate Mondays because i have to start the whole week working. I love Fridays because i can stay up all night and i can sleep all day the next day. I always feel sad on Sunday nights because the next day is Monday and i have to work. I'm not saying that i don't like working. Actually, i like working rather than staying at home waiting for hubby, preparing stuffs and cleaning the house. Housework is not just for me. I don't like it. I hate doing household chores. I'm not good at it specially cooking. Luckily, i found the right guy who loves not only me but also my cooking. hehehe...

Oh well, it's Friday and i hope everyone will have a great weekend ahead! Have a nice weekend guys! Any plans for this weekend? We had a plan to go out and see some spring flowers but my father in law suddenly called last night and he's coming here.

Friday, April 25, 2008

My doggie

I came home late today. Some roads were closed because of the huge fire so some vehicles have to turn around and the bus that i took was one of them. My hubby called me because i wasn't coming. He told me to drop by at the mart to buy food for my doggie. When i came home, my hubby showed me this pictures.

Hubby said, my doggie was sitting beside her bowl staring at it and hubby. Oh, what a pity dog! hehehehe... When i came home, hubby gave her food and sausages and it seems like she didn't eat for days.

I also want to share this picture of her that we've taken last Sunday. When she's in the car, if she doesn't look outside, she sleeps beside or on my lap. Yes, i have to share my seat to her. When we came home we took her a bath. She doesn't like drying her hair with the hair dryer so she always escapes. So hubby put her in the veranda to dry her hair. She couldn't move. She can't step on the artificial grass. At night, while i was lying down on the sofa watching tv, she slept on my legs. Hmmm...i've just realized that she feels comfortable when she's on my legs. Oh, gosh! How about me?

Thursday, April 24, 2008


Wax is one of my favorite korean pop singer. I like most of her songs. Her song hwajangeul kojigo (Fixing a make-up) is the first Korean song that i've learned. It's the first song that i sang in noraebang (karaoke). I really like that song at that time. Last Sunday, i saw her singing her new song at in-gi gayo (popular pop songs). Again, i like this song of her. Luckily our tv has a time machine and i can watch back the former programs that i've seen. So i watched it again and recorded. Now, i usually watch it every morning and dance with her. hehehehe...Here's the song. I can't find the program last Sunday at you tube so i'm posting this one.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Korean time

My boss told me to come early this morning. He told me to come by 11a.m. but my co-workers came late. The 11 o'clock became 12:00. Is it the Korean time? hehehe...I just watched the teachers doing the demonstration teaching. Before that, my boss told me to write down the bad remarks of their demonstration. Then he asked me about it while we were having lunch.

Because i got up early, so i was very sleepy and tired after the class so i asked my boss if i could leave early. He allowed me so i left the papers that i was doing and i think i have to leave early again tomorrow to finish those test papers that i have to distribute to the students. I'm too busy now a days but it's ok because after this month, i'm gonna go on a trip again. hehehehe...

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Yi So-Yeon

Yi So-yeon (born June 2, 1978) is a South Korean astronaut and Ph.D. graduate of Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST). On April 8, 2008, she became the first Korean to fly in space.

Before she travelled in space, every media was watching at her until today that she came back to Earth. Thanks God and all the crews arrived safely. I was really worried specially when Yi S-Yeon said that she had a headache on her first day in the space.

Yi So-Yeon is always in every news. There's even an special program about her travel and they show and talk to her even when she was in space. Last Friday, our topic was about travelling to space so my students were very proud of Yi So-Yeon and all of them want to travel in space. But when i told them how much money they need to travel in space, everyone was shocked. But i encourage them to study hard so that they can get a good job and earn much money or else they can't go to space.

When somebody asked me if i wanted to travel to space, everyone was shocked too when i answered a big "No". I said it's very uncomfortable to live in space and i'm afraid that something bad will happen. They teased me and said i'm a chicken. Oh, well...hehehehe...

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Two Korean Girls murdered in Pattaya

Two koreans were murdered last friday (April 11) on Koh Larn, Pattaya . The two girls were found dead on a deserted beach. The first one was lying face down on the ground and her hands were tied to the back with a brown cloth. Police presumed that , they had been dead for at least 12 hours. Police investigated the area and found empty beer cans and a foreign whisky bottle, a shoulder bag with no valuable things inside, except a passport , which the picture of the death person was torn out. The passport indicated the name as "Park Ji Hee", a Korean citizen. Police had kept them as evidence. Police also found some Thai baht and Korean currency in their pockets. Koh Larn volunteer police, Mr. Porn Janhom (52), told officers that he saw those two girls were walking along Sa-Mae beach the day before. Police officers revealed that the victims must be attacked and robbed by at least two people, by hitting a hard object on their heads.

On April 12, 2008, at 11am, Pattaya police officers had coordinated with Korean Embassy of Thailand to collect more evidence and gathered the information about the death of two Korean women. They had found out that the victims did not travel with a group tour. They had traveled around Koh Larn privately and expected to leave on the same day as there was no accommodation booking record on the Island. Police made observations that, the bodies were found dead at a place which was very far away from the community and very difficult to access, very disordered with thick woods along the way. The two deceased bodies were found there suspiciously. However, police team took an hour to investigate the area.

Pol.Lt.Col.Sumeht Hanwisai, Pattaya investigator, the officer who is in charge of the case, had stated that this murder case is in the several aspects with no clarification whether it was a robbery or a murderousness. The wounds on their heads were the evidence that it was a murder, the autopsy had stated. The spot where the bodies were found was about 50 meters away from the sea, obviously there was no water would get to the dead bodies but the autopsy found some bubbles in the their blood.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

World Wide Link Love

Hailey tagged me with this World Wide Link Love. Thanks sis!

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Sunday, April 13, 2008

The E.T. Dance

Baby One more time by the Jewelry group singers is one of the famous song and dance now a days. and it is also called the E.T. dance and it was the number pop song in the Show Music program this afternoon. Look at them dancing and see why they call it an E.T. dance.

Whenever i say to my students the words "One more time", most of them replied and sing "Baby one more time". I sang it once during the class time and every time i meet that class, they always ask me to sing it again. They are satisfied even when i just sing the line "Baby one more time" and start the class.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Remembering the turtleman

While i was listening to the music from you tube, i happened to see the "Geobugi" (turtle) singers. I suddenly remember the "turtleman" Lim Sung Hoon, one of the member of kobugi group singers who passed away at the age of 38 from a heart attack last week. Here's one of his famous songs titled Sing-la-la.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Hi everyone! How did you spend your weekend? Did you have a great one? Well, i did. My brother in law (hubby's brother) and his family visited here and went to Baegyangsa. We were supposed to see the cherry blossoms but the flowers haven't bloomed, yet. hehehehe... Instead of getting inside and paying for the entrance fee, we just stayed outside and went to the restaurant. My brother and sister in law drank makgoli*** (korean alcohol) while me and hubby just ate the finger foods because we don't drink. hehehehe... Then we went to my sister in law's (hubby's younger sister) house and stayed there until night. Her husband bought raw fish and ordered chicken and had dinner there. While having dinner, everyone was drinking soju (another korean alcohol) except my sister in law who has just delivered a baby, me and my hubby. Because hubby doesn't drink, he got bored so he invited me to go home. I said we had to wait for them to finish the dinner but after waiting for a few minutes, my hubby got bored again and said that dinner will be finished more hours because they are drinking. hehehe...

Hubby and I went home and this morning my mother in law called and invited us to have lunch with them. The whole family had lunch together before my brother in law went home with his family. Spending weekend with the whole family is lot of fun!

Friday, April 04, 2008

Benefits of Viral Linking

Here's my first tag on this blog of mine. I've been tagged by Julia for this Benefits of Viral Linking. Thanks a lot sis!

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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Nice weekend!

I got a call last week from my father in law. He got angry because i couldn't call him for almost a month. He reminded me before that i have to call him at least once a week but i'm always nervous whenever i talk to him that's why i can't do what he wants. Besides i have nothing to tell him. I cried after our telephone conversation. My hubby asked me why so i told him.

Last weekend, my parent's in law visited us. They were carrying a big shopping bag. They gave it to me and said that they bought clothes for me to wear in Spring. Actually, i felt nervous again when i knew that they were coming but i felt relieve after i greeted them my father in law talked to me and asked if it didn't rain here. That means he's not angry anymore.

They came here because we had to attend a wedding ceremony. They stayed for a night here. Yesterday we went out to see his friends and had lunch out near his friend's house. Then they invited us to go to the sauna in his friend's place but my hubby refused. While waiting for them, hubby and I went to the market and walked around the village.

On our way home, my hubby told my father in law not to get angry with me. I didn't expect those words and was afraid of my father in law's reactions. But thanks God, he just smiled.

It was a nice weekend!