Sunday, October 10, 2010

Update about Tablo's Controversy

It has been an issue for many months about Tablo whose english name is Daniel Armand Lee and korean name Lee Sun-Woong. He's one of the members of the famous Korean group singer Epik High, a hiphop musician and a rap artist. It became a controversy if he graduated in Stanford University or not. Koreans know that he graduated in that said famous University but based on what he said on some famous programs. Who cares if he graduated there or not? But in Korea it's a big issue specially when you are famous. Well he said in a tv program that he graduated in 2002 and then in another program, he said that he taught English in Korea for a year in 2001. So those who are anti-Tablo used those words that put Tablo in trouble. They don't trust him whatever he said. He showed some pictures of him with his friends when he was studying in Stanford including his picture wearing toga when he graduated. But some said that everyone can do that. Maybe he went to Stanford to visit the school, etc. He showed his diploma but they said it has different signature. So to prove everything, he went back to Stanford after 8 years and there he met his former teachers and people that he knows who are still working in that University.

It made me feel sad while watching his documentary in MBC Special. I don't understand people who are trying to pull someone's down. It's so sad to know that people who are trying to pull you down are your fellowmen. I don't know why they practice crab mentality.

Anyway, I'm so glad that everything went well. It is now proven that Tablo was graduated in Stanford University and the police officers arrested and still arresting some of those who attacked him on the net.

To Tablo, cheer up! God knows what is best for you!