Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Win her Heart

Do you want to know how to win her heart? Give her the Hearts on Fire diamond. The diamond with hearts and arrow design. You know, it's a sign of Cupid whose carrying an arrow and fire at the heart of your loveone. I've never seen someone with a diamond that has been rejected by his loveone. If there is, then I can say that the lady is stupid enough to dump a guy with a diamond. Well, no one will ever reject someone who has a diamond, don't you think so? So, if you want to win the heart of your loveone, bring her a diamond and she will allow you to bring her in the altar.

Do you know the reason why women never rejected a guy with a diamond? It's because we know how valuable the jewelries are. So when the guy give us a jewelry, then we know how they valued us specially when they give us diamonds. It's so romantic and very touching to receive a diamond. Even when you just watch a movie, you feel like your heart is melting when you see a guy giving a diamond ring or necklace as a present. It's so romantic. I always wish that I was the girl in that scene. I think all girls feel the same way. So guys, I'm giving you a hint now. Prepare that diamond ring and you will be a groom soon. Maybe I'm exaggerated here, but you try and you will see. This asscher cut diamonds are also great so don't waste your time. Visit the diamond online shopping now and find the best diamonds, engagement rings, or any other jewelries that you're looking for. You can even make or design your own engagement ring if you want a unique one. And I think that's more romantic. Making your own engagement ring is the best so choose your own design and search from the huge selection of top quality loose diamond online or here at singapore jewelry shop.

Speaking of Singapore jewelry shop, I always look forward to visit Singapore. I've already told my hubby that I want to visit Singapore and Hongkong so he said we'll try to visit there next time if we have a chance. Thanks honey! I can't wait for our next trip. This time I really want to travel in Singapore. Specially now that the ideal diamonds and fine jewelries are also found in Singapore. Of course shopping online is also a good choice specially now that you can get $75 off for your first order.

Election Day in Korea

I'm still having fun here in Canada folks and I'm watching the election there in Korea. It's election day today so my hubby said he might not sleep tonight because he's curious about the election. He doesn't drink coffee but he took a cup and put much sugar so he can drink it. Now he's watching the election on the other desktop computer with his new friend that he met here in Korea. I guess only my hubby is interested because his friend looks sleepy and he didn't go out from his room but my hubby knocked on his door and told him to go out and watch the election with him.

Anyway, I don't care much about the election. I'm not into politics and I don't care who will win. Do you think I'm not a good citizen? Well, I just think that all politicians are the same. There are good politicians of course but we can't know who they are unless they will do something good for the country.

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Keep warm and healthy

We've been traveling to some other countries like Asia, Australia and Canada. As I visit the cold countries, I always compare the kind of heater that the countries use. In Korea, there's the "Ondol" or the heating system is on the ground so you'll notice that the floor is too hot. In Nepal, I don't think they use something as a heating. I thought it was a hot country but it was too cold when I went there so I had to sleep with my thick jacket in order not to get a cold. In Canada, there's a heater on the ceiling but it's too cold on the floor so I can't stay longer on the floor when I do something like using the computer, having meals on the table, etc. It's too complicated so I have to sit with my feet on top of the chair or hugging my knees when I do something on my computer. I wish there's an electric radiant floor heating that I can use to make me feel warm. I think it's the best heater that everyone can use. It's better than the heating system use in Korea because I think using the electric floor heating can save more money because you can only use it in times of need. People in Nepal also need it specially in the hotels. The hotels where I stayed don't have any heating system. It's also a must-have thing in Canada in order not to freeze our feet.

If you need any heating supplies for your home, hotels, office, etc. Check out the site because there are lots of heating supplies that you can choose from.

By the way, you may be also interested with the kickspace heater for your kitche, bathrooms, hallway, etc. It's already April but it's still too cold. After summer, it's fall again and I think it's time to prepar for winter again. As you know, time flies so it's better to be prepared and ready.

Let's keep warm and healthy.

Nothing Special, Really

Opppsss what's wrong with my homepage? What is that .ca that appears in my blog? Since when did it change? Hmmmm...just wondering. I think I'm just late when blogger updated my homepage...hehehe...

Anyway, what's new here? I just wanna update my blog although I don't know what to blog about. I'm just tired of hanging around the whole day but I'm chatting with my friend and while waiting for her reply, I decided to open my blog. Well, nothing special today. We are still on vacation and I'm gonna tell you about my favorite drama later.

Monday, April 02, 2012

Have Fun

I was searching on the net and I happened to see this fast free porn videos. I was curious so I click it. Psssttt! It's free so you can also view it if you want as long as you're on the right age.

If you're interested, here are the links to porn galleries. You can't imagine how the pictures were taken but I'm sure you'll have fun watching them.

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I miss my favorite Dramas

I'm out of the country so I miss my favorite dramas. There are two new dramas that I enjoy watching. One is the Fashion King which is on every Monday and Tuesday at 10p.m. and the other one is the Oktabang Wangseja or Rooftop Prince. They are both comedy romance.

Now, that I'm out of the country, I can't see them both. I miss watching them on TV. I can't wait to see for the replay on cable. I hope they will be shown when I come back home.

By the way there's also a new drama on Monday and Wednesday and one of the casts in Yuna of Girl's Generation. I heard that the drama is like the story of Winter Sonata. It seems interesting but Fashion King has shown a week earlier and I enjoyed watching the first two parts so I stick to it. Yu-ri of Girl's Generation is also one of the casts. So the two ladies of Girl's Generation are both shown on TV every Monday and Tuesday at 10p.m. but with different channels. I think Yuna will do good because of her experience in acting but Yu-ri is not good.