Sunday, October 27, 2013

Goddess of Marriage Part 2

The Goddess of Marriage of Kyorhonui Yoshin will be finished tomorrow. Tomorrow is the last episode of the drama. Tae Wook and Ji-hye are now divorced. I tried not to cry when they were walking away and suddenly Tae Wook called Ji-hye and opened his arms so Jihye ran to him and they hugged each other. Tae Wook told Jihye to live well while hugging each other. It was a really romantic scene.

Tae Wook loves Jihye but because of his family, he wanted to set Jihye free. Jihye is so stressful to live with her in laws so she was hospitalized twice. First, when she was so stressful and second when she drank too much sleeping pills because she couldn't sleep. So in the morning, Tae Wook saw her laying in bed and couldn't wake up.

Tae Wook's family are now in trouble. His mom and brother are in prison and his dad is out of town.

Kim Hyeon Woo (Lee Sang Woo), Jihye's true love, is now out of prison. He was imprisoned because he was accused of corruption but later they found out that it was his friend and not him. Hyeon Woo also broke up to Lee Sae Young, his fiance.

To be continued again. I have to watch the ending tomorrow and let you know. But here's the Part 1 just in case that you want to know more about it.

Best Place for Seniors

They say that we can find or change our partners but we can never change our parents. We can choose our wife or husband but can't never choose a mother or a father. We can find another husband when we lose them but we can never find another parents. It only means that our parents are the only one in our lives so we have to value them. We have to love and respect them while they are in this world because when they are gone, whether we like it or not, we can't never find another one. If we can just live with them together so we can take care of them, but there are situations that are hard to accept like leaving them when we get married. We have to leave them and make our own family so we can't stay with them.

Why am I telling this thing? It's because we can't deny that when our parents are old, some of us have to decide to send them to senior home care. I know it is hard to send them to home care but if we can't take care of them, there's no choice but to send them. There's nothing wrong of sending them to senior home care if we choose the best home care that can take care of our parents well like the Senior Home Care in Pittsburgh PA. Their lives will be more easier and more comfortable to live there. Rather than to stay with our family which I think more uncomfortable because they have to work hard for us, take care of us, and feel uncomfortable to live with our partner. It's even more stressful for them to get a caregiver so living in Senior Home Care in Pittsburgh is the best place for them.

Monday, October 07, 2013

Goddess of Marriage

I've been watching this drama Goddess of Marriage of SBS and I think the drama is unrealistic. It's an over exaggerated drama regards to the rich family living in a very big house. Hajuma or the mother of two sons is very rude to her daughters in law. She's very tough to them. She thinks that because she's rich, she can do everything to them.

But still there's a lesson to learn in this drama. It's not because you are rich, you can have everything you want. Like Kim Hi Hoon in his role as Kang Tae Wook, he loves Jihye but her wife fell in love with another guy that she met in Jeju Island before they got married and she still loves him even when she's married.

Also, living with rich people is not easy. The happiness is not there. Like the role of Nam Sang-mi as Song Jihye, she loves another guy so she's not happy with her rich husband. Specially to her mother in law that she was hospitalized because of too much stress.

The other family (Ji Hye's) is not a little bit interesting. It's more realistic that the rich family because they are living with normal life. I also have fun watching Ji Hye's sister Cho Min Soo as Seong Ji Seon. She's very good at acting. Her role suits her well. She even fights for her sister in law Jang Yeong Nam as Gwon Eun Hui. She's just fair because her brother in law was meeting another girl. She supports and comforts her. I think she's the best sister in law. She even fight against her mother in law who acts rude to them.

To be continued here, the Part2.

Sunday, October 06, 2013

Perfect Outdoor View

Except from giving the children a good education, teaching them the right manner, giving them a good life specially a good home is what most parents' happiness. But it's not easy if you don't know how to handle it. To achieve your ambition in life, you must be wise specially when it comes to living expenses and choosing the right company to build your dream house. You can have a beautiful and comfortable outdoor living for a very affordable price. You can save a lot and use the savings for your future expenses. Here's an idea on how you do it. Just watch this concrete overlay repair. You don't need to move to a big and new house because there are lots of ways to get what you want.

A beautiful sidewalk? That's easy! Check out this resurfacing concrete sidewalk and see how it works for you. It's not only the indoor but also your outdoor is important. I think a beautiful house starts from outside. It's important every part of it and outside appearance is the place that can attract people the most.

Well, if you agree with me, then you may also be interested on how to stamp concrete for a perfect outdoor view. There are lots of designs to choose from and I'm sure you can have the best outdoor in your neighborhood.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Hundred Years of Heritage

Baegnyeon ui Yoosan or One Hundred Years Heritage is one of the most famous MBC drama now a days. It is the No.1 Korean drama which is on every weekend at 9:50 p.m. starring Yu Jin in her role as Min Chae Won, Lee Jeong Jin as Lee Se Yoon, Chui Won Young as Kim Cheol Gyu, Yoon Ah Jeong as Kim Ju Ri, etc.

The drama is about the family (Min Chae Won's family) who is running a noodle factory. But it's not about their status in life is what I enjoy watching but how Min Chae Won's hardships in her life. From the time that she got married to a rich man but her mother in law doesn't like her so she had a hard time with them until they got separated because of her mother in law.

Now Chae Won met another guy (Se Yoon) and they both fell in love with each other but his former husband (Cheol Gyu) is still in love with her even if he already got married to the mean woman that his mother has chosen for him because she thought the girl is rich. But later they found out that they were deceived by the girl.

Chae-won's man is Ju-ri's (Cheol-gyu's sister or Chae-won's former sister in law) first love. So, after being disappointed with Heong-ju (Cheol-gyu's present wife), Yong-ja (Chae-won's mother in law) is now trying to get Chae-won's back for the sake of his son and daughter who is crazy about Chae-won's boyfriend.

At first I got pissed off whenever I see Chae-won's stupidity. I don't think it was kindness because she is bothered all the time and did nothing. The drama always have the same scene every show. Chae-won always distressed by her former husband and in-laws but now a days, it seems like she's learning how to fight.

There are more interesting scenes no wonder why it is the No.1 drama now a days. I can't wait for the ending. I just hope that Chae-won will get revenge from what she had encountered from the family.

Picture source: 백년의 유산 홈피

Sunday, May 05, 2013

The Best Dramas Recently

Although I'm not posting anything here doesn't mean that I don't watch drama. It's just that I'm too lazy to review some drama that I have seen lately. Actually, there are lots of dramas that I've never missed to watch and I always think of posting my favorites here but I couldn't have time.

Now a days, I'm hooked with the drama "Lee Soon Sin" starring IU every weekends at 8:00 p.m., the funny and romantic "Jikjang ui Shin" or Miss Kim starring Kim Hye Soo every Monday and Tuesday at 10:00p.m., "Namjaga Saranghaldde" or When A Man Loves A Woman by Shin Sae Gyoung on Wednesday and Thursday and "Baegnyeon ui Yusan" or One Hundred Years Heritage starring Yu Jin on weekends at 10:00 p.m. are some of the dramas that I enjoy now a days.

Sunday, January 06, 2013

Jo Seong Min Committed Suicide

It's so heartbreaking to see news that the famous stars are committing suicide. Today, as I was cooking lunch, my hubby told me that Jo Seong Min (조성민), the baseball player and ex-husband of the late Choi Jin Sil (최진실) also found dead in his bathroom. It is said that he also hang himself in the shower booth of his house in Kangnam. It's the same death as Choi Jin Sil, his ex-wife.

A few years ago (2008), his ex-wife Choi Jin Sil committed suicide. Some people blamed Jo Seong Min for her death because one of the reasons that Choi Jin Sil committed suicide was because of depression after getting divorced with him. Choi Jin Sil committed suicide after a few weeks of the death of Ahn Jae Hwan, a Korean actor who also committed suicide in his car.

What is more shocking is that after a year and a half of Choi Jin Sil's death, her brother Choi Jin Young whose people expect to take care of Choi Jin Sil's children also committed suicide. He was found hanging himself in an electric wire in the attic of his home.

It's really shocking and heartbreaking to hear that Jo Seong Min also committed suicide. The situation happened to them has a big impact to their children. How about their kids? They have grandparents or relatives who can take care of them but what is happening now or what happened to their parents is so heartbreaking.

Picture source: hot news

Saturday, October 06, 2012

Eungdaphara 1997 is the Best

Eungdaphara 1997 is one of the most famous drama on TVN, a program on cable TV starring Seo In Gook and Jeong Eun Ji. I wasn't interested on the drama before but when they guessed at GO SHOW I decided to watch the last part of it. It was by chance when the last part was shown while I was changing the channel looking for an interesting program. The last part was so romantic. What I like the best is that it has an happy ending unlike Korean dramas or movies that usually end with sad ending.

And luckily, the drama was one of the special program that was shown on TV for three days during Chuseok (Thanksgiving Day) which was a long holiday so I watched the full show at 10:30-4:00p.m. from Monday-Wednesday.

Why is the title Eungdaphara 1997? Eungdaphara means "Answer or reply" in English and the scene happened in the year 1997. Each episodes have title. They are questions and they can be answered before each episode ends. Seo In Guk (Yoon Jae) and Jeong Eun Ji (Si Won) live in the same house. They have known each other since they were young because their parents were friends. But after the death of Seo In Guk's parents they were adopted by Jeong Eun Ji's parents.

Si Won's sister and Yoon Jae's brother love each other but Si Won's sister died of accident so as time goes by Yoon Jae's brother fell in love with Si Won because she has the same personality as her sister.

Si Won and Yoon Jae were MU (Mutual Understanding) since they were young but when Yoon Jae decided to tell his feelings to Si Won, his brother told his feelings to him for Si Won so he couldn't proposed. They have finished High School so they had to be separated for school and after a few years, they met again and their feelings were revealed. Yoon Jae's brother also found it out so he tried to find another girl to forget Si Won.

Si Won and Yoon Jae were happy together and they had a child. Yoon Jae's brother also found another girl. The drama was finished when they had a class reunion and Yoon Jae's brother was their teacher in High School so he was also there.

The drama is about love, school, and family. It's has some funny, romantic and touching stories so you will enjoy every episodes. You will never be bored watching it because of the mix feelings that you can have.

For me, Eungdaphara 1997 (Answer 1997/ Reply 1997) is one of the best drama of the year. Btw, Yoon Jae (Seo In Gook), the Superstar K winner is better to be an actor than a singer. He can sing well but I think he has a better future if he becomes an actor. He's good at acting.

Thanks Daum for the photo.

True Taste Show

We bought a 3D TV and subscribed to Uplus TV by Psy, the Kangnam Style. On U+ TV, there are lots of movies and dramas that you can watch. Some are free and others are need to be paid for around $2 each. The movies are more expensive than DVDs but there are some shows that you can't rent on DVD shop.

While having dinner, we decided to watch the "True mat(taste) show" or True Taste Show. It's about the PD (producer) who opened a restaurant to reveal the truth about the programs on TV about food and restaurants that are shown on TV. The programs are one of our favorite shows because my hubby and I like trying different kinds of food and we always find restaurants who serve delicious food so we enjoy watching VJ Teukkonde, Masidnun jip (Delicious Restaurants), etc. But we found out that the programs received some money from the restaurants so they can show them on their programs. The restaurant owners pay from about $2,500-$10,000.

The programs will do everything. From interior for the show, menu, cook, customers and sometimes even the boss of the restaurant. Everything is all show! Among the hundreds that are shown on TV, you can't know how many of them really serve the delicious ones. And the worst thing is, some of the menus that they have made of the menus are not available anymore after a month or so. One more thing, there are also programs on TV who check the restaurants to prove that they are clean or if they sell the real ones like Hanu or Korean beef.

Some of the too dirty restaurants that were caught by Bulman Zero was shown on the famous programs for famous restaurants and telling that they serve delicious food. What do you think of that?!

I'm telling you! It's not because they were shown on TV meaning they really serve delicious food. If you see some banners outside telling that they were shown on TV, well, they were but the show was just a trick for customers or TV viewers. *Note: There are also restaurants that have banners who serve delicious food but who, which, and how many of them? Nobody knows!

Anyway, thanks PD for the show! Truemat Show is worth-seeing!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Win her Heart

Do you want to know how to win her heart? Give her the Hearts on Fire diamond. The diamond with hearts and arrow design. You know, it's a sign of Cupid whose carrying an arrow and fire at the heart of your loveone. I've never seen someone with a diamond that has been rejected by his loveone. If there is, then I can say that the lady is stupid enough to dump a guy with a diamond. Well, no one will ever reject someone who has a diamond, don't you think so? So, if you want to win the heart of your loveone, bring her a diamond and she will allow you to bring her in the altar.

Do you know the reason why women never rejected a guy with a diamond? It's because we know how valuable the jewelries are. So when the guy give us a jewelry, then we know how they valued us specially when they give us diamonds. It's so romantic and very touching to receive a diamond. Even when you just watch a movie, you feel like your heart is melting when you see a guy giving a diamond ring or necklace as a present. It's so romantic. I always wish that I was the girl in that scene. I think all girls feel the same way. So guys, I'm giving you a hint now. Prepare that diamond ring and you will be a groom soon. Maybe I'm exaggerated here, but you try and you will see. This asscher cut diamonds are also great so don't waste your time. Visit the diamond online shopping now and find the best diamonds, engagement rings, or any other jewelries that you're looking for. You can even make or design your own engagement ring if you want a unique one. And I think that's more romantic. Making your own engagement ring is the best so choose your own design and search from the huge selection of top quality loose diamond online or here at singapore jewelry shop.

Speaking of Singapore jewelry shop, I always look forward to visit Singapore. I've already told my hubby that I want to visit Singapore and Hongkong so he said we'll try to visit there next time if we have a chance. Thanks honey! I can't wait for our next trip. This time I really want to travel in Singapore. Specially now that the ideal diamonds and fine jewelries are also found in Singapore. Of course shopping online is also a good choice specially now that you can get $75 off for your first order.