Thursday, December 29, 2011

Two Last Episodes of Glory Jae-in

The KBS2 drama Glory Jae-in, Glory Jane or Yeonggwang ui Jae-in in Korean ended last night. The drama is on every Wednesday and Thursday at 9:55p.m. but instead of Thursday, the two last episodes have shown last night (Wednesday) from 10p.m.-12:15 a.m. The last episode which is about to be shown tonight (Thursday) was shown last night at 11:15p.m maybe it's because of New Year and there's an Award Night tonight.

Yoon Jae-in (Park Min Yeong) kept fighting against Seo Jae-myeong (Son Chang Min), Geodae company's President which is her father's business. She won with the help of Seo In-cheol who also wants to manage the company. Jae-in talked to Seo Jae-myeong who doesn't know that their conversation was broadcast to the whole building and everyone was listening. The workers got angry to Seo Jae-myeong so everyone turned away from him that one of them threw away an egg to him and before he could left the building, the policemen arrested him. Because of that, he got very sick. Jae-in visited him in the hospital, she said she came to forgive him not for his sake but for Jae-in's. She said she might regret it if she won't forgive him before he dies.

Seo Jae-myeong was lying in bed when Seo In-cheol came. He released everything on his mind. He was crying when he told him that Seo Jae-myeong never treated him like a human-being. Seo Jae-myeong was about to take some medicine but Seo In-cheol (Park Seong Woong) pulled it away so he couldn't reach it until the medicine fell down. Incheol left the room. Seo In Woo (Lee Jang Woo) and his mom saw him so the ran to Jae-myeong's room and they saw him dying. Seo Jae-myeong touched his son's hand and he said that he never regretted what he did and he died.

Seo In-cheol became the company's representative. But Kim Gyeong-ju (Kim Yeong Joo) (Yeonggwang's sister, company's secretary and Incheol's girlfriend) was not happy about it so she took all the important documents and gave them to Seo In-woo so he was also arrested.

Yoon Jae-in decided to work back to the hospital as a nurse and she was happy about it. Kim Yeong-gwang (Cheon Jeong Myeong) became a baseball player again and for the first time he made a grand slam homerun so their team won. Seo In-woo worked in his father's office. Jae-in's mom became healthy again. Lazy Kim Jin Joo (Nam Bo Ra) (Kim Yeonggwang's younger sister) got a part time job and met a guy. Kim Yeong-gwang proposed to Yoon Jae-in. The strange thing is Seo In-woo and Jae-in's mom took a picture on In-woo's cellphone and sent it to Jae-in with heart on top. Is that mean In-woo was courting her? It ended with that so it made me confused.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Last Episode of A Thousand Days' Promise

A Thousand Days' Promise or known as "Forget Me Not" of SBS Korean Drama has finished last Tuesday. It's a very sad story from the beginning until the end. The drama is too short that it only has 20 episodes. The scene or story runs fast that you won't feel bored waiting for the ending.

After getting married, Seo-yeon started to take her medicines but then they found out that she was pregnant so she had to stop her medications until she delivered the baby. Ji-hyung didn't want to continue her pregnancy. For him, Seo-yeon's health is more important but Seo-yeon didn't want to abort the baby although she was worried that she couldn't take care of it. They made a decision to continue her pregnancy so without medication, her condition became worse.

One day, when she was in the market with her aunt, she went out of the supermarket and lost her way. There was a time that she climbed up and was about to jumped out of the window when she lose her memory. One time, she was holding scissors and about to cut her baby's hair. And because of that, Ji-hyung made sure that everything in the house is secured that he even put passwords on the door so she couldn't go out but still she escaped and went out without slippers or shoes in winter. She doesn't know anyone including her husband and her cousin and bestfriend Jae-Min (Lee Sang-Woo) and even herself that she asked who the girl was when she was looking at her reflection in the mirror. She also kicked her aunt's butt while cleaning the house. Her aunt who raised her and her brother when she was 6.

Watching the drama made me feel sad, worried and suffocated. I always wondered what would happen next. I also learned what Alzheimer's disease is, and what emotions and characters the patients have. The drama is so emotional specially when I see how Ji-hyung suffered from taking care of his wife and how sad he was when he sees his wife's condition. Seo-yeon couldn't even take care of herself when she goes to the bathroom that Ji-hyung told her to wear diaper. Seo-yeon got so angry and cried so loud that she thinks her husband ignored her because of her condition. But in the middle of the night, she woke up and tried to wear a diaper with her pants on top. Ji-hyung saw it and he hugged her and cried. He cried many times but he never gave up. He took care Seo-hyeon until she passed away.

Btw, A Thousand Day's Promise is about the girl "Lee Seo-Yeon" (Soo-Ae) who slowly losing her memory since she broke up to her boyfriend "Park Ji-Hyung" (Kim Rae-Won) because the man was about to marry another girl "Hyang-Gi" (Jung Yoo-Mi) that is arranged by their parents.

Ji Hyung found out that Seo-yeon was sick so he broke-up his fiancee the day before their wedding and married Seo Yeon instead. Inspite of her disease, Ji-hyung showed his unconditional love to Seo-yeon until the end.

Click here if you want to know more about the first episodes.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Kim Jeong-il Died, What's next?

The North Korea Leader Kim Jeong-il died, so what's next? As I watch news on TV specially arirang news, most of the guests are guessing of what will happen next. Some of them say that there will be unification between North and South Korea, others think that there will be war. Neither do I know what comes next after.

Kim Jeong Il, the Korean president died last Saturday, December 17th, 2011. But only today that we knew about it. It never shown in the news for two days. At first, I couldn't believe my husband when he said that President Kim Jeong-il died. Even when I saw it in the news I still can't believe that he died until I kept watch it and most of the news channel are talking about him.

My husband believes that Re-unification is more possible than war. Actually he doesn't believe that there will be war. He said if there is, then there will be war in the whole world. Why is that? He said if North Korea attack South Korea, then America will attack North Korea, then China will attack America and so on. Anyway, it was just his opinion. What do you think?

What do you think will happen next after the death of the North Korean leader?

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Fahionable Sports Sunglasses

I had sore eyes a few months ago. Since then, I feel that I'm having a bad eyesight. I don't know if it's because of the infection that I've got or I put much eyedrops in my eyes. I don't know the reasons why but now a days I can't see some figures well. I can't read books for a long time because the letters are getting smaller and darker. I wonder if I need to go to ophthalmologist to get a check up or just buy some glasses. I guess one of the reasons is because of the hot and windy weather in the Island where I'm staying now for a vacation. Now I'm blaming myself for not wearing sunglasses in summer or when I needed it. I just can't stand wearing my sunglasses. I think they are out of fashion so I want a new one or at least change the lenses to Oakley Lenses. If I have them, I should wear them all the time because they are not only good for my eyes but also great for fashion.

I suddenly remember the Korean entertainers after seeing the sunglasses. They are fashionable, great, and fantastic. I'm sure Korean actors and actresses who love wearing sunglasses when they travel abroad will love them. Koreans love wearing sunglasses when they go to the airport specially entertainers. So, the best Korean fashion in the airport are those who wear sunglasses. Believe me, 100% or at least 99% of entertainers wear sunglasses when they are in the airport. I think it's their way to hide themselves from fans and of course it's great for fashion. I'm sure they look better if they wear sunglasses from Oakley or these Oakley Replacement Lens. But don't worry if you're not an entertainer because Oakley sunglasses look perfect for everyone! I just can't wait to have at least a pair of them. I really want to get zephyr sports sunglasses. And to be fair, I think I should also get some baseball clothing for my hubby. Anyway, it's free shipping if you order over $25 so I can still save some money.

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Friday, November 25, 2011

Thousand Days

I'm hooked with this Korean drama entitled A thousand Days (1000days) or Cheon il ui yaksok (천일의 약속). It is the No.1 drama now a days here in Korea. Cheon Il means 1000days and yaksok means promise. So, I think 1000days of promise is the right translation in english rather than 1000 days.

The synopsis of the drama is about the girl (Soo Ae as Seo Yeon) who has an Alzheimers disease because she broke up with her boyfriend (Kim Rae Won as Ji Hyeong). Her boyfriend is about to marry a rich girl whose parents are his father's friend and boss. They have known each other for a long time but Ji Hyeong doesn't love her. He's in love with Seo Yeon, his friend's cousin. A few days before his wedding, he found out that Seo Yeon is sick so he told his girlfriend and parents that he doesn't want to marry his fiancee because he never felt in love with her. He said he loves someone and he wanted to marry her (Seo yeon).

Seo-yeon tried to avoid Ji Hyeong and begged him to marry his fiancee. But Ji Hyeong already made up his mind. He wanted to live with Seo-yeon so he cancelled his marriage the day before his wedding. Seo-yeon's disease is getting worse that sometimes she even doesn't know her way home. One time she was driving home and lost her way. She almost had an accident so she stopped and tried to call someone but she couldn't remember any number on her cellphone. She dialed and the number was Ji Hyeong's. Ji-hyeong picked her up and at that moment, Seo-yeon decided to marry Ji-hyeong. Since then, she started to take her medicines which she refused to take before. She even allowed Ji-hyeong to take him to the hospital.

Seo Yeon's parents left them when they were kids so she and her brother grew up with her aunt. The drama is unique. Unlike most drama now a days that most of them have the same story. That even if you haven't seen yet, you know what will happen next. But this one is absolutely different. It's so exciting, full of emotion and romantic. The SBS drama is on every Mondays and Tuesdays at 9:55p.m.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

I want a better bathroom

It's getting cold now a days and it makes me feel lazy to take a bath. I'm sure everyone does specially in winter. But we have no choice! We have to take a bath everyday specially if we go to work and need to go out. In my case, I don't feel confident if I didn't take a shower so I take a shower everyday even in winter. And on weekend, I soak myself on a bathtub. I usually take a hot bath on Sundays. It's one of the best way to relax after working for the whole week.

I don't like my bathtub much so I started to search for good bathtubs and I found one, the Double Ended Bath. A bathtub facing with either directions so you don't have to worry which position or side you want to face. It's really great for me. Just the way I like.

In this cold season, I want a better Bathroom so I can enjoy taking a bath even when it's freezing outside. I'm sure you do, too! If you want some accessories, furnitures, bathroom ventilation, etc, check out the special offers of the bathroom store. There may be items that you need. Hurry now because items are only available while stocks last!

Back to Drama Queen

I've mentioned before that I don't like watching drama because our tv here in the island is small compare to our tv in the mainland. But because it's getting cold now a days and we don't go out more often so I have no choice but to watch TV if I don't use computer. And because of that I have to choose the drama that I have to watch. I've noticed that watching drama makes the day run fast because it makes me busy watching them. You can't realize that an hour has passed you are thrilled or excited with the drama. You even want to stop the time so the drama won't finish soon.

I watch drama everynight. On Monday and Tuesday, I'm hooked with Cheon Il ui Yaksok or One Thousand Days of Kim Rae Won and Soo Ae. I watch Yeonggwang ui Jaein or Glory Jaein on Wednesday and Thursday. I used to skip Friday but now Saranggwa Jeonjeng is back so I watch drama the whole week. Saturday and Sunday is Aejeong Manmanse.

Now I'm a Korean drama queen again. I say drama queen because I love watching drama. hehehe...

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Need some money?

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Glory Jae-in

I don't watch much TV now a days because the TV is small and it's not HDTV like the one in our home. It's not fun but I have to specially when I have meal. I was looking for interesting program when I came to the channel where Yonggwang ui Jae-in was on. It was the first part and I enjoyed watching it so I decided to continue to watch the remaining part. I wish I could see until the last episode. It started last October 12 and I already saw the four episode. I still have to see the last 20 episodes to finish it.

Glory Jaein is on every Wednesday and Thursday at 9:55p.m. on KBS2 starring Cheon Jeong Myeong as Kim Yeong-gwang, Park Min-yeong as Yoon Jae-in, and Lee Jang-woo as Seo In-woo. Kim Yeong-gwang and Seo In-woo are baseball players and Yoon Jae-in is a nurse.

Yoon Jae-in's dad is a rich man who own a business but In-woo's father was a greedy man who took all Jae-in's dad's property when he died in an accident. He asked Yeong-gwang's dad to throw Jae-in the only child of the rich businessman. Instead, Yonggwang's dad brought Jaein to the orphanage and told her to remember her name Jaein. She grew up in an orphanage and became a nurse.

Yeonggwang was injured so he was brought to the hospital where he met Jaein. Jaein helped him by donating blood because he was in serious condition. In-woo was also hospitalized and there he also met Jaein when he was fighting with Yeong-gwang in the hospital. The two men are enemies. Yeong-gwang's dad has worked with In-woo's dad. Yeonggwang feels pity for his dad because he's like a slave in In-woo's family.

When it was time for Jaein to look for her father, she thought that it was Yeonggwang's father because he kept writing to her when she was in the orphanage. In-woo's dad found out that the girl is alive, he got so angry that he asked his guards to bring Yeong-gwang's dad to him but while scaping, Yeong-gwang's dad died of an accident.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Paypal Alternative

My cousin is offering me to sell some of her products and with profit of course. Actually, I don't know much about online businesses but I'd like to help her and at the same time I can make money. I think it's a good offer and it's a great opportunity for me. And to begin with, I need to open an account so I'm checking these Merchant Accounts where I can open an account to start with my small business. Hmmm... not a business I'm just willing to help my cousin but who knows my account can help me reach others and it will improve a lot.

Wait a minute! First, late me take a look at the Credit Card Processing Companies. I'm not the type of person who uses credit card much. I only have one credit card and it's a present from my hubby. But I think I need one more just in case that I will open an online business. I also need it to use for transactions online. You know, my hubby is worried to use my credit card online so I think the credit card processing companies that I have mentioned above can be trusted because they are recommended by the researchers. If you want to know more about it, just ask some advice online or just simply complete the 3-minute online interview. Try it! It's easy and it's free!

Oh well, this is it! The PayPal Alternative. Check it out and let me know what you think.

Baseball, Baseball, Baseball

I haven't watched tv for a long time. My hubby always watch baseball. He watches baseball everyday except Monday, the day when there's no baseball game on tv. He knows all the baseball channels. The time and team players. He even knows the sports news where they show the baseball game even when he already saw the game, he's still interested in watching the baseball news. While we were having dinner, I asked him if he doesn't get tired watching baseball game. He said never. Well, everyone has its own happiness and I think watching baseball is my husband's happiness. But I want to watch tv sometimes but I can't. Btw, he even sometimes use the computer to see different games in one time. He used to watch many games in one time because you can watch several channels on our TV. But not now, because we are in the island now to travel and try to live here for a short time.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Aged Corporations for Sale

Before, when I hear that someone is a businessman, I always think that he must be rich. I thought that all businessmen are rich because they can afford to run a business. But then I found out that not all businessmen are rich. Some of them are rich in credit because they didn't know how to run their business well. Being a businessman is not just like you are lying in the bed of roses that I used to know. I didn't know that it's also very stressful to run a business specially when it's your first time. But don't worry because Shelf Corporations can make everything easy for you. They offer the best quality, the lowest prices and the most free extras, the 21 free extras worth $3,964. And of course the 24 hour service so you can reach them anytime.

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Monday, May 30, 2011

I miss my TV

How's everyone doing? I don't watch much tv now a days because I have a small TV now. My TV at home is much different in the TV that i'm using now. It's not fun to watch here unlike my TV at home is big, very clear, have speakers because it's a home theater and what I like the most is the time machine where I can see the part that I missed by just pressing the remote. Another thing is I can record the drama even when it is off.

I don't even get an interest to watch the drama that I love like the Greatest Love. It's not fun because I don't like my TV. Ahhh... I miss my TV more than anything else.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Let's make funny photos

Don't you also find my blog a little bit boring? There aren't many pictures posted and if the reader is like me, I really find it boring because I like reading blogs with pictures. So, I have thought of something new to attract more readers. I'll make funny photo and post it on my blog like this one.

Funny Pictures

Isn't it beautiful? I took a picture of the beach and edited it. You too can create funny photo. It's so simple. You can do it in just a minute. Just put your picture in the computer and choose the effect that you'd like to make your picture look more beautiful or funny. It's up to you on what kind of design you'd like. There are lots of online funny photo effects that you can choose from. Look what I've made.

Funny Pictures

I'm not an expert at computer but I'm so much satisfied on what I've done. I didn't need to learn a lot about computer to edit a photo or put some effects on my picture because I can do it in just a few clicks of my mouse. You can't understand me if you won't try it by yourself. Look! Here's another one!

Funny Pictures

It's so interesting and it's so easy to make so I think I'm already hooked on it.

Two Korean Entertainers commited suicide in less than a week

I was shocked in the news again when I came home a few days ago and my hubby told me that the famous MBC sports newscaster Seong Ji Seon commited suicide. She jumped down from her 19th floor apartment building. I think she's very much upset, humiliated and depressed on what had happened. She was rumored to have been involved in a romantic relationship with Doosan Bears pitcher Im Tae-hoon that went sour. When the rumors refused to subside, Im Tae-hoon was demoted to a minor league team, and Song was temporarily suspended from the program. In an interview on Sunday, she admitted she met Im Tae-hoon in 2008 and the two fell in love. But Im Tae-hoon, who returned to the major league on Sunday, continues to deny the relationship.

Again, SG Wannabe's former member Chae Dong-ha was found dead Friday. Eunpyung police said that Chae, 30, committed suicide by hanging himself in his home in Bulkwang-don. "Chae has always suffered from depression", his agency stated. The late singer dropped out of the group SG Wannabe in 2008 and was working as a solo artist.

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Let's enjoy the weather

Summer is just around the corner. What comes first to your mind when you hear the word summer? I know! I know! It's swimming, isn't it? It's great to go to beach but if you live in the City like us, it's hard to go to the beach often specially if you live far from the sea. But don't worry! Swimming pool could be the best alternate for that. Swimming in the yard is cheaper, safer and more fun! So, if you're looking for affordable and quality Pool Supplies, check them out online.

To make your pool last longer, I recommend you to use the Pool Floor Padding to protect pool liner from sharp objects, rocks, roots and grass.

Well, I suddenly remember the dirty swimming pool in the recreation forest that we've been yesterday. It has lots of algae. And I think the winter season made the swimming pool worst. I wish they put the Winter Pool Covers. But it seems like they don't have one so the pool was ruined. Don't let that happen to your pool, get a winter pool cover that will guarantee you from 8 to 15 years.

Tired of Watching Korean Drama

I'm getting lazy to watch drama now a days. Everything is all same. I think because I saw lots of drama and some of them have the same scene. I already know what will happen next. It seems like I already saw it. Others are just planning to make the story long but in the end it's just the same. The same old story and the same scene from other drama or to itself.

Some are childish and some are hard to understand. There are impossible scenes that are impossible to relate in real life. Anyway, they are just dramas so it's hard to expect much.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Law Firm Marketing

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Can you hear my heart?

Can you hear my heart? (내 마음이 들리니?) "Nae Maeumi Deullini?" is one of this year's MBC drama every weekend at 9:50p.m. and is aired from April 2nd. It is a drama about a beautiful love story of a man and a woman who overcome acquired deafness.

Starring Kim Jae-won as Cha Dong-joo, Hwang Jeong-eum as Bong Woo-ri, Nam Goong-min as Jang Joon-ha, Ko Joon-hee as Kang Min-soo, Lee Kyoo-han as Lee Seung-cheol, Jeong Bo-seok as Bong Yeong-gyoo.

The story started when Bong Woo-ri, Jang Joon-ha and Cha Dong-joo were young. Bong Woo-ri's mom who was deaf and mute got married to Jang Joon-ha's father who also has a psychological problem. Joon-ha doesn't like Woo-ri to be her sister. He just can't accept the kind of life that they might have if his father would get married to handicapped woman with a daughter.

One day, Bong Woo-ri's mom died. The factory where she worked was set on fire. She was trying to get the watch that she bought for Joon-ha but it was too late. Joon-ha went to Cha Dong-joo's mom to ask for help. Dong-joo was very sick then. He fell down from the window while watching his grandfather dying and it's all because of his father.

Dong joo's mom helped Joon-ha but with one condition. It is to adopt Joon-ha. She heard Joon-ha's mom telling Dong-joo's dad that Joon-ha is Dong-joo's dad's son. Is Joon-ha's mom telling the truth? Are Joon-ha and Dong-joo really brothers? Well, I'll let you know after watching to the end.

As for now, i'll just leave my story here. I'll continue soon.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Equipment Leasing Leads

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Saturday, March 05, 2011

First Episode of Royal Family

Royal Family is a new drama which is on every Wednesday and Thursday at 9:55p.m. The title sounds good so I watched the first part and I enjoyed it a lot. I don't see drama on Wednesday and Thursday and I'm happy to see this new drama written by Kim Yeong-hyeon who also wrote the MBC historical drama "Queen Seon-deok". The drama is directed by Kim Do Hoon (김도훈).

Yeom Jeong-ah is the actress in the drama who goes through hardships. She grew in the orphanage and got married to rich family. Her mother in law hates her and now that her husband died (he committed suicide), her mother in law wants her to leave. She said she's not a member of the family anymore. But she couldn't leave because of her son.

Ji Seong, a young lawyer will help her. They knew each other since they were children. He saw how the royal family treated Yeom Jeong Ah so he took the case from his friend. But instead of being a lawyer against the royal family, the family hired him as their lawyer. He grab it because he wanted to get closer to Yeom Jeong Ah. In that case, he can see her and protect her.

Anyway, it's interesting and I know it will be more entertaining on the next episodes.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

I love modern furnitures

Somebody came today to check the gas if it works well or if it's in good condition to avoid fire in our apartment building. The woman asked if we have just remodelled our flat. My hubby said it was remodelled four years ago. She it still looks new. I'm not surprised anymore when she said that because I always here those words when somebody comes here. It's not a waste of money when we did the remodelling because we are satisfied with it. I'm also willing to get this Modern living room furniture for a perfect living room. I love decorating my house and I will love it more if I have wonderful and modern furniture to decorate. I've never seen such beautiful furnitures like Farrelli.

There are bedroom, living and dining room furniture. Professional camcorder is also available and I love it too. I hope I have much money so I can buy all of them. How I wish I have at least the Armani Modern Leather Sofa Set and the Contemporary Glass Davis Dining Table Set. I think I will be the happiest wife in the world if I have them.

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Gubne Chicken and Girls Generation

We ordered gubne chicken and the company has an event so the delivery boy gave us the chicken with this postcard of Girls Generation. I'm not a big fan of girls generation but I don't hate them either. I just don't like any entertainers but I can say that Girls Generation are the best. They sing and dance well. They are pretty and sexy and most of their songs are great.

There's only one postcard. It's back to back so it's up to you which side you want.