Sunday, May 03, 2009

Last episode of Wife's temptation

Last Friday was the last episode of Wife's temptation (아내의 유혹) Aneh Ui Yuhok. I waited for this last day. It has 129 episodes but everyday was an exciting episode so I can't wait to see the next part of the drama. If we had much hatred from the former episodes, this last part was full of tears.

Instead of Aeri, Gyubin surrendered himself to the police officer when he knew that Aeri has a cancer. He wants to protect Aeri. He said to his mother that he was going to America. Gyubin asked the police officer if he could contact his wife who's gonna die soon. They allowed him and they even gave him days to be with her. They had a family picture taking and went to the restaurant with the police officers looking far behind him. It was time for him to leave but Aeri attacked her disease. Gyubin had no choice but to leave but before he got into the car, he thought of Aeri so he ran away. He wanted to spend the rest of Aeri's life with him. He showed his love to Aeri. They went on a vacation but the police officer kept finding Gyubin. They kept running away and they found a small place to stay near the sea. It was Aeri's wish to see the sea before she would die.

Aeri had a good relationship with Eunjae and her family. Eunjae's family treated Aeri as a real member of the family.

While Aeri was on vacation, Eunjae bought a bigger apartment for her family because she wants Aeri to stay with them and she wants Aeri to live in a nicer place. She also bought the cosmetic shop and named it under their names Go Eunjae and Sin Aeri. She took a picture of the shop and sent to Aeri's phone while she was on vacation. Aeri was grateful for Eunjae's kindness to her. Gyubin was out to the market because Aeri said that she was hungry and wanted to eat something. While Gyubin was away, she wrote a letter for Eunjae and Gyubin and went to the sea.

When Gyubin came back, he saw the letter so he hurried to the sea and saw Aeri's committing suicide. Gyubin was trying to save her. Instead of saving Aeri's life, he also lost his own life. They both died in the sea. Gyubin showed how much he loved Aeri and how serious his love was since he knew that Aeri had a cancer.

When someone died we can realize how much we care for them. We can know how much they are important to us. We can also realized the bad things that we did for them. That's what happened and what the family felt for Gyubin and Aeri while they were in the funeral. It was full of tears.

Sohee has planned to go to America. She wrote a letter for Eunjae with two rings. One for her and another for Gonwoo. She wants them to continue their love and so they did. They still both love each other. Sohee's mom will follow her to America so she left the office to Gyubin's dad. Gyubin's mom also promised that she would show her love to Gumo, Min Yosa's daughter.

The drama temptation of wife ended when Eunjae put the ring in Gonwoo's finger and Gonwoo to Eunjae. They are Sohee's present for them. They were in the sea where Eunjae was pouring the dust of Aeri when Gonwoo came. After wearing the ring and hugged each other while crying, they saw Aeri and Gyubin smiling. They also looked happy together in their new world.


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