Saturday, August 22, 2009

Superstar K

I turned on the tv and was looking for interesting program when I saw the Superstar K. It's on every Friday at 11:00 p.m. but you can also see the former show (maybe that's the last week show) if you turn on at around 10p.m. I dunno exactly the time that they show the former program 'cause I always run into it around 10p.m. but at 11:05 is the show for the week.

Why am I telling about the show? Because it entertains me a lot. It's too funny to see people of different ages in an audition. Some of them thinks they are good but they aren't. It's just same as when my hubby say that the voice of the singer is just the same as his but it's too far different. I think their feelings is the same. They think they are good enough to join the contest and join the audition but they are terrible singers. Some of them cries when they couldn't pass the audition (Tears of disappointment and loneliness). And some of them cries for passing the audition (Cries for joy or tears of joy). Some of them are too funny!

Last night, I suddenly forgot about the program but when I was looking for an interesting program, I saw the Superstar K again. I was so happy to see it but blame myself for putting the mask in advance. I was supposed to remove the mask for 20 minutes but I removed it after a few minutes because I couldn't stop laughing. Btw, my hubby doesn't like watching that kind of program but he said he enjoyed the program much. He likes it very much.

Btw, you can only see the program on cable tv.