Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Find the right home

It's not easy to buy and sell a home. I will never forget the time when we waited for our former apartment to be sold and intended to get a bigger apartment. In buying a home, there are lots of things to consider. I would never make a mistake again in buying one. I could never forget our former apartment where we only stayed for a couple of months because of the problems that we encountered. I know it was also our fault in choosing that apartment but the big mistake that we made was when we got the wrong realtor. The buildings were still under constructions when we made a contract but when they were done and were supposed to move, we found out that the place was very noisy. If the realtor told us about that, then we shouldn't bought it.

In buying a home, make sure to get the right realtor. The one whose not only into your money but those who are willing to help you in choosing and getting the right place for you and for your family. San Antonio Realtors is a great help in finding the perfect place to live in. They are dedicated, knowledgeable, competent and comfortable to work with. You try them and be successful in finding the right home.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Wife's Temptation

I'm hooked with this weekdays drama from SBS entitled Temptation of Wife or Wife's Temptation (Anae Ui Yuhok, 아내의 유혹). I always come home late and I can't see the drama on time but I watch the replay program which is on every weekends. A drama is about the revenge of wife to her husband, in laws, and her friend who took away her husband.

Jang Seo Hui in her role Go Eun Jae is a simple woman who got married to a rich man, Jeong Gyo Bin (Byeon Woo Min). She was a kind and good wife and a good daughter in law but her parents' in law didn't treat her well. Because of another woman, Sin Ae Ri (Kim Seo Hyeong), her husband tried to kill her because she was pregnant. He left her in the sea so everyone thought that she was dead. The baby on her womb died and her husband lived with her friend and that's how she started to revenge.

Min Yo Sa (Jeong Ae Ri), the President of a beauty shop adopted Go Eun Jae. Her daughter (Chae Young In in her role Min So Hui)) also lost in the sea and they believed that she also died there. Min Yo Sa treated Eun Jae as her real daughter. She changed Eun Jae's appearance and personality as of Min So Hui so people couldn't recognize her including her family and husband. Min Yo Sa called and introduced her to her colleagues as Min So Hui, her daughter. Although sometimes can recognize Eun Jae but because they knew that she died and she has different attitude so people around her couldn't think that it was her.

Eun Jae wanted a revenge against her husband and in laws. Min Yo Sa has the same purpose because Eun Jae's father in law (Kim Dong Hyeon in his role Jeong Ha Jo) was Min Yo Sa's former lover who took her father's land. They also had a baby (Oh Yeong Sil in her role Jeong Ha Neul) but Min Yo Sa knew that she died. She later found out that Kim Dong Hyeon has the baby who introduced her to everyone as his younger sister.

Eun Jae was successful on her revenge. Her husband and family became poor and she also got the land that Min Yo Sa needed. Her husband also fell in love with her not knowing that she was his former wife. He just knew it after but he's still in love with her.

Min So Hui appeared and felt jealous to Eun Jae because Min Gon Woo (Lee Jae Hwang) fell in love with Eun Jae and were supposed to get married but Min Yo Sa was against their relationship. Gon Woo is Min Yo Sa's adopted son but Min So Hui fell in love with him. Min So Hui threatened Gon Woo and said that she would kill herself if they won't get married. Gon Woo didn't have any choice but to marry her. Besides he was doing that for Min Yo Sa because that's for the sake of her daughter who pretended to be sick. They have bad relationship because Gon Woo is still in love with Eun Jae. After a few days of their marriage, Gon Woo wanted to get divorce because Min So Hui's attitude.

Here's the Last Episode of Wife's Temptation.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Last episode of My Love VIP (Nae Sarang Keumjiogyob)

Last Sunday was the last episode of the drama My Love VIP (Nae Sarang Keumjiogyob). The ending is almost similar as the drama Angry Mom (Ommaga Ppulnatta) because they are both family -oriented drama. Angry Mom is about the role of a mother and My Love VIP is for the head of the family (father).

Here's how's the drama ends.

Jang Jinho and Baeg Jera got married. Baeg Jera works at the Bossam restaurant of Jinho's Mom. They lived at Baeg Jera's house with her family and Jera's parents treated Jinho as their real son even when they were against at first because of his brother (Jang Sinho) who was supposed to marry Baeg Sera. Baeg Sera went to Africa to study and she came back famous after six years.

Ha Dong Woo, the restaurant's manager who fell in love with Bori went back to the States alone. He got married there and had a baby. Ha Dong Woo was supposed to go to America with Bori and her baby but she refused because she realized that she was still in love with Jang Sinho, her son's father. Jang Sinho and Kim Bori got married and had another baby. Kim Bori became the manager of the restaurant and Jang Sinho worked a professor.

Jeon Seol and Jang Inho also got married and had their own baby. Jang Inho's parents also lived together and everyone lived happily.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Kim Yu Na: The Queen of the Ice

It's my habit to turn on the tv as soon as I wake up. Last Saturday, I was so lucky to see the performance of the Queen of the Ice, Kim Yuna at the World Figure Skating Championships that was held in Los Angeles. Her performance was really amazing! She did great so there was a standing ovation after the people see how she performed. They were so entertained no wonder why she got a higher score. Her score was the World Best Record and it's almost 10 points higher than the one who is next to her. Here's the score of the first five for the short performance.

1. Kim Yuna (Korea) = 76.12
2. Joannie Rochette (Canada) = 67.90
3. Mao Asada (Japan) = 66.06
4. Ando Miki (Japan) = 64.12
5. Carolina Kostner (Italy) = 63.14

The next day (Sunday), I waited for her another long performance so again, I was amazed of her ability. It's not only me but all of her audiences did. What do we expect more? She got the World Best Record with her score of more than 200 points.

So here's the Final Result of the ISU World Figure Skating Championship 2009

1. Kim Yuna (Korea) = 207.71
2. Joannie Rochette (Canada) = 191.29
3. Miki Ando (Japan) = 190.38
4. Mao Asada (Jap) = 188.09
5. Rachael Flatt (U.S.A.) = 172.41
6. Laura Lepisto (Fin) = 170.07
7. Alena Leonora (Rus) = 168.91
8. Fumie Suguri (Jap) = 164.58
9. Sarah Meier (Sui) = 163.37
10. Elene Gedevanishvili (Geo) = 162.48
11. Alissa Czisny (U.S.A.) = 159.78
12. Carolina Kostner (Ita) = 153.56

Gold Medalist: Kim Yuna

She's crying while singing the Korean National Anthem. She also made me cry but those are the tears of joy.

Look! Isn't she so pretty? Even when she cried?